Personal Branding Matters

Strategists recognized the concept of branding as being powerful and influential. While traditional branding was associated with companies and products, the inception of LinkedIn took the concept of branding further to a personal and professional level.

An interview with the co-founder of LinkedIn, Reid Hoffman, disclosed his insights pertinent to “how the start-up of you” is correlated with personal branding. Hoffman underpins the importance of a brand and justifies his thought with a number of reasons.

He states one should think about relating with people. They need to realize they “live in a networked world where people Google” them as they are surrounded by “relationships that exist over decades”. People have started to think of an individual as someone “they come to with an opportunity” or “someone they come to for a quest on expertise”. He further affirms that people consider whether a person is someone “they want to work with” or not.

Why a brand matters?

Hoffman stresses that there is substance behind a brand and not just the image. People consider one’s capabilities, how one has succeeded, how one’s relationships are with people and whether one has worked with them in good ways.

All these causes attribute to the fact that the “brand-of-you” is one part of “the-start-up-of-you”. For more inspiration, here is the short clip:

Those of you who still do not have a LinkedIn profile, you might soon be signing up there.

Take the Jung Typology Test – What Kind of Person Are You?

carl_jung I see all kinds of tests and stupid quizzes that people take in places like Facebook and MySpace, or send via email. This is not one of those tests. Although there may be debate about whether personality tests are valid, the Jung (or Myers-Briggs) Type Indicator tests are most often used by professionals to evaluate people they plan to hire or give career advice to.

These tests consist of a series of questions that are designed to reveal the basic aspects of your personality. The original questionnaire from Myers-Briggs was based on theories from Carl Jung, and first published in 1962.

Here you can see an example of the questions:


Take the test:

You can take this Jung Typology Test at the Humanmetrices website. Naturally, in order to get good results, you have to be honest with yourself. When the test is over, you’ll see the resulting four letters which represent which of the 16 personality types best match your answers. There are also links providing detailed descriptions about each type.

I’ve taken this test twice over the last two years. Both times I ended up with the same result. I’m told that my personality is INTJ. According to some sources, this means that I’m a rare type, which only appears in about 1 to 4 percent of the population.


What kind of person are you?

Be sure to post your results in the comments below.

Techie Buzz Verdict:

The Humanmetrics site offers a great free service with few ads. It’s somewhat fun and also very informative. You might learn quite a bit more about what really motivates you and makes you act like you do.

Incomplete Testing Can Lose You Traffic

Many a times people make mistake and unlike everyone we are imperfect too and made a mistake of not testing new changes we rolled out last weekend properly. The change we made was including the Lightbox plugin for which would make browsing images much more easier for our readers.


However to our surprise over the weekend we lost quite a lot of traffic and earnings, which left me wondering what was wrong or what went wrong, checked out stats and everything just to make sure that we were getting good SE traffic as well as good social networking traffic.

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Will Be Back Soon

Hey All first of all sorry for keeping away for so long without any updates, but at times work gets so hectic that I get little time to update the blog. But now that the work has subsided I will be starting to post regularly again with more interesting stuff for you.

Just stick by and get more interesting information through Techie Buzz where you can know your technology online.



Help A Blogger In Need, Donate Towards Medical Expenses

Hi All,

This is a request from me to all my friends and readers to donate towards a blogger who is in need.

One of my co-authors and blogging friend Silki’s Brother aged 25 years has been diagnosed as a case of CRF (Chronic Renal Failure) and requires a Kidney Transplant operation to be done. The cost of the operation in India is around 5-8 lakh Rupees which amounts to something between $13000-20000 and is a huge sum which cannot be easily collected by my Silki.

With this post I want to urge my readers and blogger friends to donate generously towards the expenses for the operation. Your donation can help someone in distress.

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Looking forward to your generosity towards saving a young man.





Looking For Guest Writers while I Visit India

It has been almost a year since I have been in US and it’s time to go back to India now for a short visit. I am looking for guest writers who can fill on the position while I may not be able to look after the blog.

I have some special engagements while I travel to India which does not include my own marriage but that of my brother and would want all the readers to still get their technology head on while I am away.

It would be highly appreciative if you would be able to write guest posts for this blog. I would be able to schedule guest posts till the 31st of this month after that I will be flying out.

Every post you write would have a brief description of your blog and a link to subscribe to the RSS feeds to your blog.

If you would want to guest post contact me or email me at keith [dot] techie [at] gmail [dot] com, looking forward to your support while I am away.

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