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Ultimate List Of Office 2010 Tips & Tricks

has been made available to few users for testing, however the have already begun coming in from everywhere, like always we like to provide users with a single place to find the best tips & tricks for any products.

Likewise we have compiled and that will contain tips and tricks for Office 2010, and include tips for , Word 2010, Excel 2010, PowerPoint 2010 and more.

This list is non-exhaustive so we will keep adding to it whenever we come across new content.

General Office 2010 Tips & Tricks

Outlook 2010 Tips & Tricks

Word 2010 Tips & Tricks

PowerPoint 2010 Tips & Tricks

Excel 2010 Tips & Tricks

OneNote 2010 Tips & Tricks

We will keep this list updated and add more tips and tricks to it when we come across them, you can find more tips and tricks at the section.

If you want us to include your link here, please feel free to leave a comment with your tips and tricks article for Office 2010.

Smarter Splash Screen In Office 2010

The usual process of opening applications is to click on the application shortcut and wait while the application is fully loaded, in many cases the application will take sometime to load, specially when they have to load add-ins or plugins too.

Likewise Microsoft Office products take sometime to open, usually because they are loading in the background.


includes a change on how the application loads which provides users with an option to close the applications even before they are fully loaded with the inclusion of a close and cancel button.

In addition to that users are also able to see what process is currently being run by the application, for example if you have a lot of add-ins you will see the progress of which add-ins are currently being loaded.

The good thing about these changes is that it now allows users to determine which add-ins may be causing problem and disable or uninstall them.

What do you think about the new feature? Do you find it useful? Want more such tips, don’t forget to read the entire list of .

Understanding and Creating Quick Steps In Outlook 2010

A very interesting feature in is the introduction of quick steps, this feature allows users to perform several actions quickly and easily.

For example you can send a report you received to a manager, create a list of users that you can quickly email to, forward it to someone else, send a meeting reply, move it to another folder and so on.

This is indeed a very useful feature and it will definitely help to increase your productivity. There are several things that this feature has, which are not clearly visible, we will dive into things and help you understand how to use Quick steps, create your own quick steps and customizing quick steps.

How To Use Quick Steps

Quick Steps are available to use from the Home tab. Outlook 2010 has a number of predefined quick steps which you can start using immediately.


The first two quick steps will quickly allow you to move email to a predetermined folder or to a folder that you can choose to move the email to.

The other quick steps allow you to forward the email to someone, or send it to a manager, however you will have to customize the email address once before you can send them out.

There are also options available to send out meeting reply or schedule a team meeting.

Customizing Quick Steps, Changing Order and Adding Shortcuts To Them

By default most of the quick steps are empty, they are only setup to perform certain actions, however you will still need to customize the actions before you can actually use them.

Let’s take a example of To Managerfrom the available Quick Steps, in order to start using it you will need to enter the email address of your manager, you can also change the label and title of the quick step.

To customize the quick step click on the down arrow key in the Quick steps window and select Manage Quick Steps.


A new window will open up displaying the list of you can move the order of the quick steps by clicking on the arrow, this will rearrange them.

In addition to that you can also modify, duplicate or delete the quick step, to modify the quick step click on the modify button.


When you click on the modify button a new window will open up, you can change the name, choose the action you want to apply and also add the parameters for the action, clicking on the Show Options link will display additional set of parameters available for a particular action.

You can also add multiple actions to be performed by the same quick step, to do that, just click on the Add Action button in the customizing quick steps window and input the additional actions you want to perform.


To make things more convenient you can also assign shortcuts to the quick step, at the bottom of the window, select a for your quick step.

Once you have made the changes click on the Save button to apply them, finally click on the Ok button in the Quick steps window.

Creating New Quick Steps

The default quick steps provided may not be the only ones you may want, and you may need to create new quick steps according to your needs.

Outlook 2010 provides users with an option to create new Quick steps. To create a new quick step click on the down arrow in the quick steps box and click on the create new item.


This should open up a new window where you can create a new quick step, add a name for it.

In the second section you will need to select the action for the quick step, Outlook 2010 has several pre-defined actions, you can add you own too, we will take a look at how to do that in the next section.


In the meantime choose from one of the action that already exists. Once you have chosen the action you can customize it like we did in the earlier section.

You can also assign a shortcut key and add a tool tip to the quick step, once you have configured everything, click on the create button to create the new quick step.

We will be taking a look at several other features in Outlook 2010 and other products, if you haven’t checked out all the features you can visit the page to read them all.

Embed Videos/Audio In PowerPoint 2010 Presentations

Earlier versions of PowerPoint did not have an option to insert/embed videos in presentations, however in , PowerPoint has an option to easily insert videos into PowerPoint presentations.

To embed a video or audio file into a PowerPoint presentation, follow the steps listed below.

Inserting/Embedding Videos In PowerPoint Presentation

Step 1: In the presentation slide that you want to insert/embed the video, click on the Insert tab.

Insert Video Into Presentation

Step 2: At the right hand corner of the option click on Video, you will see an option to embed videos from either your local drive or from a online video site.

Powerpoint 2010 Local Video Inserted

Step 3: If you choose to insert video from your local disk, you will be shown an option to browse to the location of the file, once you have chosen the file it will insert the video into the presentation.

Embed Videos Powerpoint Presentations

However you can also embed videos from video sites like , in such cases you will need to paste the embed code directly into a textbox to embed it into the presentation.

Embed Youtube Videos Powerpoint Presentation

Once you have entered the code, click on the insert button to add the video to the presentation, you can then resize the video according to your needs.

Inserting Audio In PowerPoint Presentation

Record And Insert Audio Into Powerpoint Presentation

You can also easily insert audios to the presentation, just go to insert and click on Audio in the right hand corner, you can then choose to insert audio from a file or record audio and insert it into the presentation.

That’s it, Office 2010 has definitely made inserting audio and video into presentations much more easier, we will be doing several more articles like these in future to expose several features in Office 2010, you can follow all the tips by visiting the page.

Customizing Views In Outlook 2010

Outlook 2010 has several options with regards to viewing your email and allows users to view messages in the form of conversations and also provides with many other options to the users.

The new views may look like overwhelming to many users, however it can be easily customized to suit your needs, in this post we will detail how you can customize views in Outlook 2010.

Changing Views Back to Show Messages By Date

Outlook 2010 has a new conversation view enabled by default, though not many people will be comfortable with it, if you are not comfortable with the conversation view, you can easily change it back to the default date view.

Select Date View Outlook 2010

To do that just click on the View tab in the Outlook Window and select Date from the available options.

Apply Current View To All Folders

By default different folders will have different views in Outlook 2010, however you can apply a single view to all the folders in a single step, without the need to customize each and every folder.

Apply Current View To All Outlook 2010 Folders

To apply a current view to all the folders, go to View tab and click on Change View, from the dropdown list click on Apply Current View to Other Mail Folders.

A new window will popup, just select all the folders you want to apply the current view to and save it.

Edit and Manage Views

Views provides users with several options, you can modify them to change which fields are displayed, the type of view and so on.

To edit or manage views, click on View tab and select Manage Views or to directly modify settings for the current view click on the View Settings.

Modify Views Outlook 2010

This should pop up a new window which has several options. You can modify the columns that are displayed, what options should the message be grouped by, sorting order of messages, filtering, conditional formatting and more.

Once you have modified the options click on Ok to save them.

Save Views For Future Usage

Once you have customize the views it may be good practice to save it somewhere, Outlook 2010 offers users with an option to save views.

Save Current View Outlook 2010

To save your views, go to View tab and click on Save Current View as New View, in the window that pops up, enter a name for the view and save it.

Once you have save the view it till appear in the change view options, you can easily click on it to apply your view.

There are many more tips like this to come in the future, we will be covering for all the products, so make sure to check back regularly.

How To Download Office 2010 Technical Preview?

is out and many users have already got their copies and we have already done a Office 2010 screenshot tour, if you have not yet received one you can still get yourself a copy of Office 2010.

To download a copy of Office 2010, you will need register for the technical preview, so head to the Technical Preview Registration page, though the page says it may take one to two months, the approval is pretty quick.

So include yourself in the waitlist and wait for a approval email to get accepted to download Office 2010 Technical Preview.

Office 2010 Professional Screenshot Tour

We finally got our hands on the technical preview of , here is a screenshot tour of Office 2010 Professional. The screenshots have been taken from the official technical preview that is available through Microsoft.

We will be doing a full-fledged review once we have used the software for a few more days, in the meantime take a look at what Office 2010 is made up of.

Outlook 2010 Screenshots

Outlook 2010 Splash Screen

Outlook 2010 Threaded View

Outlook 2010 Account Information

Outlook 2010 Compose Email

Microsoft Word 2010 Screenshots

Microsoft Word 2010 Splash Screen

Microsoft Word 2010 New Document

Microsoft Word 2010 Document Information

About Microsoft Word 2010

Microsoft Word 2010 Undo Redo Options

Microsoft Word 2010 Image Background Remover

Microsoft Excel 2010 Screenshots

Microsoft Excel 2010 Splash Screen

Microsoft Excel 2010 New Spreadsheet

Microsoft Excel 2010 Spreadsheet Information

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Screenshots

Microsoft Powerpoint 2010 Splash Screen

Microsoft Powerpoint 2010 New Presentation

Microsoft Powerpoint 2010 Insert Video

Microsoft Powerpoint 2010 Presentation Properties

Microsoft OneNote 2010 Screenshots

Microsoft OneNote 2010 Splash Screen

Microsoft OneNote 2010 Home Screen

Microsoft OneNote 2010 Creating New Note

Microsoft OneNote 2010 Notebook Information

That is it for now, hope you get a pretty good picture of what Office 2010 is offering, we will be doing a extensive review of Office 2010 which will cover new features and more in next 2-3 days.

What’s New In Office 2010?

Microsoft today announced several new things at the Convergence 2009, one of the announcements included the offering of and the new office on the web, which will allow you to share and collaborate documents online.

Though we have not yet gotten our hands on the technical preview, there are already several articles written about the best features in the latest version of Microsoft Office.

MS Office on the Web: What it Is and What it Isn’t? Webmonkey takes users on a tour exploring the latest feature in MS Office on the web.

10 Things You Will Love About Office 2010 Sarah Perez walks users through 10 reasons why you will love Office 2010.

Microsoft Office 2010: The 5 Most Intriguing Features Mashable has put up a list of 5 of the most intriguing features in Office 2010.

The Complete Guide To Microsoft’s Office 2010 TechCrunch has come up with a complete guide for using Microsoft Office 2010.

Office 2010 revealed in great detail via Microsoft videos I Started Something has put up a list of videos detailing the new features in individual products in Office 2010.

These articles will give you a pretty good headstart on knowing more about Office 2010, we look forward to doing a full review as soon as we get a legal version of it.

Outlook Connector For Office 2010

If you are already using the technical preview of or are going to use it in future, the older Outlook Connector will not work for you.

Outlook Connector is basically a that allows users to access their Windows Live Mail accounts in .

You can download the latest version of Outlook Connector using the links below.

[via Windows Club Forum]

Office 2010 Technical Preview Waitlist Registration Now Open

Quite sometime back we had told you how you can register for the technical preview of which will be made available to users in next few days (July 13th according to rumored dates).

According to a TechNet blog post Microsoft has once again opened it’s doors for users to register themselves to participate in the Technical Preview testing.

office 2010 technical preview registration

Office 2010 Technical preview will be available to only a limited amount of users, so if you did not get a chance to register last time around, go ahead and do it now.

We are pretty sure that the registrations will be filled up as hot cakes, so go ahead and register for Office 2010 Technical preview.

Office 2010 The Movie Promo Video

Microsoft is just days away from releasing the technical preview of Office 2010, if you haven’t seen it yet we did have a Office 2010 features screenshot tour earlier.

With the upcoming release nearing, Microsoft has gone out and created a promotional video for .

The video is funny, futuristic and can be termed as a Hollywood potboiler, trust Microsoft to go funny with their promotional videos.

You can watch the Office 2010 promotional video below.

New Features and Screenshots In Office 2010

Practically everyone in the industry is waiting to get their hands on Office 2010, leaked torrents of Office 2010 be damned even though most of the leaked torrents may be tainted in the first place.

We have been posting several screenshots of Office 2010, but we just came across some really interesting one’s that discover the new features in Office 2010. Thanks Manan.

Continue reading New Features and Screenshots In Office 2010

Download Leaked Microsoft Office 2010 Technical Preview

Just a few days earlier we told you about registering for the Microsoft Office 2010 technical preview, however looks like a mole in the closed testing group of the product has leaked the technical preview on the internet.

The leaked version is of Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus (Technical Preview), though there are no guarantees that this copy may be a valid, the sources who have released the leak seem to be a valid group.

Continue reading Download Leaked Microsoft Office 2010 Technical Preview

Register For Office 2010 Technical Preview

Office 2010 has been making a lot of news these days, with leaked screenshots revealing a new interface and some enhanced features in Office 2010.

However users will not be able to get their hands on Office 2010 easily, if you are one of the people eagerly waiting for this version of Office, you can signup to receive the technical preview of Office 2010.

Continue reading Register For Office 2010 Technical Preview