Craigslist Charitable Fund Donates $100,000 to the Perl Foundation

The Perl Foundation has received its seemingly largest donation of $100,000 from the Craigslist Charitable Fund. This donation will be used towards the maintenance of Perl 5. Craigslist is built mostly using Perl, and it uses many other open-source technologies.


Craigslist is so popular in its niche that it was mentioned on this episode of The Big Bang Theory, where Sheldon wants to buy Uranium, online.

The President of the Perl Foundation, Karen Pauley, expressed his gratitude to the Craigslist Charitable Fund, saying,

This generous donation will allow us to improve the Perl 5 Core and the work done with the Core Maintenance Fund, as well as sponsor a range of Perl 5 related activities through grants and initiatives already in existence and in the community.

The Perl Foundation has received heft donations earlier. donated $50,000 to the Perl Foundation in 2008, and Liquid Web, a web hosting company donated $10,000 to the Perl Foundation in September last year. However, development of Perl has slowed down considerably over the last decade, with new versions primarily resolving bug fixes, and including minor syntax changes. This donation should be a boost for the Perl Foundation, and should help it revamp the development of the “duct tape of the Internet”.

Perl is released under the GNU GPL and the Artistic License. It is an extremely dynamic, flexible and (perhaps the most) powerful programming language. It truly deserves these donations, and much more love.