BoxTV: Great Idea, but Long Way to Go?

BoxTV, a Times Internet service, offers subscription-based on-demand video streaming of movies, TV shows, short films, and premium video content. The service is available in India, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and the United States aimed at Indian users or the Indian diaspora abroad. The service is conceptually similar to Hulu and Netflix in the US and fills a gaping void in India. Continue reading BoxTV: Great Idea, but Long Way to Go?

Ustream Updates iOS App with a Native iPad Interface

Its obvious to anyone who owns one that the iPad is perfect for all of us couch potatoes out there. I know that I use mine the most while I am monitoring news feeds or studying my lecture notes. iPad owners are also very aware that we love to watch video on our tablets.

Beyond that consumption, many iPad faithfuls want to use their devices to produce content. While we have had apps like Pages and Numbers for a while now, the iPad 2 presents some unique opportunities for video production.

Ustream, a popular video streaming service, has heard our call, and they have given us an official iPad app. While it isn’t the first time Ustream has been available on iOS, this recent update is the first time its had a native iPad interface. I can tell you that the interface is sleek, useful, and intuitive, which are all high compliments coming form me.

The major features that you should get to know are probably the ability to stream straight from your iPad, and AirPlay compatibility. Thats right, with this app, you can stream your content from your iPad directly to you Ustream channel. This is a great step forward for content creators on the go.

AirPlay compatibility is something that I look for in many of the new iPad apps, and its good to see Ustream getting on the bandwagon. in case you missed it, AirPlay is the feature that allows a user to display app content, like video, on a second device, like a Mac or an Apple TV.

If you are interested in checking out the new Ustream for iPad, you can do so here. I recommend it if you already watch some Ustream content, or are looking for more to consume on your iPad. I know I will be trying my hand at content production through the app in the near future.

Hulu Plus: Now your TV Show Will Love You Back

Hulu is a joint venture of NBC, FOX and other popular TV networks in the US to provide access to TV shows online to US residents exclusively. The service is extremely popular and it just got better with  the announcement of Hulu Plus.

Hulu Plus brings a host of new features to the existing Hulu service. It acts as a compliment to the original Hulu service and not necessarily as a replacement to it. It allows viewing of full seasons of your favorite TV show and not only the last few episodes unlike Hulu. This, coupled with the support for ads creates a good revenue ecosystem around this new service.

Now, you need not worry if you miss an episode or want to watch that awesome episode of any series, with your friends. Just tune in to Hulu Plus. Full seasons are  available for some popular shows in the league of “The X-Files”, “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Law and Order: SVU”. Hulu Plus promises a “watch whenever and wherever” service. With these improvements, you can watch your favorite shows whenever you want. That is the first part of what is new.

Coming to the “wherever”, Hulu Plus also features an application for specific Samsung TVs and Blu-Ray players, which let you watch your show right into the box. However, if you are looking for some portability and are carrying your iPhone or iPad, you can catch up with Hulu Plus on a Wi-Fi or 3G network.

This, they say, is just the beginning and improvements will be made to support more devices. The Hulu Plus service is available as an invitation only currently. Request your invitation to try it out. The service is charged at $9.99 per month.

Catch up with some more info on this at the official Hulu Plus blog post.

US Internet Users Watched 30 Billion Videos In April [More Stats]

According to the latest online video metrics by ComScore Inc, a total of 30.3 billion videos were watched by US based internet users in the month of April 2010. As expected, a the largest contributor to online video viewing was YouTube with 13 Billion video views, making up 43.2% of the total views. This was followed by Hulu 3.2%, Microsoft Sites 2.1% and Viacom at 1.3%.

Interestingly, out of the 178 Million people who watched online videos in April, 43.6 Million watched videos using Vevo, a video service that just launched in late 2009 and focuses on music videos.  Google sites, however, were still #1 at 136 Million unique users, followed by Yahoo!, Fox Interactive and Vevo on number 4th spot. For a service that hasn’t even seen its first birthday, jumping to #4 rank in unique number of online video viewers is something remarkable.

On average, each viewer watched a total of 171 videos with Google again #1 at 96 videos per viewer and Hulu following at #2 with 24 videos per viewer.  Facebook, the social media giant, which is one of the top sites for hosting photos does not do very well in terms of videos. Total number of video views for Facebook were less than 230 Million for the month of April 2010 for 41 Million unique users averaging 5.6 videos per viewer.

The report also notes that 83.5% of all US internet audience viewed a video online in April and the average duration of an online video was 4.4 minutes. The detailed report can be viewed here.

Watch Full Episodes of America’s Got Talent Free Online

Are you a fan of the popular America’s Got Talent? Missed a few episodes while you were busy doing something else? Don’t worry even if you have not recorded the shows you can still watch the full episodes of America’s Got Talent free.

americas_got_talent has full episodes of America’s Got Talent which you can watch online, to view the video you will need to visit NBC America’s Got Talent rewind, from there you can watch full episodes and individual performances for free.

So don’t fret that you missed an episode, go ahead and watch it online for free now.