An Outlook Add-In that Prevents ‘Reply All’

Gavin Smyth at Microsoft Research, Cambridge, UK, has created a neat utility for Microsoft Outlook that prevents people from replying to all the recipients of a message or forwarding it. The add-in uses a facility built into Outlook and Exchange that is more lightweight than information-rights management but is not exposed as a feature in the existing UI.

Interestingly, the email recipient does not need to have this add-in installed to have Reply All disabled. The application uses the flags that are handled by Outlook and Exchange, as long as the sender and recipient are on the same Exchange Server. This lightweight utility is designed for accidental replies or forwarding, and is not a robust security solution. The recipient could of course, use the add-in to re-enable Reply All. If you are looking for security, you’ll have to go with IRM.

The add-in also includes a couple of other features to check for common email errors. It warns you if you send an email with a blank subject line. Although this feature is built into Outlook 2010, Outlook 2007 users would like it. It also includes a detector for missing attachments when you send an email. Apart from looking for keywords like attached’ or attachment’ in the body of the email, the add-in has another list intended to be contexts in which the keywords should be ignored (such as legalese in an email signature). The add-in also attempts to distinguish between embedded images and other attachments so an email signature with an image shouldn’t trick the tool into thinking an attachment is already present.

The setup is just 0.63 MB in size and the application works well with Outlook 2007 and 2010. When you launch setup.exe to install, the following components are also installed, if they are not already present, before the  NoReplyAll add-in is installed:

  • Windows Installer 3.1
  • Microsoft.NET Framework 3.5 SP1
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime


Visual Voicemail Outlook Add-In Deciphers Caller Data

Many phone providers provide user with an option to get a email alert whenever a new voicemail message is left on your phone, however finding information about who exactly left a voicemail message is a bit hard.

If you receive your voicemail email alerts in a handy called Visual voicemail will come in pretty handy to decipher and view the caller data.


Visual Voicemail is an add-in for Microsoft Outlook 2007 that processes voicemail messages from Vonage, Comcast Digital Voice, YouMail, and many other voicemail systems, to provide key information about the caller using information from your Outlook Contacts.

The information displayed will not be displayed if the user does not exist in your address book, however it is still better than staring at the plain text messages you have been used to seeing.

Download Visual Voicemail Add-in [via Addictive Tips]

Official Microsoft Outlook Backup Tool

We have told you about several tools in the past that will let you easily the data from , most of these tools were however third party add-ins.

Microsoft have now officially made available a Outlook backup tool, that will allow you to backup the PST files at regular intervals.

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Resend Email From Outlook Express and Windows Live Mail

I use a combination of 2007 for office email, Windows Mail and Outlook Express to manage several email accounts for different blogs, the one problem users face while using Outlook express is the ability to resend email messages that they have already sent.

The resend mail add-in provides users with an option to resend a email to another user without adding those extra > characters, usually inserted when replying or forwarding to emails.

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Outlook Thread compressor

There are several times when you have discussions through emails, if the conversation is interesting you may have several replies coming through, however there is a problem when this happens, the emails you receive as replies may contain the original conversation.

Most of the times the original conversation is of no use, and it would be good if you could remove them and save space.

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Save All Outlook Attachments With One Click

If you are a heavy user, you may have accumulated tons of emails with attachments in it, the attachment make use of critical space in the Outlook PST files, and the higher the size of your PST file, the slower Outlook will perform.

Scanning and downloading individual attachments from the emails can turn out to be quite a hassle, also there is no easy way to just delete the attachments and keep the email message intact.

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How To Preview Zip Files, PDF Files or Additional Files in Outlook 2007?

2007 has a handy preview tool that will allow you to preview documents (Word, spreadsheets, PowerPoint) from within the mail message, however it lacks the inbuilt ability to preview several popular file formats such as zip files, files, programming source code files and so on.

Microsoft Outlook Zip File Preview

The lack of previewers for some of the most popular file types was something I could not live with long, with the help of two Outlook add-ins I can now preview Zip files, PDF files and many other file formats from within Outlook.

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OutlookDeck Brings TweetDeck Interface To Outlook Search

We have been using for quite sometime now and love the interface quite a lot, on the other hand we feel that is the best tool for emails.


OutlookDeck is a interesting new application that will allow you to view and search Outlook emails in a TweetDeckish interface.

You can view all emails, view your replies, or search your emails using OutlookDeck, it will create a new tab for each of your actions, so clicking on All Friends will create a new tab, every search will create a new tab and son on.

We find OutlookDeck a fun way of searching emails, and having been using TweetDeck for quite sometime now, we love the refreshing way in which we can search our emails.

Download OutlookDeck [via tweet from Scobleizer]

Missing Attachments PowerToy For Outlook

There may several oops moments in your email sending history, where you send out a email stating that you have attached some files, however in a hurry you completely forget to attach files to the email.

Such moments lead to embarrassments when you receive a reply saying that the attachments were not included in the message.

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Facebook Applications For Your Desktop

Are you keen to keep an eye on what your friends are doing on without having to waste a lot of time? If you do, Webware has come up with a list of 20 desktop apps you can try out on your Windows desktop and Mac.


The list includes the usual suspects and some new ones which you may not even have heard of, we have covered some of the tools from the list, including FBLook, a Outlook add-in that helps you stay updated from , TweetDeck a which recently integrated Facebook allowing users to update status and view friends updates, Facebook Photo Uploader a utility to upload photos to your Facebook account from your desktop.

Other than that you can also checkout the Facebook Gadget for Gmail or browse through the entire list of 20 Facebook apps to try on your desktop.