Free Spyware Cleaner

Internet threats are increasing day by day and it is always advisable to have a good antivirus and spyware cleaner is definitely a good way to protect yourself from online threats.


Though there are several spyware cleaner softwares out there, we definitely swear by a free spyware cleaner called Spyware Terminator.

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Virtual Keyboard Interface For Firefox To Thwart Keyloggers

Keyloggers are a very harmful malicious scripts, that capture keystrokes and spy on your private data and passwords. These programs maliciously install themselves, and run without the users being aware about it, making it a huge security threat.

There are several methods to thwart keyloggers and many banks do provide users with a virtual keyboard facility using which they can enter their secure passwords.

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Is Digsby an Adware ?

What is Digsby

If you are not yet aware, Digsby is a wonderful applications that lets you combine the powers of Social Networking, IM and emails into a single application. For all socially networked souls in this Web 2.0 era, Digsby is like a cool breeze. It allows you to manage multiple clients and services from a single application. A big time saver.

But, what is BAD about Digsby

But, while I was installing Digsby on a friend’s computer recently, I noticed that Digsby has changed their installer and the new installer is just full of bad applications, all trying to have a share of your mindspace.

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Stop Using Internet Explorer Right Now

Techie Buzz has a mix of people visiting us using browsers such as , , , Internet Explorer among others, however people using Internet Explorer are at a serious risk, because of a vulnerability being discovered in Microsoft’s default browser.

The vulnerability in Internet explorer, can allow a attacker to take control of people’s computer and steal their passwords according to security experts. However this is not the first time Internet Explorer has been attacked, and it is probably termed as one of the weakest browser available today.

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Google Security Team Clarifies Gmail Security and Hijacked Domains Issues

There have been quire a lot of issues with account recently, and we had told you about a hacked Gmail account of our friend, along with steps on safekeeping your Gmail account from attackers. We also had told you about some Online security tips which can keep you safe on the Internet in general.


Getting back to the Gmail issue, one of the major issues users reported with Gmail was domain theft by David Airey and also of a popular Tech blog, Make Use Of, for which I was one of the first to report a domain hijack on .

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Is Your Site Listed As Malware In Search Results? We Have Some Tips For You [Webmaster Tips]

Google has been pretty serious about security of search results, so that users do not fall prey to malware or virus attacks. In order to make people aware of problematic sites, Google shows a message This site may harm your computermessage in the search results for problematic websites.


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Beware of Citibank Credit Card Renewal Email Scam

In our constant endeavor to keep you updated about internet threats and scams, we have been telling you about different ways in which you can get scammed and how to avoid it. Here is another email scam that we want to warn you about, the recent email doing the rounds is about a Citibank Credit Card Renewal Scam.


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How To Fix, or Redirect Virus?

Recently a friend of mine messaged me saying that one of her friends browser is always redirecting webpages to and, these sites do not exist in real and throw 404 errors, which led me to believe that there was something wrong with the user’s machine and it was hijacked by a virus or trojan.


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The malware in questions redirects all your web requests to the above said URLs, since it does not want you to download any fixes or visit sites to find what the problem is about.

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Protect Yourself from Internet Threats [Detailed Instructions]

Internet is a mine of information but with that information comes risks and vulnerabilities. Every time you connect to the Internet not only are you reading information but some small software may be stealthily sending information to hackers and spammers about your activities.

Well no famous person wrote that quote it was just me elaborating a point that every time you connect to the Internet you may be vulnerable even though you may be safely visiting your favorite email site or just browsing news from your favorite newspaper. It all boils down to who is watching you and how?

What are Spam Softwares and Trojan Horses?

Spam softwares and Trojan horses without Internet are useless (even some viruses that look to spread rather than destroy). The main aim of these softwares (they are softwares but malicious in nature because they do things which you never authorized them to do) is to collect personal information of any sort including surfing habits and going to the extremes of critical information like banking passwords and sending them to other servers so that they can send you ads or maybe loot your money.

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How Insecure Is Your Computer? Ask Secunia PSI

We hear about Windows security exploitations almost every day. Most of these exploitations are on computers which haven’t been updated with the latest security fixes through Online Update. We don’t though hear enough about exploitations through any other software we might have installed in our system.

In today’s world of freeware craze, we install tons of programs and some of us are even diligent about removing unused programs frequently. But, how often do we take the time to see if they are updated? Unless the program offers an automatic update check and you had enabled that option, you might have a year old software for all you know.

SecuniaSecunia offers a Personal Software Inspector (PSI) tool to analyze your computer’s software and provides you with list of software that needs updated. Next time someone asks me to clean up their computer, I am going to run this first to see what needs to be updated.

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