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Watch Steve Jobs Keynote WWDC 2010 Online

Steve Jobs will be presenting the opening keynote at on June 7, 2010. To add to that, there are some fresh rumors which say that Steve Jobs and Steve Ballmer may be on stage together during the Jobs keynote.

Steve Jobs Keynote WWDC 2010

This rumor in itself will send the excitement of people to a higher level. WWDC 2010 is a key Apple event for Apple developers who develop products for Mac OS X, and the .

Over 5000 developers will be part of WWDC 2010, and the Steve Jobs keynote will be the most tuned in on by the developers at Moscone West Center in San Francisco and tech enthusiast around the world.

The Steve Jobs keynote will be opening keynote for the June 7th – June 11th WWDC 2010 conference. The conference will be available online during that period.

If you are looking to watch the Steve Jobs Keynote at WWDC 2010 Online, stay tuned while we add the links. Links to the live Steve Jobs keynote will be added on or before June 7th, 2010.

Update: Mac Rumors has a live page for streaming the events which you can visit at Mac Rumors Live. You can also catch up the action live at Engadget Live in addition to live updates from Gdgt at http://live.gdgt.com/. Mac Observer also has a live blog where they will post updates on the event, you can visit it here. You can also follow the action live on by following @macrumorslive.

We will also be live blogging the event, so stay tuned for updates at our live blogging page at http://techie-buzz.com/live.

Update: Live Streaming video is available at Ustream, click  here for video updates of WWDC 2010.

Watch Apple WWDC 2010 Online Live | WWDC 2010 Keynotes Online

Watch the Apple WWDC 2010 Event Online along with the WWDC 2010 Keynotes Online.

Apple’s biggest developer conference called Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) 2010 will be held between June 7th to June 11th at the Moscone West Center in San Francisco.

WWDC 2010 Online

WWDC is an event a premier technical conference for developers innovating with Apple technologies. Over 1,000 Apple engineers will be at Moscone West to present advanced coding and development techniques that will show you how to enhance the capabilities of your applications with the revolutionary technologies in iPhone OS and Mac OS X.

Developers will learn technologies to create apps for the MAC OS X, and at this event. However, there are also several keynotes from key personalities where huge announcements are made.

At this years WWDC 2010, Apple CEO Steve Jobs will open the conference with a keynote. This in itself makes the conference more interesting, however, there will be lot of more keynotes and announcements which is bound to take the tech world by storm.

Over 5000 developers will be part of the event, however, if you are not going to be part of the event, we will be covering the event live. There will be several other resources where you can watch the Apple WWDC 2010 event online live.

Links to the event will posted before the event starts, so bookmark this page or subscribe to our RSS feeds to learn more about the event and ways to watch the WWDC 2010 event live online.

Update: Mac Rumors has a live page for streaming the events which you can visit at Mac Rumors Live. You can also catch up the action live at Engadget Live in addition to live updates from Gdgt at http://live.gdgt.com/. Mac Observer also has a live blog where they will post updates on the event, you can visit it here. You can also follow the action live on by following @macrumorslive.

We will also be live blogging the event, so stay tuned for updates at our live blogging page at http://techie-buzz.com/live.

Update: Live Streaming video is available at Ustream, click  here for video updates of WWDC 2010.

Watch iPhone OS 4.0 Apple Event Online And Live Blogging on April 8th

The iPhone OS 4.0 Apple event is going to be held at the Infinite Loop campus in Cupertino. The event is scheduled to start from 10:00AM PT (-8 UTC) on April 8th 2010. Though we don’t have an invitation for the event, we will be covering the event live here at Techie Buzz.

iPhone OS 4.0 Apple Event

Readers can get the live coverage of the Apple event from the following sites:

  • Engadget Live
  • GDGT Live
  • Boy Genius Report

Techie Buzz will also be covering the event live, so visit us to keep tabs on all the latest happenings from the Apple iPhone OS 4.0 Event. The expectations are, as usual, high from an Apple Event. We would definitely like to see a newer version of the iPhone OS being launched with multi-tasking support.

In addition to that, Apple might also release a newer version of the , which could either be the iPhone 4G or iPhone HD, however, nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

We will update this post with videos and live streaming links for the iPhone OS 4.0 event as soon as they become available.

UpdateHere is a live streaming link of the event.

Watch NCAA March Madness Online 2010

It’s the March Madness people! College basketball at its best[est!] as 65 teams compete for glory between March and April. The National Collegiate Athletic Association’s Men’s Division I Basketball Championship is the game that gets people excited and humming, as they root for their favorite team and boo those they have beef against. The single-elimination tournament is being held between the 14th of March and the 5th of April this year and will feature a surprising number of online services that will support the main event.


Created in 1939 by Kansas coach Phog Allen, this event has become one of the widely watched regional games in the USA. The Big Dance, as it is also called, has attracted a wide amount of attention from the nation as people root for their school and watch it proudly as they lift the NCAA trophy. With cartloads of revenue for the bigger matches the Sweet Sixteen, Elite Eight and Final Four, the people running television channels have also expanded to include online services for fans who do not want to miss a match.

Thus, CBS Sports has decided to provide free live streaming of all the matches from Selection Sunday on the 14th of March to the finals on the 5th. CBS Sports has a dedicated page for the championship with schedules and even a High Quality streaming service (which requires Microsoft’s Silverlight). They even have an iPhone app to watch the games online on your phone.

That’s right you can watch the entire March Madness online on your iPhone. The link opens up an iTunes window so that you can easily install the application on your iPhone. Pretty neat!

Do tell us which team you are rooting for in the comments!

Watch MIX10 2010 Online, Microsoft MIX Keynote

MIX 2010 will go live in the next few hours, here is how you can watch MIX10 or MIX 2010 Online and enjoy all the keynotes from Microsoft.

MIX10 Online

MIX10 is a 3 day conference for web designers and developers who build innovative websites and will be held between March 15th and March 17th. The event is built up of keynotes and sessions for web enthusiasts.

However, the biggest keynote of the event is from Microsoft, who will most likely unveil Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) this year. IE9 is definitely big for Microsoft, even with Internet Explorer having the largest browser market share.

IE has been steadily losing the browser market share to more innovative browsers, including Firefox, and more recently . So if Microsoft does not deliver with IE9, we can definitely assume that they will see a big downslide in the browser market share.

I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of IE9, considering that IE8 left a lot to the imagination. Cut back to the topic, if you are as eager as me to catch up on MIX10, you can watch the live coverage of the entire conference online.

The Keynotes will be streamed live at VistiMix online, you watch watch it on Monday, March 15th and Tuesday, March 16th at 9AM PDT. Don’t miss this one if you are a designer or a web developer. Streaming Link: http://live.visitmix.com/

Watch Google Campfire One Live Online

Google Campfire One is a Google event, where developers are called upon to talk about their products, share news and more.

Google Campfire One

If you are a developer or hold interest in listening to developers and about new products, you should definitely attend or watch the event.

If you have not been invited to the event, you can still watch the event live online at . The latest Google Campfire One event is happening today, 9th March 2010 6PM PST. The event is being broadcasted live on YouTube, you can watch it by visiting http://www.youtube.com/googledevelopers

Watch Oscars 2010 Online, Oscars Red Carpet Live Coverage

oscars_2010Earlier today we told you about watching Oscars 2010 live online. In that post, we listed out ways to watch the 82nd Oscars Academy awards live online. This years Oscars is unique in the sense that there are 10 nominations for the best movie of the year. There are several movies this year which will make deciding the winners pretty tough.

The biggest battle of this year will be in the Best Movie category between the ex-couple, Avatar director James Cameroon and Hurt Locker director Kathryn Bigelow. By the way did you now that Avatar was created using Linux?


If you are not able to watch the Oscars on your television, here are some ways in which you can watch the live coverage of the Oscars 2010 and Oscars 2010 Red Carpet online. Most of the live streaming feeds will go live at 6PM EST / 3PM EST on Sunday, March 7th 2010, so you will have to tune in around that time. Please check your local listings to find the timings of Oscar 2010 in your country.

You can also watch the Oscars 2010 on the official channels given below:

Don’t forget to tell us your predictions on who will be taking away an Oscar in 2010. Feel free to share your own links to watch the Oscars 2010 online.

Watch Oscars 2010 Online, 82nd Academy Awards Live Streams

After a year long wait, the Oscars are finally here! Annually presented by the Academy of Motion Pictures and Sciences (AMPAS), the Academy Awards honor the greatest cinematic achievements in the past year in movies across the world. Being the oldest such award ceremony, the Academy Awards is also the most watched. With the glitterati of Hollywood as well as cinema stars from other countries participating and enjoying the occasion, this awards ceremony should scarcely be missed by movie buffs. The 82nd Academy Awards honoring outstanding achievements of the cinema of 2009 will be presented on the 7th of March, 2010 in the Kodak Theatre, Hollywood. The ceremony will start at 3PM ET (6PM PT).

Oscar Award

The Awards ceremony was first started in 1929, on May 16 with around 270 people present in the audience. Since then it has blossomed into this gala event watched by millions worldwide. The movies that win or are even nominated proudly display their count in posters, DVD releases while actors, actresses and directors showcase their Oscars as trading chips for their next movie. This year’s nominees are varied with ten movies competing for the best film award. So who will it be?

theoscars on livestream.com. Broadcast Live Free

If you are as excited as we are (and as lazy as we are), you would not like to move away from your computer correlating information and references as they come from the hosts Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin. You’d like to tweet and blog as the ceremony happens. For that, you need to watch the ceremony online. At Techie Buzz, we invite you to watch the live show right here on this page. With an embedded livestream we will take you straight to the Kodak Theatre where the awards will be presented. This is, of course, the closest thing to a regular teleporter. Enjoy the show right here on Techie Buzz and do tell us who will win the Oscars in the comments!

Watch 55th Filmfare Awards 2010 Online

The Filmfare Awards are presented annually by the Times Group to honor the technical, artistic and other aspects of Hindi cinema and filmmaking. Originally instituted in 1954, the Filmfare Award was reader-based where readers of the Filmfare magazine polled for the best actor, actress, film, director and music director. What started off as a magazine-based ceremony with only five awards has blossomed into the star-filled and glittering show of today with thirty-one categories for awards. The 55th Annual Filmfare Awards honoring movies released between 2009-10 will be presented on the 27th of February, 2010 from 9PM IST onwards at Yash Raj Studios, Mumbai.

Filmfare Awards

Hosted by Saif Ali Khan and Shah Rukh Khan, this year’s Filmfare ceremony is going to be as big as ever!

This year’s contenders are pretty big, with names like Anurag Kashyap’s Dev D, Rajkumar Hirani’s Three Idiots and Vishal Bharadwaj’s Kaminey lining up for Best Director, Film and other honors. Ranbir Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor seem to be the hot favorites this year with two nominations each and might as well carry at least one award back home. The nominations are quite varied, although Three Idiots seems to have quite a lot of mentions as does Kaminey. I am sure all of you have your personal favorites, but how will you watch this glitz-filled evening if your significant other is busy watching a serial or a match?

Watch the entire thing online, of course! Zoom TV, Indiatimes’ own channel has a live TV feed that has recently been put up. The TV feed has a lag of about thirty seconds against the main stream that comes to the TV, but we can live with that, I’m sure! An alternative is the special Indiatimes website set up for the 55th Filmfare Awards. This is an exclusive site for the awards ceremony only and will begin broadcasting when the ceremony starts.

So who are your favorites for this year’s Filmfare? Do let us know in the comments!

Watch GRAMMY Awards 2010 Online

The GRAMMY (Grammy or Gramophone) Awards are presented each year to honor the best achievements in the music industry of the past year by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, USA. It is a widely televised award, second only to the Oscar (Academy) Awards. With 99 award categories and a total of 109 awards this is one of the longest award ceremonies around and it is full of the glitz and glitter of the music industry from rock groups to classical orchestras to hip-hop kings throng the audience among others. The 52nd GRAMMY Awards will be presented on the 31st of January, 2010 from 8:30-11:30PM (ET/PT) at the Los Angeles Convention Center, while the pre-telecast will go live online from 1:00PM to 4:00PM (ET/PT).


The GRAMMY awards are named after the gold-gilded gramophone statuette presented to the winner(s), and is analogous to the Golden Globe statuette and the Oscar statuette awarded to their respective winners. The hosts of this year’s GRAMMY awards are Tia Carrere (the Hawaiian actress and award winner) and Kurt Elling, who are also this year’s nominees for one award each. Many current nominees and industry greats will be presenting the awards in 99 categories, and the star-studded ceremony will also feature performances by Beast, Charlie Benson and Ray Wilson, among others.


The best part about this CBS-sponsored award ceremony is that it can also be watched online! Both Grammy.com and the CBS network for all of us computer-couch potatoes! Both of these sites, will stream the ceremony online, while YouTube will add auxiliary support with a host of related videos. The pre-telecast ceremony will be streamed live on GRAMMY Live!, for an entire weekend’s worth of interviews, special performances and more from nominees.

Kurt Elling

This year’s ceremony will also feature a special Michael Jackson tribute, featuring a 3D mini-movie known as Earth Song, created by Jackson for his This Is Ittour, but has not been seen before. The movie delivers a strong message about the future of our planet. CBS will telecast this movie in full 3D so that viewers at home can also watch it with special 3D glasses (which the company has made millions of and is distributing for free in Target stores in the USA from the 24th through to 31st January, 2010). Along with this, there will be special performances to honor Jackson who passed away in 2009.

Michael Jackson

So, I am sure you will all be glued to your displays now that the GRAMMYs are also being telecast online! Tell us who will win the GRAMMYs in your favorite categories, and why in your comments!

Watch Full Episodes of America’s Got Talent Free Online

Are you a fan of the popular America’s Got Talent? Missed a few episodes while you were busy doing something else? Don’t worry even if you have not recorded the shows you can still watch the full episodes of America’s Got Talent free.


NBC.com has full episodes of America’s Got Talent which you can watch online, to view the video you will need to visit NBC America’s Got Talent rewind, from there you can watch full episodes and individual performances for free.

So don’t fret that you missed an episode, go ahead and watch it online for free now.

How To Watch US Open Tennis Live Online For Free?

US Open is just around the corner and it is going to be a exciting one considering that Federer is back in full form. US Open will start on August 31st 2009 and no the arena and TV are not the only two places you can watch the matches.


There are several ways in which you can watch US open tennis matches online, we will keep updating this list so you can watch US open tennis online even if one of the streams is not working.

Websites to Watch US Open Live Online

More streams and live videos will be added to the list as we come across them, if you have any to share, feel free to leave them in your comments.