Watch Chelsea vs Bayern Munich Champions League Finals Online

Chelsea and Bayern Munich are getting ready for the match of their lives on Saturday when they will play the final of the UEFA Champions League. Both teams had some great matches in the semis to make it to the finals with Chelsea stunning last years champions Barcelona.

Bayern Munich has already tasted Champions league glory by winning 4 cups. However, their last Champions league final win came back in 2011. On the other hand, Chelsea have only made it to the Champions league finals once in 2008 where they lost to EPL rivals Manchester United in the finals.

UEFA Champions League Final

This will be a huge match for both teams and will showcase some of the best football. Bayern Munich have a huge home advantage because the final is also being hosted in Munich. Chelsea will not give up lightly though since winning the final is their only chance to play in the Champions league next year after they could not qualify through the English Premier league.

If you are looking to watch the Champion League final match between Chelsea and Bayern Munich online? You can watch the UEFA Champions league final live online using a Google Chrome Extension called Eplsite.

Once you download the extension from here, you can click on the football icon in the toolbar to view a list of current ongoing UEFA and EPL matches, clicking on a link will take you to the live streaming video for the match.

In addition to that you can also try your luck on sites like, or to see if they have live streaming links. Additionally, you will find some user uploaded streams at or Please check your local laws to see if these options are legal before using them.

Granny G – America’s Got Talent Video

Today’s Americas Got Talent in San Francisco was getting a tad boring, that it till a contestant named "Granny G" came in. She got a intro and was cute at it. And then she walked in for the audition on her walker and said that she wanted to "spread a message". Well, that definitely gets the boring senses up.

However, once the music hit, she probably sang the best rap song which definitely had a message. Kudos to the 80 year old Granny G who has a sense of music and also is young at heart.

Catch up a video of Granny G from the America’s Got Talent auditions in San Francisco today below.

Granny G Rapper Interview Video

Watch Manchester Derby Online Live

Manchester United and Manchester City will take on each other today in the "derby of all derbies" which may determine the eventual English premier league winner. Manchester United currently lead City by 3 points, but a  win by City would put them on the top of the table thanks to goal difference.

If City win, they will also have a chance to become division winners after their last one came in 1968. This is definitely going to be one heck of a matchup and should not be missed.

If you are looking to watch the Manchester United vs Manchester City derby matchup online live, you can do so by using one of the options below. For people living in U.S. you can visit ESPN3 at to watch the Manchester Derby starting at 2:30PM. Mobile users can also use the WatchESPN app on Verizon network to catch up on the match. ESPN3 only allows users with certain ISPs to watch the game online, so you might want to check the website to see if you can watch the Manchester Derby online.

You can also watch English Premier League matches live online using a Google Chrome Extension called Eplsite. Once you download the extension from here, you can click on the football icon in the toolbar to view a list of current ongoing UEFA and EPL matches, clicking on a link will take you to the live streaming video for the match. Additionally you can also visit forums like Wiziwig ( to find live streams for the match.

*The extension and forum is provided for informational purposes only. Please check your local laws before using any streaming sources.

Watch NFL Draft 2012 Online Live

It is only a few more days before the start of the draft of America’s favorite sport. The NFL Draft 2012 is all set to begin on Thursday April, 26th at the Radio City Hall in New York. The first round of NFL Draft 2012 will begin at 7:30PM Eastern time, the second and third round will be held on April 27 and rounds four to seven will be held on April 28.

This year’s draft will be pretty interesting considering that there is a lot of talent available and the teams might try to trade up to get their requirements fulfilled. Draft trades are pretty tricky and can happen as late as the last minute of drafting. Expect a lot of teams to switch positions before the draft begins.

It is a foregone conclusion that this years first round pick will be Andrew Luck who will be picked by Indianapolis Colts followed by Robert Griffin III who will go to Washington Redskins. Other than the first two picks, expect a lot of suspense for the other spots.

The NFL Draft will be aired on the NFL Network and ESPN on TV. However, if you are not near a television you can easily catch up on all the live NFL Draft 2012 action on the internet on your computer or mobile phone.

If you want to watch the NFL Draft 2012 Live online, you can visit the official NFL website at Additionally, you can also catch up the action on ESPN’s official website at

Hopefully, this years draft will be pretty exciting. We’ll try and add more sources to watch the NFL Draft 2012 online live once we come across them.

Indiatimes to Broadcast IPL 5 Matches Online

There are just 2 days to go for the fifth edition of IPL tournament to begin and the excitement is already building up. One of crickets’ most talked about tournament, IPL 5 2012 will start from April 4, 2012. This year’s IPL 5 Opening ceremony will have performances from Katy Perry and Prabhudeva.

IPL 5 2012 Online

IPL 5 is one of the biggest cricketing tournaments in India at have matches at convenient hours. However, the online broadcasting of IPL 5 gives users an opportunity to catch up on the live action of the cricket matches while on the go.

This years’ official partner for broadcasting the match online is Times Group’s Indiatimes. Viewers will be able to catch up on all the live action for IPL 5 2012 on the Indiatimes IPL website at Users can also catch up on the latest IPL 5 news and scores on the official website at

Indiatimes got the telecast rights for IPL after the initial online broadcasting for IPL 3 had gone to . However, the broadcasting of IPL 4 in 2011 was later jointly streamed by both Indiatimes and YouTube on Indiatimes official YouTube channel. Users can also watch the IPL broadcast on Indiatimes official channel on YouTube at Additionally, you can also find more links to watch IPL 5 2012 Online.

Apple iPad 3 Event Details, Streams

Apple just sent out invites to the iPad 3 event and it has definitely caught excitement amongst Apple fans and the others who are looking forward to get their hands on the 3 as well.


will most likely have a better display, faster processor along with 4G LTE. However, there are still several things which are unknown about the device. Considering, how secretive Apple usually are, you probably won’t get to know the finer details of the iPad 3 until it is unveiled at the Press conference on March 7th.

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The event will be held at 10AM PST on March 7th, 2012 at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco where most of Apple’s events take place. Apple has historically streamed only one of their events online. We hope that they will also stream this event online as well.

Here are the sites which will be live blogging the event. You can catch up on all the action, news and pictures as it happens.

Users might be able to watch the live-stream from here. An audio stream of the event might also be available here, when the event starts. We will update this post when more information and live streams become available.

Watch Oscars 2012 Red Carpet Online

It’s the time of the year for the biggest awards ceremony of the year and after the GRAMMY Awards 2012, the Oscars bring about a lot of excitement in movie stars and the people alike.

Oscars 2012

The Oscars Academy Awards are one of the biggest awards ceremony and the who’s who of the movie industry makes it through the red carpet to watch the awards show and cheer for the winners.

This year the 84th Annual Academy awards will be held on Sunday, 26th February, 2012. The awards will be broadcast live on ABC at 7PM Eastern/4PM Pacific.  This year several interesting movies have been selected for the Oscars and you can view all the Nominees for the Academy Awards at the official website.

Unlike the GRAMMY Awards, the Oscars won’t be broadcast live online. However, the Red Carpet for Oscars can be watched online at There will be several other streams which will be covering the event live and you can also catch up the event by downloading the official Academy Awards app for and devices.

You can watch the Red Carpet for the Oscar 2012 Academy Awards live on Additionally, you can catch up on the Oscar 2011 84rd Academy Awards 2011 ceremony live online at or at or at

If you aren’t able to watch the show online at these links, you can always visit and and search for Oscars 2011 to find user uploaded streams online or check out websites like among others.

We will update this post as soon as more live streaming options become available. In the meantime, you can watch the Academy Awards coverage in the stream embedded below.

Watch Copa America Finals Online – Uruguay vs Paraguay Copa America Finals Online

Watch Uruguay vs Paraguay Copa America Final 2011 Online Live. Watch Uruguay vs Paraguay online live. Watch Copa America 2011 final online live. Live Streaming of Uruguay vs Paraguay Copa America Final 2011 online. Free Uruguay vs Paraguay Copa America Final live streaming feeds.

The final match of Copa America 2011 will be played between Uruguay and Paraguay at Buenos Aires, Argentina. Both the teams have been favorites to win the cup after strong performances in last years World Cup. Uruguay had finished fourth in after losing to Germany in the 3rd place playoffs.

Copa America 2011 Argentina

Paraguay and Uruguay will be playing each other for the first time in the Copa America finals, however, Uruguay would be looking to add to their previous 14 Copa America titles by winning this match.

This year has seen surprise finalists after Brazil flopped and so did Argentina. Uruguay had beaten Peru in their semifinal while Paraguay triumphed over Venezuela.

This will be a interesting battle between these two teams to crown themselves as South American champions by lifting the Copa America 2011 cup.

If you are looking to watch the Copa America 2011 final between Paraguay and Uruguay you can do that from the comfort of your computer. If you use Google Chrome, you can use an extension to watch the Uruguay vs Paraguay Copa America 2011 Final online. If you don’t then try out or which will have live streams of the USA vs Japan Women’s FIFA World Cup Final Online. You can also try your luck on or or where users sometimes stream the matches live online.

Cisco announces Linux-based IPTV STB

Cisco Systems has announced that they are building a suite of Linux-based products under the “Videoscape” brand to rival the likes of Google and Apple in their STB offerings. Very much like the Google TV or Apple TV, the Videoscape devices will have capabilities of accessing cable TV as well web video content.

The device will consist of a media gateway, an IP set top box and other Linux-based components which will enable consumers to not only access web content, but also search and manage cable TV, Internet video and video-conferencing . Furthermore, the consumer will able to watch their subscribed content from any of their devices like smartphones and tablet PCs.

Cisco plans to unveil two versions of their set-top-box. The first one, a Cisco TES301 IP Managed Services Gateway, will be an application-centric gateway that would integrate voice, high speed data, online video and routing. Other services like home monitoring and security will also be available as additional offerings.

Cisco Videoscape IPTV STB Media Gateway

The second and more advanced device , Cisco DRG 7000 Series IP Video Gateway, will be able to stream high-definition video to multiple devices through conversion of MPEG4 video from multicast to unicast. It will support industry standards like MoCA and DLNA.

Integration to social media websites will also be included enabling the user to share the content he’s watching with his friends.

Withholding the price of the device, Cisco has decided not to make these devices available off-the-shelf, for direct consumer consumption. Instead, Cisco plans to tie-up with service providers and make them available through cable operators. Currently only Australia’s Telstra has decided to offer these high-end STBs to their customers.

Watch Facebook Email/Project Titan Conference Live Online

is holding a special event on Monday, which is tomorrow. There is high speculation that Facebook might announce a new email service. The email service being developed by Facebook is not new and was dubbed as Project Titan previously.


The rumor of Facebook unveiling an email service is very ripe with them acquiring recently. Nevertheless, unlike last time, we might really see Facebook email in reality tomorrow. Excited? Well, so are we and you can catch up the Facebook event live tomorrow and follow each and every details being unveiled before your eyes live online.

To watch the Facebook Conference tomorrow about the new email service/Project Titan head over to You will be able to watch the live video tomorrow starting at 10AM PST. Have fun.