Google Revamps Orkut, Adds New Interface and Makes it Faster and Better

is one of the biggest social networking site in India & Brazil, however, it has continued to sport the same old look and features for quite some time now. However, and has been stealing its thunder, and more and more users are migrating to these social networking sites.


To stem the flow of users moving to other social networking sites and keep them with Orkut, Google has announced some sweeping changes. Orkut has been rebuilt using Google Web Toolkit, which means that you have fewer pages to browse, and will also get a faster browsing experience.


In addition to that, Orkut has also created a much cleaner interface which now has larger pictures, easier to access notifications, targeted friend suggestions, and key updates closer to the top of your homepage.

Orkut themes have been quite a rage. We have listed tons of Orkut themes in the past and have even created some Orkut themes for Christmas. However, now Orkut has added personalization options where you can choose from an array of colors to suit your personality.

As with most Google products, you will be required to get an invite to use the newer interface, to get an invite you will have to visit to fill out the new Orkut interface invite form. In addition to that, you can also request your friends who already have the new interface to send you an invite.

So what do you think about the new Orkut interface? Do you think that it will help revive the social networking service and bring the old charm back to it?

Orkut Introduces Video Chat

a popular social networking site in India and Brazil has announced a new feature which will allow you to video chat with your friends from within Orkut.


The new video chat feature adds a picture in picture chat like Skype and . To make use of this feature users will have to download a small video plugin.

Video chat feature is certainly something new in social networking as even does not support this feature yet.

Will you use video chat to chat with your friends? Do you think this feature will make more users go back to Orkut? Don’t forget to tell me your views on this.

Talk face-to-face with your friends with video chat in Orkut [Orkut Blog]

How To Secure Your Orkut Account In 5 Easy Steps

Orkut is the no.1 social networking site in India. Though Facebook has a large user base in India, it is not even close to Orkut. Orkut is hugely popular in India, because it matched the Indian minds in terms of simplicity. Though Orkut is simple, it is not secure as compared to Facebook. Today, we will show you how to completely secure your Orkut account in 5 easy steps.

Before we start, let me first tell you that this post is specially written, keeping in mind, the users within the age group of 13 to 24 years.

First you will first need to go to the settings and then click on the privacy tab as shown below:

Orkut Privacy Settings

Steps To Secure Your Orkut Profile/Account

1) Restrict Access To Your Content

Orkut Restrict Contents

Allow only your friends to view and access your contents. This will help to keep strangers away from your profile. Scrapbook, videos and testimonials contains a lot of personal information, if accessed by others, may result in threats.

2) Friends Request By Known Persons

Orkut Friends Request

Under the friends request section, select the option “anyone who fits one of the following selected options” and then the first option will be automatically checked, leave the other two options as it is. This options will make sure that only your friends will be able to send you the friends request, only if they know your email address. This is an very important feature in Orkut’s security. After enabling this option, you will not get useless and irritating friends request from strangers.

3) Hide Cell Phone Number

Hide Cell Phone Number In Orkut

If you verify your  Orkut  account or any other services related to Orkut, you cell phone number is automatically attached to your account. If you  don’t  want to invite any troubles, select “myself” in the options, as shown above.

4) Show Email Address Only To Friends

Hide Primary Email Address In Orkut

If you don’t want to be a winner of some lottery from South Africa or if you  don’t  want  to buy cheap stuffs at a  heavy  discount, just show your email  address  only to your friends and no one else. Many of my friends who  haven’t  hidden  their  email address,  received  as many as 500 spam messages everyday.

5) Don’t Allow Others To Find You Through Email

Find With Email In Orkut

You may have used your email address in thousands of forums as well as in many other websites. Any one who knows your email address can easily find you on Orkut. Hence it is  recommended  not to allow people to find you through your email address. Many of you may agree with this but there may be a large amount of people who would disagree as their long lost friends would not be able to find them on Orkut. The choice is yours.

Following these steps would definitely make you account much secure  and you  will no more receive  unnecessary  friends request. Parents can assure that, their  kids are miles away from strangers. Happy Social  Networking!

Orkut Drops Support for IE6

In case you have missed the recent buzz around IE6, there is a virtual campaign going on by web developers to kill IE6. According to them, IE6 is so much lacking in support and innovation that it should be replaced with other popular browsers such as IE8, Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

The latest blow to IE6 comes from Google ‘s social network Orkut, which has dropped support for IE6. Orkut is still more popular than Facebook in some parts of the world and this decision by Google would affect millions of users. If you try to login to Orkut using IE6 now, you will be prompted to use one of the other popular browsers.

This campaign about killing IE6 is gaining more and more momentum as web companies and networks are deciding to drop support for it. A number of websites have also popped up to make people aware of the Kill IE6 campaign, such as this and this. A lot of Twitter profile pics can also be seen having a Kill IE6 logo on them.

[Via Mashable]

Remove Advertisements/Ad Banners From Orkut

the popular social networking site in India and Brazil just rolled out new changes to their interface where they are now showing ads right on the top of the page.

This has irked quite a few users, who were used to seeing their friends list in that position.


However if you are user a simple will solve your problems by removing the Orkut ads for you.

Download Orkut Advertising Banner Remover

Orkut Birthdays In Google Calendar

Most of the times I do not remember my friend’s birthdays, but social networking sites come in handy, since they alert me about upcoming birthdays of friends and family. However logging into each and every social networking service to check my friend’s birthday is out of the question.


one of the most popular social networking service in India, also includes a feature, that shows you the upcoming birthdays of your friends, but like always we have other priorities which may not allow us to login each and every day to check for upcoming birthdays.

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Orkut Scrap Notifier For Desktops

Orkut is a pretty popular social networking site back in India and Brazil, the biggest feature in Orkut being the able to communicate with friends and family using a feature called Scraps, however there is no easy way to know if someone has scrapped you, unless you turn on the email alert feature, but that in turn clogs out a inbox with too many messages, if you are a heavy Orkut user.

If you are a heavy Orkut user and want to keep track of the scraps you receive from your friends, we will introduce you to two applications that allow you to get notifications when you receive a scrap in Orkut on your desktop.

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How To Apply Custom Themes To Your Orkut Profile?

Orkut is a social networking website popular in India and Brazil, in-fact I found many of my school friends whom I wasn’t in touch in Orkut. Orkut provides users with themes, however the official themes provided are limited in number and there are lots of Free Orkut Themes you can easily use to customize your Orkut profile.


If you are a Orkut user and are looking to spice up your profile, here are some simple steps that will teach you how to apply / install or change custom themes in your Orkut profile.

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Free Orkut Themes

In our earlier posts we had told you about and PageRage a tool to spice-up your Facebook profile. Orkut is another social networking platform popular in India and South America, that we regularly use.

So here are some free themes that will help you spice up your Orkut Profile pages. To start using the themes you will first have to install which can be downloaded from here.

Here is a collection of 50+ Free Orkut Themes neatly segregated into several categories including like, Bollywood actress orkut themes, Bollywood actors orkut themes, Hollywood actress orkut themes, Hollywood actors orkut themes, Hollywood movies orkut themes, sports celebrities orkut themes, popular games orkut themes and miscellaneous orkut themes.

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