Download novaPDF 7 Lite Full License for Free [Software Deals]

novaPDF is a professional PDF solution for creating PDF documents and sharing them with others. With the novaPDF Lite provides users with a print driver which allows users to convert DOC, XLS, PPT and other documents to PDF files. You can also merge PDF file and use TrueType, OpenType and Type 1 fonts in the PDF files.


You can download a fully licensed copy of novaPDF 7 Lite, which costs $19.95 for absolutely free. To get your free copy of novaPDF 7 Lite, visit this page and fill in your name and email address. You will shortly receive a email containing license information for your copy of novaPDF 7 Lite.

You will also receive instructions on how you can register your free copy with the provided license key. Have fun converting your documents to PDF files for free.

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Split, Merge, Encrypt, Decrypt and Watermark PDF Files


We have told you about loads of tools in two separate articles:

PDF Exploiter is another multi-purpose PDF which will allow you to split, merge, encrypt, decrypt and watermark PDF Files for free. PDF Exploiter is an opensource software.

Download PDF Exploiter

Convert Word, Excel and PowerPoint Files To PDF

PDF (Portable Document Format) is one of the most commonly used formats for files. Usually creating a PDF requires you to have expensive software from Adobe, but thanks to the free tools available online, PDFs can now be easily created and converted without installing any software.

We covered a lot of these tools earlier but another tool that can be added to that list is PDF Generator. PDF Generator is an online, no-nonsense tool that simply lets you convert your .doc, .xls and .ppt files into PDFs. Just upload the file you want to convert and enter your email address. Once the file is converted, you will receive an email with the link to download the file. The file is available for 48 hours after which it will be purged.

The tool would not work if the file is password protected so make sure the documents you upload are unprotected.

Free PDF Form Designer

Forms are used pretty often these days, to allow users to electronically fill out forms. It is done to go green and save printing costs and paper. There are several expensive softwares out there, which allow you to design and create PDF Forms.

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PDF Form Designer is a cross-platform alternative, for creating PDF forms in new and existing PDF files.


PDF Form designer allows you to use drag and drop controls to create forms. In addition to that, it also allows you to use Javascript in the forms. Javascript code can be used to validate the form or perform other tasks. You can add as many pages you want to the PDF.

The software also allows you to import and edit existing PDF documents. You can choose to import the PDF as a new document, or add it to a existing document.


Once you have designed the form, you can easily export it as a PDF document. You can then send the PDF to people to fill out. PDF Form designer is a definite must-have software, as it is easy to use and also saves you printing costs and is environment friendly.

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PDF Form designer will work on both Windows and Linux based systems. You will require to have Java installed on your PC for this to work. Please note, this software does not have any executable, so you will have to click on the run.bat to open the software.


Download PDF Form Designer

Toshiba Unveils 2.5inch 7200RPM 500GB HDD

Toshiba today launched a new high-performance 2.5inch HDD which offers 500GB of storage on two platters and spins at 7200RPM. The form factor of 2.5inch makes this hard disk a performance oriented product for Netbooks and Notebooks. The new Hard Disks from Toshiba will be from the “PDF” line-up and Toshiba says that there is a 13% improvement in performance compared to the older 7200RPM based Hard Disks. The newer Hard Disk are also more greener as the use of certain toxic and chemical substances has been totally removed/reduced. The Hard Disks feature SATA II interface and features 16MB of Buffer memory.  toshiba

Maciek Brzeskivice president of marketing at Toshiba Storage Device Division said “This new family delivers faster overall system performance, which boosts user productivity a key differentiator that PC manufacturers can provide to commercial and consumer notebook users. As a result, we expect that 7,200 RPM HDDs will grow to more than 25 percent of 2.5-inch HDD shipments within two years.   In addition to the half-terabyte capacity, decreased environmental impact and low power consumption are also benefits, demonstrating Toshiba’s continued leadership in delivering the right solutions to meet emerging market needs.

The HDD will be available in mass volume by the end of Q3 or by the starting of Q4 of this year.

Watermark Your PDF Files Online

With so many tools to crack PDFs and download PDFs, it is easy for anybody to steal your hard work. To save yourself from such scenarios, it is a very good idea to put a watermark on your PDFs just like you put a watermark on your images. PDF-Watermark is an online tool that lets you do that without any hassle.

All you need to do is head over to PDF-Watermark and upload the PDF files you want to watermark. After that, customize your watermark by choosing the text, font type, font size, color and watermark angle. You also have an option of adjusting the transparency of watermark. Once you are done, click “watermark PDF” and a watermark would be applied to your PDF files. You can then download the modified PDFs to your local drive.

It is a very useful freeware that allows you to protect your PDFs without the hassle of downloading or installing any complicated software.

18 Unique & Handy PDF Tools

This is a guest post by Tehseen Baweja.

  are one of the most useful document formats around, but not having proper tools can limit their usage. Not everybody wants to spend hundreds of dollars to buy official Adobe software, so we have made a list of free tools that will let you do everything with PDFs from splitting and merging to filling them online. All these tools are free and most of them require no downloads or installations:

1. PDF Maker

Want to create a simple Text PDF but don’t have time to download softwares or upload documents? Check out PDF Maker. It is a one-click PDF generator that creates PDFs from the text you type. A rich text-editor allows to type and format text just the way you want. Once you are done, click on download and a PDF would be saved to your local drive.


2. PDF2Word

PDF2Word lets you convert documents from PDF to MS Word without any hassle. No login or download required, just browse to the PDF file on your computer and click convert.


3. PDF-Crack

You have a locked PDF document but you forgot the password! PDF-Crack lets you unlock PDFs without doing anything. Just browse to the PDF you want to unlock and click submit. PDF-Crack would unlock any PDF of up-to 5 MB for you instantly.


4. PDFToExcelOnline

PDFToExcelOnline converts PDF documents into Excel. It is a really useful tool that will let you keep your tables and spreadsheets. The converted file is emailed to you right away!


5. PDFind

Google and Bing are all excellent but sometimes you just want to search for PDF documents. PDFind searches for your keyword within thousands of PDF documents and displays PDFs containing your keywords. Selecting a search result would also provide you information about the PDF such as number of pages, language etc.


6. PDFVue

PDFVue is an online replacement of Adobe Acrobat. It lets you view PDFs online without downloading any software. Just open up a PDF from your local drive or a URL and start editing it. You can save your updated PDF and/or share it online.


7. Html to PDF Converter

Convert any web page or HTML document to PDFs without downloading any software through HTML to PDF.


8. MergePDF

Merge up-to 10 PDF files together without downloading any software. No registration required. MergePDF supports files up-to 5 MB each.


9. CountOnIt

Want to count the words and characters in a PDF document? CountOnit can do it for you for any PDFs up to 1MB.


10. PDF Notes Generator

Create customized PDFs for taking notes. Choose between blank, ruled or graph layout and print single-sided or double-sided sheets. You can also print on different paper sizes and select how dark the lines should be.


11. Vuzit

Vuzit lets you share PDF documents with the world. Simply browse to a PDF on your computer and Vuzit will create a permanent link that you can use to view the PDF online without any download or plugins.


12. PDF Escape

PDFEscape allows you to edit and fill out PDFs online for free. All you need is a Javascript enabled browser and you are good to go. You can also use PDFEscape on your website to allow customers to fill PDF documents online and email to you.


13. PDFMeNot

PDFMeNot is a light-weight online PDF viewer that open PDFs from your computer or a URL. You can also get the   for one-click PDF viewing.


14. PDFHammer

PDF Hammer is a free online PDF editor that allows you to secure your PDFs by setting a password. You can move and delete pages within a PDF and download the edited version. You can also use it to add metadata to your PDF.


15. Web2PDF

Add a PDF creation feature to your blog or website through Web2PDF. Just copy-paste the Javascript code on your website and a Save Page As PDF button would be embedded on your website.



RSS2PDF allows you to create PDF documents from any RSS feeds. Just provide the URL of any website, feed or OPML and submit.


17. SpeedyPDF

SpeedyPDF is a light-weight desktop application that allows you to print any windows documents to a PDF. It is installed as a virtual printer so all you need to do is choose SpeedyPDF as your printer when you are trying to print something. Download SpeedyPDF here.


18. PDF to MP3

This lets you convert your PDF documents into an MP3 file that you can import into your iTunes and listen. It works by first converting the PDF into a text document and then converting the text into speech. You can download it here.

This is a guest post by Tehseen Baweja who writes for, you can get regular updates from him through RSS feeds. If you want to get featured here as a guest writer, drop us a line through the Guest Post Writer form.

Nitro PDF Professional, All In One PDF Tool, Win 10 Licenses Worth $99 Each [Birthday Bash]

Update: This contest is now closed, we will announce the 12th competition in the Birthday Bash shortly.

Here is the 11th competition in the where we are giving away tons of exciting prizes to our readers, in this competition you have a chance win a Nitro PDF Software is giving away 10 licenses of their popular software Nitro PDF Professional worth $99 each.


files are being used more and more these days to distribute information in the form of eBooks, this in turn has led to rapid development and creation of several tools that help you create, view, edit PDF files and more.

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However that also leads to another problem, where you have to use several softwares read, edit or convert PDF files.


Nitro PDF Professional, the complete Adobe Acrobat alternative, enables you to do more with PDF using powerful tools to create, convert, edit, combine, secure, annotate, form-fill, and save 100% industry-standard PDF files.

Nitro PDF Professional allows users to;

  • Create PDF and PDF/A files from virtually any Windows application, with full control over PDF output options.
  • Edit PDF content, no matter what it is. From correcting minor typos and updating or removing text, to advanced image editing tasks such as inserting, replacing, cropping, resizing and downsampling, Nitro PDF Professional makes it easy to make last-minute edits.
  • Easily convert PDF to Word and PDF to RTF with industry-leading accuracy, enabling quick content reuse in Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, OpenOffice and more.
  • Review & Annotate PDF – Streamline processes and eliminate paper waste through electronic document review. Use Nitro PDF Professional’s intuitive commenting tools to add notes, text feedback, drawing markups and more.
  • Create PDF forms quickly and easily using a robust set of form design and editing tools.
  • Secure PDF – Control how people view and use your sensitive and confidential information through robust PDF encryption.
  • Assemble & Combine PDF – Combine documents, spreadsheets, presentations and more into a single, polished PDF file.

You can read and learn more about Nitro PDF Professional features.

Rules & Regulations for Winning One of the 10 Licenses of Nitro PDF Professional

To participate and win one of the 10 Nitro PDF Professional licenses worth $99, you will have to perform one of the steps. Please note this competition is slightly different from the earlier ones, so read them properly in order to be eligible and not be disqualified.

  1. Visit and go through the features in Nitro PDF Professional, pick one of the features you like and create tweet from it, include this link in the tweet for Nitro PDF Professional and this link for the competition page.For example: Nitro PDF Professional creates, edits, annotates and secures PDF files Win FREE license worth $99 each
  2. Write a blog post linking to Nitro PDF Professional and the and this contest in your blog post. Once you have written the blog post, leave a comment here with a link to the post.
  3. If you do not have a twitter account, or a blog, leave a comment on why you would want to win a license of Nitro PDF Professional.
  4. This contest will end on 21st June at 11:59PM EST, no entries will be accepted after this point, we will announce the winners in a blog post shortly after the contest closes.
  5. The more you participate the more you win, we have bonus cash prizes of $100 and $50 to be given out as bonus cash prizes at the end of all the competitions, for rules about bonus cash prizes please visit Techie Buzz Birthday Bash announcement post.

Please note: tweeting or blogging about the competition in itself will not avail participation, you will have to leave a comment on this page to get an entry in the winning draw.

We once again thank our sponsors Nitro PDF Software for sponsoring the prizes for this event, look forward to participation from all our readers.

How TO Unlock PDF Files?

I recently received a file from my friend, I wanted to copy certain part of the PDF and paste it as a note, however I could not copy the text from the PDF file, making me wonder what was wrong with it.

Turned out that the PDF file in question had fonts which were not installed on my system. I searched for a solution, I came across a tool called PDF Crack which allowed users to unlock PDF Files.

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Free PDF Creator and Editor

has become a very common format for document distribution, there are tons of books available in PDF formats, which can be downloaded and read on your desktop.

But how do you create your own PDF documents? Free PDF Editor is the answer. Using Free PDF Editor you can create new PDF documents and also edit existing ones, albeit only those that you have created using Free PDF Editor.

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