Apple Classifies Opera Mini As Porn App on iPhone

Not sure how to take this, but Apple just marked Mini as an age-restricted over 17 material on the . As you can see from the screenshot below, the latest update to Opera Mini was flagged as restricted while i was upgrading the browser to the latest version.

iPhone Opera Mini Porn

Now I am not really sure what Opera has that is age-restricted, but it definitely made me smile thinking of all the possibilities on why this could have happened.

Are you seeing the same message while upgrading Opera Mini to the latest version on your iPhone or iPod Touch?

Opera Mini 5 Now Available in 32 Languages

Opera-Mini Opera Software has released a minor update to Opera Mini 5 for Java and Blackberry. This silent update adds support for 32 languages including Indian languages like Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Kashmiri, Marathi, Oriya and Telugu. The full list is available here.

Opera Mini 5 is the most popular mobile web browser in the world with more than 55 million users. It brings full tabbed browsing, visual speed dials, password manager, profile synchronization and a capable RSS feed reader to budget phones.

Some of the notable bug fixes included in this update are:

  • RSS feed links should now appear at the top of pages again.
  • RTL (Right To Left) languages should now display properly on phones with supported fonts.
  • Problems with daylight savings time have been fixed.
  • Some problems with keypad text input have been fixed.

The newest build can be downloaded from or

Opera Mini emerged as most popular mobile web browser

The Opera Mini emerges as India`s most popular mobile web browser. This browser is claimed to be cost effective as it delivers high-speed data transfer rate of 7MB per user. Apart from being successful in India, Opera Mini also has record stats of 46.3 million worldwide. It has seen a tremendous hike from November 2009, having a growth rate of 11%.


Most popular WebPages accessed in India by Opera Mini includes Orkut, Google, Yahoo, Facebook, YouTube,, Wikipedia,, my and
The top handsets through which the users access web-pages (via Opera Mini) includes Nokia 2700c, Nokia 5130 XpressMusic, Nokia 3110c, Nokia N70, Nokia 6300, Nokia 7210, Nokia N73, Nokia N72, Nokia 6700c and Nokia 5310 XpressMusic.

Via: Telecomtalk and Duniyalive

Opera Mini 5.0.1 For iPhone Released

Opera Software has just pushed through the first update to Opera Mini for iPhone. Opera Mini 5.0.1 is a mainly a bug fix release, which addresses several issues reported by users, including the “freeze at start-up” issue. It also adds support for Hungarian, besides adding several stability fixes.

Earlier this month, Opera Mini for iPhone was approved by Apple. It quickly went on to become one of the most popular free apps in the App Store. In fact, Opera Mini managed to amass one million downloads on day one itself.


Opera Mini for iPhone features full tabbed browsing, search engine integration, Opera Link (data synchronization), visual speed dial, password manager, find-in-page and session restore. However, the biggest draw of Opera Mini is speed. All webpages are routed through Opera’s servers where they are rendered and compressed. This can provide a significant speed boost on slower networks, besides reducing your bandwidth bill.

Opera Mini 5.0.1 can be downloaded from the Apple App Store.

Make Opera Mini the Default Browser in Android with Opera Bridge

Opera Mini 5 is a great little mobile browser. It may not have pinch and zoom or AJAX support, but it more than makes up for these shortcomings through its breezy page loading and unique feature list. Unfortunately, Opera Mini doesn’t allow you to set it as the default system browser. As a result, all links are opened using the in-built browser, instead of Opera Mini.


Fortunately, there is a quick and hassle free way to fix this issue.

  • Once you have downloaded and installed Opera Mini 5, head over to the Android Market and download OperaBridge.
  • Now, hunt down any web link and click on it. You should get a window saying Complete action using.
  • Select the Use by default for this actionoption.
  • Select OperaBridge.

That’s all folks. Now, all hyperlinks should be opened in Opera Mini by default.

Opera Mini for iPhone Becomes The Most Downloaded Free App With 1 Million Downloads on Day 1

Opera Mini for iPhone was approved yesterday and it is already making quite a splash. It managed to amass one million downloads (1,023,380 to be exact) on its first day in the Apple app store and is currently ranked in the top 10 free apps category in 86 countries.

In fact, Opera Mini is the most downloaded free app in 69 countries (out of 90) including United States. Of course, the fact that its arrival in the app store was covered by almost all major tech news outlets, definitely helped.


Opera Software is visibly ecstatic with the download figures. Lars Boilesen, CEO of Opera Software, said, Today iPhone users have a choice, and, as the numbers show, they are eager to explore new and faster ways to surf the Web on the iPhone – especially during heavy Web traffic”.

While Opera Mini has garnered almost universal acclaim for its speed, it has been criticized for its unusual page layout and UI (user interface) inconsistencies. Mr. Boilesen has stated that, “We are appreciative of all the feedback we are getting, as it helps us to continually improve our product and better meet the needs of our users.”

Why Webpages Look Weird on Opera Mini for iPhone and How to Fix It

You have probably heard by now that Opera Mini has been approved for the Apple App Store. As expected, it is already proving to be quite popular. In fact, Opera Mini is now the most popular free application in the German App Store.

Opera Mini is a great browser, but it does have its own limitations. The remote rendering process it uses was initially designed for low-resolution budget phones. Hence, by default Opera resizes all text on a webpage so that it matches the screen width in zoomed-in state. This can distort the appearance of a website.


If you do not want this feature, you will have to manually disable it from the advanced configuration options. Here is how to do it:

  • Enter “opera:config” or just “config” in the address bar.
  • Opera-Mini-iPhone

  • In the page that opens, switch the list box next to “Fix text to screen” from Yes to No.

That’s it! Websites should now appear as intended on your Opera Mini for iPhone.

(via ChooseOpera)

Opera Mini for iPhone Approved by Apple – Available Now in An App Store Near You

Christmas has come early for Opera fans – Apple has just approved Opera Mini for the App Store. Apple took its time – 20 days, 08 hours and 31 minutes to be exact, but finally made the right call.


This move may come as a surprise to many, but Opera Software had always been optimistic (at least publically). They were confident that technically Opera Mini doesn’t violate any App Store terms and conditions. However, Opera Mini is definitely a competitor to the in-built Safari browser and many believed that this alone would be enough provocation for Apple.

Opera had managed to rally its supporters and build public support through a carefully orchestrated campaign. It is impossible to say if the fear of negative publicity (and FCC’s ire) played any role in Apple’s decision to let Opera Mini through, but one can’t entirely ignore that possibility.

Opera Mini for iPhone brings its familiar combination of speed (up to 6x faster than the in-built browser) and functionality to the table. Opera Mini managed to sneak through Apple’s strict policies mainly because it doesn’t render the website on your device. Instead, all traffic is routed through Opera’s servers where they are rendered and compressed. This compression results in improved browsing speed and even reduces your bandwidth bills.

Other highlights of Opera Mini for iPhone include powerful tabbed browsing, session restore, Opera Link (data synchronization), visual speed dial, password manager and find-in-page.

Opera Mini is already available in most countries and should become available everywhere within the next 24 hours.

Opera Mini 5 On iPhone Video [Demos]

Now that has submitted the Opera mini app to the Apple app store, several people might have their fingers crossed, because if the Opera app does get approved, it would mean that iPhone users get to use one of the best mobile web browsers on planet Earth.

If you have no clue about how Opera Mini 5 will work on the iPhone, you can take a look at a video released by Opera, which showcases it’s features, which include:

  • A really fast browser for iPhone.
  • Opera Speed Dial
  • Fast browsing even on a 2G network.
  • Easy tab management, better scrolling and more.

The video also has comparison between the Opera browser and iPhone’s native Safari browser, where Opera Mini is obviously the fastest one. Guess what Apple might have to say about that.

Opera Mini For iPhone Submitted To Apple App Store For Approval

Opera Software has just submitted Opera Mini for iPhone to the App store for approval. The browser was first demoed at MWC ’10, where it received rave reviews from almost everyone who got an opportunity to play with it.

According to internal testing, Opera Mini loads pages up to 6 times faster than iPhone’s default browser i.e. Safari. The huge difference is because all pages are first routed through Opera’s proxy servers where there are compressed by up to 90%. The server-side compression also reduces your bandwidth bills and is ideal if you are on roaming.

Opera Mini is the world’s most popular mobile browser, which offers an exciting mix of features packaged in a neat and intuitive UI (user interface). Opera Mini for iPhone is similar to Opera Mini for Java (and other platforms). All the standard features including tabbed browsing, search engine integration, Opera Link (data synchronization), visual speed dial, password manager and find-in-page are present in Opera Mini for iPhone. In fact, there are even a few extra goodies such as session restore. Like its desktop counterpart, Opera Mini for iPhone can resume browsing from where you left off last time. This is a crucial feature for a platform, which does not allow multitasking. However, Opera Mini has its own disadvantages – the major ones being its inability to render rich web content (for example AJAX heavy websites) and the lack of pinch-and-zoom.


Overall, Opera Mini is an impressive browser, which would appeal to a large section of iPhone users. However, the big question is whether Apple will approve it. Apple is not known for being kind to competition and that is exactly what Opera Mini is. Apple is yet to allow any browser, which does not use Safari’s (Webkit) rendering engine. However, if Apple decides to follow its SDK License to the word, then Opera Software might just get away. Opera Mini does not interpret or execute any code. Instead, all the rendering is done on Opera’s servers. Opera Mini simply displays pre-rendered pages received from its servers.

Only time will tell if Apple will do the right thing for once. Opera is clearly trying to pressurize the App Store approval team through a carefully orchestrated campaign. Let’s hope that their tactics will pay off.