After PayPal Playing Spoilsport Paymate Screws Over Tiny Indie Game Studio

We have all heard of PayPal playing the bearded one-eyed villain who devilishly demolishes indie studios for no proper reason in many cases. Google Checkout has also played that part – albeit to a lesser degree than PayPal. Thus, when SeeThrough Studios chose Paymate as their payment provider, they were hoping for a buttery-smooth joyride to Uncle Scrooge’s vault. Turns out that indie game studios and payment providers have some sort of jinxed relationship.


When SeeThrough Studios’ geometric game Flatland: Fallen Angle received a fair bit of coverage across websites they also saw their coffers fill up with a reasonable amount of money via Paymate. Later, however, the developers received an email stating that the payment service will be withdrawn and all the money in escrow will be refunded to the credit cards. When questioned by the devs, the Paymate officials responded like so:-

We don’t work with online games companies, because teenagers use their parents credit cards to buy games, and then we end up having to refund them. End of story.

That’s right. To not having to end up refunding some of the customers later, they ended up refunding all the customers now. Flawless logic. Moreover, it seems that all online video game sales are made by teenagers who steal their parents’ credit cards. Very interesting statistic that I am sure Paymate has spent at least a decade investigating.

Either way, this extremely stupid reason has made a small indie studio quite broke and they are still looking for ways to get past this mess.