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Nokia Software Updater Supports Windows 7

Nokia Software Updater (NSU), is a Windows software, which allows users to update the Firmware of their Nokia devices from their desktop.

Nokia Software Updater with Windows 7 Support

Nokia recently released a newer version of the Nokia Software Updater v2.4.3, close on the heels of Firmware updates for the Nokia 5800, Nokia N900, Nokia N86 and the Nokia E72. In addition to that, the firmware update also includes improve USB connectivity with devices.

The new NSU supports both 32-bit and 64-bit installations, and may also work on Mac and Linux running Windows emulators. Users must note that this update is a beta release and not a final version. The Nokia Software Updater can be downloaded as a standalone application and does not require users to download the full Nokia PC Suite or Ovi Suite.

Download Nokia Software Updater

Nokia 5800 Firmware v40 Changelog, Screenshots and Videos

Recently, Nokia released a new firmware update, version 40.0.005 for Nokia 5800. The latest firmware update comes with the much awaited kinetic scrolling and many new features such as a new home screen similar to that of Nokia 5530, contact & music widgets and so on. Check out the complete change log, screenshots and videos below.

nokia 5800

Nokia 5800 Firmware v40 Changelog:

  • Kinetic scrolling
  • Home style widget with Nokia 5530
  • if you rotate the phone horizontally, it automatically activates the QWERTY keyboard
  • Refresh Icons “Sharing Online”, “Configuring Accessories”, “Configure Phone”
  • Improved application “Updating Applications”, which also renames Upgrade SW
  • The application “Data transfer” was also implemented in “Settings”
  • Real Player Updated
  • Touch more responsive
  • Slide to Unlock during call
  • Improved stability
  • New contact & music widget
  • Kinetic Scrolling is not available in main menu, application menu, browser.
  • Home Screen similar to that of Nokia 5530
  • Removed the alphanumeric keypad in landscape version, now when we turned the phone alphanumeric portrait changes to full qwerty
  • New screen alarm, but only when the screen is locked
  • New screen incoming call, also only when the screen is locked
  • Ovi Contacts installed
  • In the settings menu there is a new icon for ‘Phone Switch’

Nokia 5800 Firmware v40 Screenshots:

nokia 5800 firmware v40 screenshots

Nokia 5800 Firmware v40 Videos:

Nokia 5800 Firmware Update v40.0.005 Comes With Kinetic Scrolling

Recently, Finnish mobile phone maker, Nokia, released a new firmware update for Nokia 5800. The new version 40.0.005 can be easily downloaded from Nokia Software Update or via OTA (Over The Air) feature. It is advised to backup all your data before updating your device. The complete changelog is not yet available, but the much awaited “kinetic scrolling” has been confirmed by the users.

nokia 5800

The new firmware update comes with kinetic scrolling and new home screen similar to Nokia 5530’s home screen. Some users have even claimed that the kinetic scrolling is smoother and much better than Nokia N97. This update is not available in all the regions. You may have to wait some days or weeks before it is available in your region.

We will update this post as soon as we get the complete changelog, screenshots and videos of this firmware update. If you find something new or if you have some screenshots or videos of this firmware update, please share with us.

[ Update: Head over to this post for complete changelog, screenshots and videos of Nokia 5800 Firmware Update v40.0.005 ]

Nokia N900 Gets Firmware Update. OVI Store Open for N900

Nokia is banking on the N900 to bring back some lost glory in the touch screen enabled Smartphone market. The device is pretty decent and runs on . However, success of a mobile phone is no longer dependent on just a good handset, more often than not the apps for the phone also plays a big part in its success.


The has over 100 thousand apps, has more than 20,000 apps, likewise Nokia too has a app store, called as the OVI store, which hosts paid and free apps for Nokia phones.

Nokia released a OTA (Over-the-air) firmware update v1.2009.44-1 for the N900 yesterday. However, in addition to that they have also opened up the OVI store for Nokia N900. Users will have to perform the OTA upgrade to be able to access the OVI store.

You can install apps, games and download audio and video content from the OVI store. The Nokia blog has a video of the OVI store being accessed on a Nokia N900.

Do you have a Nokia N900? Are you able to access the OVI store through the official app? Do let us know through your comments.

New Firmware Update For Nokia N86 Available

Nokia, last night, finally released a new firmware update for its current camera flagship phone Nokia N86. The firmware update is numbered v21.006. Users can update the firmware of the phone via FOTA(Over The Air) or via Nokianokia-n86-8mp Software Updater (NSU). Nokia N86 is currently the top of the line imaging device in Nokia’s line-up. The phone has a 8MP camera with dual LED-Flash.

The last firmware update for Nokia N86 (v20), bought in face detection for the camera and few other new features. This new firmware update is basically a maintenance release and it looks to fix the numerous bugs with the current firmware. Users can easily update the firmware of the phone by entering *#0000# and then selecting the option of Check For New Updates. Since Nokia N86 supports UDP (User Data Preservation), users can update the firmware via FOTA, and they don’t need to worry about losing any of their contacts or messages. Users who have updated the phone to the latest firmware, don’t report any major performance improvement. Typical of Nokia, no official changelog is available for this firmware udpate until now.

I will update the firmware on my Nokia N86 tonight and let you guys know if there is any new feature or has most of the major bugs been resolved or not.

Nokia E72 Firmware v22.007 Available For Downloads

Nokia has quietly released a new firmware for Nokia E72, v22.007. The firmware update is available as a download through the Nokia Software Update, which is included in the Nokia PC Suite or Nokia Ovi Suite.


However, there is no changelog available yet for the firmware yet. We will update the post whenever the changelog becomes available.

If you do update your Nokia E72 firmware do let us know if you see any significant changes with it.

Nokia: 13 Nokia Devices Per Second, 1.2 Billion Nokia Phones, 220 Countries

Nokia started their keynote with slides displaying statistical analysis about mobile phones. The first couple of slides set the precedent that the talk will be all about mobile phone penetration in places like Africa & India. Quotes from the Business Week, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal followed. Some of them:

There are four times as many mobile subscribers in the world as there are installed PCs.

– Financial Times

The appearance of mobile phones in the hands of average Africans is already accelerating the growth of grassroots economics.

– Business Week

India has a billion people and is primarily a rural country if you get a dollar a month from 200 million farmers, that’s a good business.

– Fast Company

What followed these slides was a set of slides showing Nokia’s sales numbers. The numbers are staggering:

  • 13 Nokia devices made and sold per second
  • 1.2 Billion Nokia phones in use
  • 220 countries and territories covered by Nokia

And the slide that caught my attention stated that in 92 seconds during the keynote:

  • 806 Nokia devices were made and sold
  • 15,333,334 phone calls were made using Nokia phones
  • 3,373,600 text messages were sent using Nokia phones

These are phenomenal numbers. And these slides pretty much sum up what Nokia is focusing on. The slides Nokia showed were of rural India & Africa, farmers and small business owners in remote locations using Nokia’s handsets. It was as if Nokia was driving three key point:

  1. We sell a lot of phones.
  2. A huge chunk of our customers are from the rural parts of the world.
  3. These farmers and small businesses in rural areas of Africa & India are our core focus.

There were no new phones announced, no talk about their Maemo platform, absolutely no mention of their 3G notebook not even in passing. The whole talk centered around selling more phones to below-poverty line users.

A few interesting announcements that were made:

  • Nokia Growth Economy Venture Challenge a competition targeted towards emerging markets where an application that encourages upward mobility will get an investment of $1 million.
  • Sesame Street has partnered with Nokia Developer Forum’s Calling All Innovators competition that calls on developers to build locally relevant applications. More details can be found on the official website CallingAllInnovators.com
  • Nokia Money a service that will enable billions of people access to banks using their cell phones.

The essence of the keynote was that Nokia’s phones cater to the very lowest segment of the market and these customers make use of cell phones for not just making calls but for banking, getting weather information, and even learning. Despite the lack of existing technological infrastructure in markets like India and Africa that deprive users of facilities like 3G, value added services and information can be brought to people on their handsets by something as basic as SMS which is what Nokia is focusing on. Selling more cheap phones cheap phones in rural markets to retain global market share.

Digia @Web – New Web Browser for Maemo and Symbian Touch Devices

Digia @Web Mobile Browser
Digia @Web Mobile Browser

We have spotted a new and promising web browser for Symbian and Maemo mobile devices.

Digia @Web is a modern and touch enabled web browser for mobile devices. Digia @Web is currently available for Symbian s60 5th edition and Maemo mobile devices for free.

Some of the user interface features of the browser are:

  • Full finger touch UI.
  • Automatic full screen browsing via auto-hiding controls.
  • Multiple browser windows.
  • Page rotation for portrait and landscape browsing.
  • Multiple zoom levels.
  • Password manager.
  • Intelligent Bookmark functionality (auto-sorting).
  • URL auto-complete (from history).
  • Page loading in progress’ indicator.
  • Text select for copy/paste.
  • RSS feeds.

The browser engine on which Digia @Web is based on supports HTML 4.01. Some more features of the browser engine are:

  • True web page rendering.
  • JavaScript(tm) 1.5.
  • HTTP 1.1 with support for secure and non-secure browsing.
  • HTTP cache and cookies.
  • AJAX support.
  • Flash content support.
  • Netscape compatible Plug-in interface.

The current list of mobile devices that this browser supports include Nokia 5230, Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic, Nokia 5530 Xpressmusic, Nokia N97, Nokia N97 mini, Nokia X6, Sony Ericsson Satio and Samsung i8910 HD.

You can download this app from http://bit.ly/6ktjeK .

While there is a very strong competition between mobile browsers in the market, Opera seems to be a clear winner for now. Previously, we had covered the ¬† Opera mobile in detail. We have also covered the much awaited “Fennec” browser from Mozilla Firefox, which seems to be a strong competitor to Opera for now.

What do you think about Digia @Web ? Do let us know with your comments.

Nokia E63 Now Available For Rs.10500 With Free Bluetooth Headset

Nokia E63 is an extra-ordinary business handset with a full QWERTY keyboard. Nokia E63 runs on Symbian S60v3 OS and comes with 2 megapixel camera, 3G connectivity, 16 GB expandable memory, MS Office 2007 support and so on.

nokia e63 free bluetooth

Nokia E63 runs on 369 MHz ARM processor. It comes with 2.36 inches TFT display, full QWERTY keyboard, 120 MB internal storage, expandable upto 16GB, EDGE, 3G connectivity, 2 mega-pixel camera with LED flash, social networking features and so on.

This handset is available in three different colors – Ultramarine Blue, Ruby Red and Black. To celebrate this new year with a bang, Nokia is offering its extra-ordinary business handset, Nokia E63 only for Rs.10,500 with a free Bluetooth headset (Nokia BH-213) worth Rs.2900.

(Note: Nokia E63 is available for the price mentioned above in Mumbai. The price may be different from place to place and retailer to retailer. Please contact your nearest Nokia retailer for the price of this handset in your city.)

Nokia and ST-Ericsson join hands for TD-SCDMA

Nokia and ST-Ericsson
Nokia and ST-Ericsson

Nokia and ST-Ericsson have announced a long-term partnership to develop TD-SCDMA technology and Solutions portfolio. As part of this deal, Nokia will be using ST-Ericsson’s chipset platforms in all the Symbian-based TD-SCDMA devices it develops.

TD-SCDMA stands for Time Division Synchronous Code Division Multiple Access. It’s a 3G mobile telephone standard developed by CATT (China Academy of Telecommunications Technology).

It combines features of both circuit switched data (used in speech or streaming videos) and packet switched data (from the Internet). This standard also merges TDMA with an adaptive synchronous-mode CDMA. Needless to say, it works really fine.

ST-Ericsson has been in this field for more than six years. It has been developing technology and devices featuring TD-SCDMA through its Chinese subsidiary T3G.

Nokia has put forward many plans to strengthen this deal. The new Nokia 6788, launched last month, is a Symbian-based TD-SCDMA device. Nokia has also  announced the creation of a dedicated TD-SCDMA R&D team in Beijing.

So, with Nokia taking up development of the devices, the future for TD-SCDMA looks bright enough.

Nokia 5530 Now Available In India For Rs.14029

Recently, Finnish mobile phone maker Nokia launched an excellent feature-rich phone, Nokia 5530, that come with 2.9 inches touchscreen display, 27 hours of music playback, 16 GB expandable memory and so on. This device is available in 5 color combinations, i.e. Red on black, Blue on white, Grey on black, Pink on white and Yellow on white.

nokia 5530

Nokia 5530 runs on Symbian OS S60v5 and 434 MHz ARM processor. It comes with 2.9 inches TFT resistive touchscreen, 3.15 mega-pixel camera with auto focus and LED flash, 128 MB SDRAM, 70 MB internal storage, 16 GB external storage and much more.

Other features includes Wi-Fi, EDGE, Bluetooth, USB, document viewer, audio and video player, photo editor, flash lite 3.0, VGA video recording, stereo FM radio with RDS, Java games, accelerometer, handwriting recognition, 5 hours talk-time and so on.

nokia 5530

Even though this handset does not comes with 3G connectivity and GPS, it is highly priced at Rs.14,029. Are you going to buy this handset? According to you, which one is the best handset in this price range? Please let us know in the comments below.