Nokia N8 Begins Shipping

Nokia has announced that the N8 has begun shipping worldwide. Customers who pre-ordered the N8, either through Nokia’s online shop or through retail stores, will obviously get first preference. Broad availability is expected in a few weeks, with the exact date depending upon the country and operator.


Nokia N8 got off to a rough start, with a harsh review from Eldar Murtazin. However, Jo Harlow, Senior Vice President, Smartphones, Nokia revealed, The Nokia N8 has received the highest amount of consumer pre-orders in Nokia history and we are thrilled to start shipments of the N8, the first of Nokia’s new Symbian smartphone range”.

The N8 features the new Symbian^3 operating system and boasts of a 3.5″ display, and 12-megapixel camera with 720p HD video recording. Although the Symbian operating system might be a turnoff for many, the N8 is a full-featured device with unique features like USB On-The-Go that will entice power users and fans of the Symbian operating system.

Nokia E63 Firmware Updated To V501.21.001

Nokia has rolled out a new firmware update for one of its popular business phone the Nokia E63. The E63 is more popularly known as the cheaper variant of the highly successful E71 with a downgraded camera and a plastic body. The new firmware update is numbered V501.21.001. nokia-e63 The firmware updates some of the inbuilt applications of phone like the Music Player and the Comes With Music application.

The update also fixes some bugs with the backup and restores application and the clock application. E63 owners can update their firmware either by OTA (Over-The-Air) or by using Nokia Software Updater. Users are recommended to make a backup of their data before proceeding with the firmware update as the handset does not support UDP (User Data Preservation).

Nokia will roll out this new firmware to various regions of the world in the coming few days.

MeeGo Ported to Nexus One, Dell Streak, and HTC Desire

MeeGo is Nokia’s best hope for resurgence. That’s something most of us will probably agree on. At this point, anything short of a complete makeover won’t allow Symbian to compete with the iPhones and Droids and Galaxies. Unfortunately, this is something Nokia doesn’t seem to fully appreciate.

Nokia N900 was a decent effort, and quite frankly, a step in the right direction. MeeGo was supposed to merge the best aspects of Maemo with Moblin to create a versatile operating system capable of handling mobile phones, tablets and even set-top boxes with ease. However, even after more six months, Nokia is yet to announce anything concrete based on MeeGo.

Nevertheless, if you are dying to get a taste of MeeGo, you can do so – even on your non-Nokia devices! MeeGo wiki has ported the open source operating system to Nexus One, Dell Streak, and HTC Desire, besides the N900. Download links and instructions are available here and here. Quite obviously, try it at your own risk. There is a reason why Nokia is taking its time to deploy MeeGo – it’s not yet ready!

MeeGo Running on Google Nexus One

MeeGo Running on Dell Streak

via Gizmodo

Nokia E5 To Launch On September-End In India

The wait is finally over for those who were eagerly waiting for the launch of Nokia E5 in India. This is an amazing business phone with full QWERTY keyboard and 5 megapixel camera. Nokia India recently tweeted that Nokia E5 is scheduled to launch on September-end in India. Nokia E5 was announced early this year, has already been launched in many countries, but Nokia haven’t launched it in India due to some unknown reasons.

nokia e5

Nokia E5 is the successor of the popular business device, Nokia E63. It features a 2.4 inch QVGA LCD display with 320 x 240 pixel resolution, Full QWERTY keyboard, 5 megapixel camera with LED flash, Wi-Fi, 3G Connectivity, Built-in A-GPS, .5mm headphone jack and much more.

Other features include Bluetooth connectivity, 250 MB internal memory, 32 GB expandable memory, 2 GB MicroSD card included, 1 click access to SMS/MMS and email, OVI Chat, OVI Share, OVI Maps, 18 hours 30 mins talktime, 29 days stand-by time, 1200 mAh battery and so on.

This handset comes in 5 different colors Carbon Black, Chalk White, Sky Blue, Copper Brown and Silver Grey. Nokia E5 will be available in India for around Rs.12,000.

Nokia E51 Firmware Updated To Version 410.34.001

nokia e51

Nokia recently released a new firmware update for its business phone, the Nokia E51. The new version 410.34.001 can be easily downloaded from Nokia Software Updater or via Over-The-Air (OTA). This update is also available through Ovi Suite.

Official changelog for this update is not available yet but it comes with some fixes and improvements. Even though Nokia E51 has a User Data Preservation (UDP), you should backup all your data before updating this device.

This update may not be available for all product codes. You may have to wait for few days or even for few weeks before this update is available in your region.

We will update this post as soon as we get the complete changelog, screenshots and videos of this firmware update. If you find something new or if you have some screenshots or videos of this firmware update, please share with us.

Nokia C3 Finally Available In India For Rs.6599

nokia c3

We have a good news for those who were eagerly waiting for the launch of Nokia’s entry level QWERTY phone, the Nokia C3. This handset was announced back in April, but Nokia hasn’t launched this handset in India due to some unknown reasons. Last month we posted that Nokia C3 will launch on mid-September, and now this device has been finally launched in India.

Nokia C3 is an entry level QWERTY phone which has a 2.4 inch QVGA display, Series 40 UI, full QWERTY keyboard, 55 MB internal memory, 8 GB expandable memory, 2 megapixel camera with 4x digital zoom, GPRS/EDGE, Wi-Fi, Stereo FM Radio, 3.5mm headphone jack, Bluetooth 2.1 with EDR, OVI Share, OVI Chat, 7 hours talk time, 20 days stand-by time and much more.

Nokia C3 comes in 3 different colors Hot Pink, Golden White and Slate Grey. It comes with a price tag of Rs.6599. You can get this handset at the Nokia Priority Stores or at your nearest retailer. Head over to this post for Nokia C3 How-To Videos.

Nokia N8 Delayed To October 2010

Just his morning I wrote a post on how Nokia was finally getting the smartphone, and also ranted on how they have to deliver devices on time. It looks like Nokia is committing the same mistake again, this time by delaying the launch of .

Nokia N8 Videos

Nokia N8 which was initially unveiled at the 2010, was set to launch sometime during September, however, Nokia has now officially pushed the launch a few weeks ahead to October.

The official statement from Nokia reads:

The amount of preorders has exceeded our expectations and we are working hard to deliver the Nokia N8 to the market. In some markets, we had planned to start delivering the Nokia N8s to our pre-order customers by the end of September. To ensure a great user experience, we have decided to hold the shipments for a few weeks to do some final amends. We’re thrilled with the response that we’ve had to the Nokia N8 and assure everyone who’ve pre-ordered it already that it’ll be worth the wait! We expect consumers to get their Nokia N8s during October.

Oh Nokia, how long do you want people to wait before they go and buy another device?

(Source: Engadget)

Nokia Finally Figured Out A Touch Smartphone. But..

Quite recently, I had the privilege to visit 2010, their annual phone and developer event, which was sold out. There were a lot of people out there who were curious about Nokia’s latest devices and development initiatives.

Nokia World 2010

When I landed out at the event hotel, few people were speaking about how Nokia was in disarray with resignations from the top few people who have mattered to them for the past few years, including their CEO Anssi.

However, the events that followed were much of a revelation. After the Nokia N97 debacle, I finally saw with my own eyes, that Nokia had finally understood what a touch smartphone should be like. Let me just add here, that Nokia is the market leader in phone manufacturing and they are not just about a smartphone, yet they have always been innovators, even when they have failed to challenge this segment with their devices.

Nokia has worked in many ways to actually fulfill their mantra of "Connecting People" by bringing people together in places where no other manufacturer would go; the rural areas of developing countries. Kudos to them for that, but yet, living around New York, I always wondered whether Nokia would cater my needs, and they most probably have got an hang of how to do it.

Let me tell you that I was almost first in line at the Nokia flagship store in New York when they launched the , and I was very very disappointed with it. However, I was pretty happy when I saw the new Nokia devices launched this time around. Out of the new Nokia offerings, including the , and other similar devices like the and Nokia C7, I wouldn’t buy any, however, from here on I believe that the future Nokia devices will be far more better than their competition.

Going forward, with a new CEO in Stephen Elop, I feel that Nokia with its huge history have a really good chance to get back into the smartphone market, specifically the touch phone market, where they are nothing but bystanders right now, except for maybe .

Nevertheless, Nokia still has a long way to go before it can actually sit on top of the smartphone pile and they do have to take care of a lot of things which are not working in their favor. I have several grouses against Nokia and these are the some of the few that I feel could be a deterrent to them:

Delivering on Time

The one big problem Nokia is facing right now is the ability to deliver on time. They still don’t have the OS for the Nokia N8 fully ready and they don’t have a clear cut idea when it would be ready, even though they keep saying that it would be ready in the next few weeks. For a device that was announced months ago, it should have been ready by now.

Nokia, in my opinion, do not have the flexibility to bile time, because there are not many devices out there from them that would make people go crazy. They have to keep pushing devices as fast as they can. I have met and heard from people who were anxious to get their hands on the Nokia C6 and other Nokia devices, however, the numerous delays have made them go to some other manufacturer. Driving away customers to the competition is something which Nokia does not want to be doing right now.

Stick With One OS/Platform

Right now Nokia has too many things going on at once, they have an unfinished Symbian^3 which is baffling. They are also already working on Symbian^4 which is baffling again, considering that they haven’t yet finished work on the predecessor.

To top that they have , which is again a good OS, but Nokia hasn’t yet found good devices to put them on. There was a lot of disappointment when Nokia did not speak about Meego at the Nokia World 2010, that goes on to show what developers and consumers have been waiting for. In my opinion, they should just stick with one platform and continue working on it, rather than doing things simultaneously and having nothing ready at all.

Another problem I came across while speaking with Nokia product managers was that, the future Nokia Symbian^4 OS will not be compatible with older devices including the Nokia N8 and Nokia E7. Hey Nokia, why don’t you take a leaf out of and books? Most of their devices are portable to any new OS they ship, why couldn’t you do it with your latest high-end devices at-least? That is an absolute #FAIL for me.

Creating a Smartphone Browser

I understand that they are working on one, but they should have been ready with it. Smartphones are as much about browsing as much as about apps. In the past two years, every other smartphone browser has grown leaps and bounds except for Nokia’s. Agreed that they are working on a new browser, but where is it? Why was there no demo at Nokia World? Why isn’t the new browser shipping with your latest flagship device?

Stop Confusing Users With Similar Devices

Out at Nokia World, 4 devices were announced, the Nokia N8, Nokia E7, Nokia C6 and Nokia C7. All of these devices were similar except for the Nokia E7 which had a QWERTY. The point here is that, most of the devices had the same features, some had more, some had less.

Nokia here wants people in different segments to have affordable phones, but why are you cloning your flagship device? Why offer competition to your own devices? If you want to create affordable phones, do it, but do not confuse the users as to which one they should buy. Just make a flagship device and sell it, then make affordable devices which are not similar but offer smartphone capabilities.

These are just some of the things on top of my mind which I feel is hindering them right now. I may be right or wrong, but remember, these are my opinions. The future is now in Nokia’s hands, let’s hope they don’t ruin it going forward.

Nokia 5230 Overclocked To 800MHz

Nokia phones were not popular among the modding community until a few months ago. However, from the last few months Nokia modding has reached an all new high with Custom ROMs being released for various devices and the C6 firmware being ported to 5800. Now, the folks who have created the popular HX Custom ROMs for the Samsung Omnia i8910 have managed to overclock the Nokia 5230 to 800MHz. That’s nearly a 100% overclock!

Here is a video of the device in action with its processor running at 800MHz-:

All the Nokia Symbian 60v5 phones are powered by an out dated ARM11 434MHz processor. A nearly 100% overclock, if stable, will surely give a HUGE performance boost to all the slow touch based phones from Nokia.

As of now, this mod is still in testing phase but hopefully it will be released for public use soon.


Nokia 5250 Firmware Updated To Version 10.0.011

Nokia released a new firmware update for its latest smartphone, the Nokia 5250. This device is the successor of highly popular Nokia 5230. This handset comes with a 2.8 inch resistive touchscreen, ARM11 434Mhz processor, 16GB expandable memory and so on. The new version 10.0.011 can be easily downloaded from Nokia Software Update (NSU) or via. Over-The-Air.

Nokia 5250

The complete changelog of this update is not available yet. The new firmware update comes with a wide range of fixes and improvements. Even though Nokia 5250 has support for User Data Preservation (UDP), you should backup all your data before updating this device.

This firmware may not be available for all product codes and region. You may have to wait for few days or even for few weeks before this update is available in your region. If you find something new or if you have some screenshots or videos of this firmware update, please share with us.