Snapseed Photo Editing App Finally Comes To Android

Snapseed is a popular photo-editing app developed by Kik software. This app was previously available only for iPhone and iPad. Back in September, Google acquired the parent firm of Snapseed. This indicated that Google was planning to release the popular Snapseed app for Android smartphones and tablets. After waiting for a couple of months, Snapseed was finally released on the Google Play Store.

Snapseed allows you to edit your photos as well as adjust brightness and contrast using simple gesture controls. You can easily adjust or tweak your photos with a single tap using Auto Correct and Tune Image. You will also find a Google+ button on the top, which clearly indicates that Google wants you to post all your amazing photos on its very own social networking site. Currently, this app supports only JPEG and TIFF photos.

Photo editing apps doesn’t come cheap. However, you will be surprised to learn that Android users can download Snapseed for free! This app was previously available for $4.99 on the Apple App Store. Now, iPhone and iPad users can also download this app without spending a dime. Sadly, this app is available only for devices running Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or the newer version of the OS. We will be posting a complete review of Snapseed within next few days. Stay tuned!

[ Download Snapseed For Android ]

Aviary Launches an Amazing Standalone Photo Editing App for Android and iPhone

Aviary, a well-known web based image editor service that is often popularly called as the ‘online Photoshop’, has just released a standalone photo editing application for Android and iPhone. While this is a new release for iPhone users, Aviary was already available for Android for long, but only as a plugin which enabled users to edit photos on-the-fly by sharing them from the Gallery.

The application is a fully featured photo editor and brings many of the photo editing goodness from its web counterpart (Phoenix).

The user interface of Aviary is very intuitive and simple. The home screen features your recent photos in a scrollable list from where you can directly open the photo for editing, capture a new photo using the Camera or import one from the gallery. Next, the editing tools are present at the bottom as a list that can be scrolled horizontally. Their positions can also be customized according to your needs by going into Settings.


Aviary offers a lot of photo editing tools to choose from. While I usually stay away from Instagram-like photo editing apps for Android that de-colorize my photos with some vintage effects, Aviary has some pleasant photo effects such as Soft Focus, Reflex and some more.

There is a bunch of other editing tools present as well for re-touching photo such as adjusting Warmth, Saturation, Contrast, fixing red-eye, adding blur and some more.

Apart from these, Aviary also offers a cool Stickers tool, which, as the name suggests, gives a number of stickers that can be added to a photo.

funny meme
An example meme, not made by me though.

A meme option is also present for adding caption to photos, which will definitely please a lot of people who love making memes and sharing them on Facebook, Reddit and other social sites.

My only gripe with the application is the absence of an Undo button. If I accidentally add a sticker on to a photo, then there is no way to remove it and resetting the photo is the only option left.

Overall, Aviary is a nice photo editing application. Obviously, you cannot expect a mobile app to replace your powerful desktop photo editing suite, but Aviary should certainly fulfill most of your basic photo editing tasks.

Download it from: App Store | Google Play Store (free)