HTC Releases Four New APIs for Developers Including Beats Audio API!

Of late, HTC has been in the news for all the right reasons. First the company publicly accepted its mistake of launching too many handsets and bloating Sense with every new version. Secondly, the company announced some really impressive piece of hardware at the MWC in Barcelona, including the One X and One S. Thirdly, the Sensation is the first non-nexus handset whose final Ice Cream Sandwich build has leaked online. HTC is just waiting for certification from Google before it pushes out the OTA update.

Now, adding to above list is the latest move from HTC. The company has released four new APIs for the OpenSense SDK for developers to take advantage of. These new APIs include the Beats Audio API, Lockscreen API, Mobile Device Management API and a MediaLink HD API.

The Beats Audio API will be really appreciated by developers, and allow them to integrate HTC’s Beats Audio technology in their apps. I am pretty sure this move will be appreciated by a lot of HTC handset users out there. The Lockscreen API will allow developers to enhance the already beautiful lock screen on Sense handsets with more information and integration with their apps.

The MediaLink HD API will be released soon, and will allow developers to wirelessly playback content on HDTV’s using HTC’s MediaLink service. Developers can find more info about the new APIs from HTC here.