Zapak Gets into the Olympic Games Mood; Launches Zapak Gaming Olympiad

The 2012 London Olympic Games start tomorrow. In light of this, Zapak Digital Entertainment is all set to launch Zapak Gaming Olympiad.

London 2012 Olympics Clock
London 2012 Olympics Clock (Courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

Zapak Gaming Olympiad aims to become an online destination for live updates from London 2012 and offers people a chance to participate in a virtual Olympic event.

Zapak Gaming Olympiad features specially created game titles that allow most people to experience a sport competition as big as the Olympics. Set over two week timeframe, the Zapak Gaming Olympiad features the following online games:

  • Field Hockey
  • Hurdles Run
  • King of the Ring ( aka Boxing)
  • Table Tennis

The Olympiad will be available on the Web at Olympics.Zapak.Com and on Mobile Web as well.

Commenting on the Olympiad event, Mr. Deepak Abbot, Head Product, Reliance Entertainment Digital said

We wish to give our users a virtual experience of the Olympic Games on their PCs and mobile phones. Not all Olympic enthusiasts have the luxury of time and place to see the match. We are the first ones to bring this experience in India.

It was also mentioned that the winner of each of the four competitions in the Zapak Gaming Olympiad will be awarded with brand new motorcycle.

HTML5 Based Classic Snake Game

If you are someone from the early era of mobile adopters, you might be familiar with the classic Snake game which came preloaded on mobiles starting in 1998.

Snake HTML5 Game

I remember spending hours and hours playing the game on the cellphone beating records and scores alike. In the years that followed, there were several iterations and enhancements of the games and the mobile gaming market exploded with the introduction of games like and others. However, the classic version still remains favorite of many users.

If you are nostalgic about playing the Snake game on your mobile and don’t have it on your latest smartphone, you can relive those old days by playing a version of the game online.

The classic version of the Snake game has been recreated in HTML5 using JavaScript and CSS. The game is not only fun, but also goes on to show the power of the next generation of HTML. If you are someone who is looking to relive those old memories, you can also  play the Snake game online.

Have you played the Snake game on your mobile? If so, do let me know your thoughts on what you thought of the game back in the days.

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