Google PageRank Update June 2011 Rolling Out

Google PageRankGoogle is rolling out a new PageRank update to websites as we speak. This is the second update of Google PageRank in this year. Google had also rolled out updates to PageRank in January 2011.

I have seeing a lot of webmasters tweeting about PageRank updates and most of them seems positive. Google has been making several changes to their search engine lately and have heavily penalized websites through Panda updates. We had written about mistakes you should avoid if you are trying to recover from Panda algorithm.

In addition to banning some big sites, the Panda update also managed to push scraper website on top of search results, however, those problems have reportedly been fixed with the new Panda 2.2 update.

Even though PageRank is not a very important in ranking sites in search engines, sites with higher PageRank are often trusted more. If you have been seeing some drastic traffic loss, a positive PageRank update could mean that Google still sees your site authoritative. However, you might want to avoid making simple mistakes and get penalized.

Did you see a PageRank update for your website? Feel free to share your rankings through your comments.