HTC Unveils The One X+; Tegra 3 And LTE Finally Shake Hands!

After quite a few leaks and blurry cam appearances, HTC has finally unveiled the One X+. The handset is the Taiwanese company’s latest flagship model and is barely an update over the One X.

The One X+ sports an Nvidia Tegra 3 AP37 SoC which can clock as high as 1.7GHz in single core mode. The GPU also gets a slight speed bump from 416MHz to 520MHz. Since the AP37 Tegra 3 are higher binned SoCs than the AP33 SoCs found in the One X, there is also lower current leakage from them, which should theoretically help battery life. While the dimensions of the One X and One X+ are the same, the latter is slightly heavier (130g vs. 135g), thanks to a beefier 2100mAh battery.

Other hardware specs of the One X and the One X+ remain the same, except that the latter has a slightly better 1.6MP front-facing camera, slightly better speaker output and more NAND storage (32GB and 64GB).

On the software front, the One X+ will launch with Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean and Sense 4+. The latest version of Sense 4+ mainly includes some camera related enhancements including an updated Gallery app and some performance improvements.

The One X+ will only be available in matte black color, and will sport an LTE baseband in the United States. This will be the first time that a company has paired a Qualcomm MD915 LTE radio with the Tegra 3 SoC. I am not too optimistic about this combination being battery-friendly though, as Tegra 3 is one of the least power-efficient SoCs out there, which when combined with an external baseband makes matters worse.

The One X+ will be available in Europe and America from October and in Asia from November 2012.


HTC One X Android 4.0.4 Update Rolling Out In India

HTC One X is the company’s most powerful smartphone which comes with a 4.7 inch Super LCD HD display, 1.5 GHz Quad-Core processor, 8 megapixel camera, NFC and so on. This handset was originally shipped with the Android 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich) Operating System. However, the manufacturer has already rolled out the Android 4.0.4 update in the US and Europe. Now, the same update is rolling out for the One X users in India.

This update comes with general stability improvements, music improvements, enhanced camera capabilities, improved browsing experience and much more. After upgrading your device, the recent apps key will open context menu inside non ICS app, instead of opening the multi-tasking grid in Sense. This update will also brings Hindi, Tamil and Marathi language support. Check out the changelog after the break.


  • System performance and stability enhancements
  • Internet browsing experience enhancements
  • HTC Car user experience enhancements
  • User interface enhancements
  • Music improvements
  • New SDK support for developers
  • Hindi, Tamil, Marathi keyboard Support

The latest update is numbered 2.17.720.2 and it will upgrade the handset to Android 4.0.4 OS and bump the UI to Sense 4.1. The size of the update 141.21 MB and it will be available via Over-The-Air (OTA). As usual, we advise you to backup all of your data and completely charge the battery before upgrading the device. If you still haven’t received this update, then just go to Settings > About > Software Updates and check for the update.

HTC One S Android 4.0.4/Sense 4.1 Update Rolling Out Now

A couple of weeks ago, HTC started rolling out the Android 4.0.4 ICS/Sense 4.1 update for the HTC One X. The new update contained a lot of major performance enhancements, an updated Sense launcher without any of the fancy 3D  animations for less reloading issues, and the ability to map the Recents app capacitive key to act as a Menu key instead.

Starting from yesterday, HTC has started rolling out the same update for the smaller brother of the One X, the One S. The update should get rid of the random lags and stuttery animations that many One S userrs have been facing for sometime. There is also a knew kernel and baseband included in this update that should improve the power management and network reception of the device.

Quite a few Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean firmware have leaked for the Samsung Galaxy S3, with there being a strong rumor of the official update landing on 29th August at the Note II unveiling at IFA in Berlin from Samsung. On the other hand, there has been no word from HTC on the Jelly Bean update availability for the One X and One S, especially when the International One X packs in the same SoC as the Nexus 7, the first device to launch with Jelly Bean on-board.


HTC One X Gets The Android 4.0.4 Update

HTC One X is the company’s most powerful smartphone till date. This handset originally runs on the Android 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich) Operating System. HTC has recently announced a new software update for this device. Before you get too excited, let me tell you that, it is not the much-awaited Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) update you’ve been waiting for. The latest update will upgrade the handset to the Android 4.0.4 OS and bumps the UI to Sense 4.1.

Instead of opening the multi-tasking grid in Sense, the recent apps key will now open context menu inside non ICS apps such as Facebook. You can also open the multitasking menu just by long-pressing the recent app key. This update not only brings the general stability improvements to the device, but also enhances the camera capabilities such as white balance and continuous autofocus.

Apart from the changes mentioned above, you can expect enhancements to memory, platform stability and improved overall browsing experience. The company has also added a single sign-on feature for Facebook, which will allow the users to access Facebook in multuple apps and browsers. The latest upgrade to Beats audio is touted to provide an authentic sound experience.

Earlier this week, AT&T has already rolled out this update for the HTC One X. Now, the owners of the international variant will start receiving the Android 4.0.4 update. The size of the update is 148 MB and it will be available via Over-The-Air (OTA). You will be automatically notified when the update is available for your device. If you have not received the update, then just go to Settings > About Device > System updates and check for the update.

AT&T’s HTC One X Software Update Provides Option To Re-map Menu Key To Recent Apps Button

The HTC One X is a genuine effort from HTC to make a come back in world of Android that is being dominated by Samsung’s Galaxy series. The top-notch build quality, the camera, above average battery life and a screen-to-die for makes the One X a pretty good all-rounder.

Also, unlike Samsung, HTC kept its sanity and used the Ice Cream Sandwich button layout (Back, Home and Recent app). However, since the One X does not come with on-screen navigation buttons, HTC decided to fix the missing menu button in some apps with 48 pixels of an ugly on-screen menu button, when required.

Thankfully, in the latest OTA update being rolled out to the One X from AT&T and HTC, the on-screen menu button has been removed. Instead, users are given an option to re-map the Recent app button to either menu button, with long-press for recent apps, vice versa or just a simple ‘Always open recent apps’.

The 270MB OTA update also brings with it the latest version of Ice Cream Sandwich – Android 4.0.4. Knowing AT&T and HTC, the OTA update might very well close all loopholes that were used to gain root access, so if you want to make sure that you have root access, stay away from this OTA update until the developers find another way to gain root access.

Via – Android Central

Samsung Profits Jump To $5.9 Billion While HTC Manages A Measly $247 Million

Back when Android was still gaining traction in the mobile market, HTC was the Android OEM manufacturer to reckon with. Thanks to Android’s ever growing popularity, HTC had a monumental growth and posted some staggering profits back in late-2009 and 2010.

However, things changed drastically in 2011 as HTC failed to launch a remarkable device, and Samsung won the heart of million of owners thanks to its Galaxy S II. HTC is trying hard to save its plunging profits and market share by releasing the One series earlier this year. However, it looks like things still have not favored the Taiwanese maker.

In an unaudited Q2, 2012 report released by the company, HTC managed to make a profit of only $247.7 million down from a whopping $582.5 million in the same quarter in previous year. The only silver lining here is that compared to the Q1 profit of $150 million, a near about $100 million jump in profit definitely looks good. Revenue for the quarter was around $3 million.

On the other hand, Samsung has released partial financial report of Q2, and the numbers are staggering. The Korean company has had a record quarter and amassed nearly $5.9 billion in profits, all thanks to the strong sales of its Galaxy series of handsets. The company, however, expressed concerns over the weak euro and how it has been eating into its profits.

“Europe is our biggest consumer electronics market and we may have to initiate cost cuts and product price increases should the euro fall further from the current level,” said one executive who didn’t want to be named as the plan is internal.

“Our smartphones are flying off the shelves, with some outlets reporting 40-60 percent sales growth, but that’s distorting the overall trading outlook which is more challenging due to the weak global economy and a weak euro.”

With the Galaxy S III just hitting the U.S shores, Samsung is all set for another record-breaking Q3, while HTC can just hope its profit does not plummet further.

Via – Reuters

HTC Confirms Wi-Fi Connectivity Issue On Some Tegra 3 One X

Own the international variant of the HTC One X? Here is some bad news for you. Over the last few days, reports started flying around ont he Internet that some of the One X owners are facing strange Wi-Fi connectivity issue with their handset. The only weird and temporary way to fix this problem was to squeeze the handset at a certain place.

HTC has come clean on this matter and confirmed that the some of the Tegra 3 variants of the One X do suffer from poor Wi-Fi connectivity issue. The company has also issued an official statement to Android Central, where it states it has found a way to fix the issue in future One X handsets -:

After investigating isolated reports of WiFi connectivity issues in the HTC One X, we have identified a fix that strengthens the area of the phone around the WiFi antennae connection points. While many customers have not experienced any problems with signal strength, we have taken immediate steps to implement a solution in our production process to prevent this issue from happening in the future. HTC is committed to making sure every customer has a great experience and we apologize for any inconvenience this issue may have caused while we conducted a thorough investigation.

What HTC however fails to mention is that what existing One X owners should do if they are facing the Wi-Fi connectivity issue. Hopefully, HTC will replace the One X for these people without any hassle.

AT&T’s HTC One X and Verizon’s LG Lucid Get Bug-Fixing Software Updates

HTC and AT&T have started rolling out a new software update for the One X that bumps up the software version to 1.85.502.3. The update is a pretty minor one that fixes some of the Wi-Fi related issues plaguing the handset.

Below is the full change-log of the update via Android Central -:

  • Wi-Fi Connectivity Improvement – improves operation when a device leaves Wi-Fi coverage.
  • Wi-Fi Throughput (Speed Increase)
  • AT&T Address Book fixes – Contacts formatting when synced to AAB
The update is being rolled out in batches and via OTA and is around 65MB in size, so make sure that you have a stable Wi-Fi connection before downloading the update.
Apart from the AT&T One X, Verizon and LG have also rolled out a minor update for their budget based 4G LTE Android phone, the Lucid. The new update does not bring any major changes, but instead fixes some bugs and enhances some of the existing ones. Below is the official change-log of the update -:
  • Weather Widget syncs correctly for more precise location coordinates
  • Improved Dialer Widget
  • Added “Instant Search” and “Add to Contacts” functionalities
  • Successfully dial VZW “#” shortcuts
  • Improved GPS Widget
  • Navigate Google Maps successfully
  • Threshold of battery temperature improved, so user will not see ‘over-heat’ when using Google Navigation
This 49MB VS840ZV6 software update is already being rolled out in batches by Verizon to Lucid owners.

HTC Consolidated Sales Rise In April

After a disastrous 2011 and Q1 of 2012 with dwindling profits and sales figure, HTC finally has something to cheer about this week. Firstly, the main competitor to HTC’s One X – the Samsung Galaxy S3 – was finally unveiled this week and in general, it was met with disappointment. The Galaxy S3 is a pretty darn good handset; it easily beats the HTC One X in every department except for one – looks/build quality. The Galaxy S3 looks extremely ugly and the glossy plastic of the handset is not to everyone’s liking. HTC has no doubt already won the best industrial design of 2012 with the One X and the One S.

The other good news for HTC is that the sales of its handsets have again started rising, albeit a bit slowly. Compared to consolidate sales of $1.05 billion in March, the Taiwanese handset maker managed to report a slightly higher consolidated sales figure of $1.06 billion in April. Considering the One X launches under the AT&T network in the U.S today, and the  Sprint’s EVO 4G LTE variant goes on pre-order today, it is certain that the May sales figure of the company are going to be even better.

It will however be interesting to see how the sales of the company’s handset are affected in June, once the Galaxy S III hits the shelves.


AT&T’s HTC One X Bootloader Cannot Be Unlocked

HTC had a disastrous 2011 thanks to its non-competitive handsets and its new policy of locking down bootloaders on is handsets. The poor sales and its dwindling profit made the company realize its mistake, and the company finally realized a competitive line-up of product – the One series – along with allowing users to unlock bootloaders of nearly 25+ various handsets from HTC.

Sadly, it looks like HTC has once again changed its policy on the bootloader unlocking front. While the bootloader of the European variant of the HTC One X can be unlocked via the company’s bootloader unlocking tool, it is the AT&T’s variant of the One X whose bootloader cannot be unlocked. This news is certainly not going to go down well with existing owners of the AT&T’s variant of the One X.

Below is HTC’s official statement on this -:

HTC is committed to listening to users and delivering customer satisfaction. Since announcing our commitment to unlockable bootloaders, HTC has worked to enable our customers to unlock the bootloader on more than 45 devices over the past six months. In some cases, however, restrictions prevent certain devices from participating in our bootloader unlocking program. Rest assured, HTC is committed to assisting developers in unlocking bootloaders for HTC devices and we’ll continue to unlock additional devices in the future.”

HTC had allowed unlocking the bootloaders of nearly all its handsets then why suddenly why did the company suddenly go back on its word? As it is, the unlock tool from the company does not provide true S-OFF that hampers the development of its handsets. More than HTC, it is AT&T who is to be blamed here. This move from HTC and AT&T is definitely going to hamper the sales of the One X and its development in the Android modding community.