AMD Launches HD5870

AMD has finally launched the HD 5xxx series of graphics card in the market and with it, AMD has become the first graphics card manufacturer to release Dx 11 based graphics card in the market. The AMD HD5870 Core known as the “Cypress” is more complex than Nvidia’s G200 graphics core, featuring more than 2 billion transistors, and even then it’s about 1.4 times smaller than the 55nm version of the G200 core!

The HD5870 offers many new technological advancement and new technologies like ATi eyeInfinity – which allows the HD5870 to simultaneously provide output to 3 monitor’s or the 40nm fabrication process which helps provide HD5870 a killer performance but at extremely low power consumption level    of *only* 27W when idle and a peak power consumption of 188W. Currently the HD5870 has to be the best graphics card retailing in the market, with such a low power consumption and a killer performance added to the sweet price of 399$.

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