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Nokia Lumia 800 Announced; Run Of the Mill WP7.5 Phone!

The highly anticipated Nokia Event just ended, and the Finnish giant announced a couple of new WP7.5 Mango powered handsets. The WP7.5 range of handsets from Nokia will be released under the Lumia brand.

The Lumia 800 is the high-end WP7.5 running phone announced by Nokia. The handset sports a 3.7-inch AMOLED display with ClearBlack Display and a curved glass having a resolution of WVGA (480×8000). The handset is made of polycarbonate, and will be available in some bold colors like Cyan and Magenta, along with black.

Like all other Windows Phone 7 phone, a single core processor from Qualcomm clocked at 1.4GHz powers the Lumia 800, which is accompanied by an Adreno 205 GPU.

The 800 comes with 512MB of RAM, and 16GB of on-board storage, which cannot be increased because the phone lacks a microSD card slot. Nokia makes up for it though by offering 25GB of free storage space on Microsoft’s cloud based storage – SkyDrive.  Other key features of the handset include Wi-Fi b/g/n, HSDPA (Up to 14.4Mbps), Bluetooth 2.1, micro SIM, dual-microphones and a bunch of sensors.

At the back of the Lumia 800 is an 8MP camera with Carl Zeiss optics. The handset is also capable of recording and playing back 720p HD videos. Sadly, the handset lacks a front-facing camera. The Lumia 800 will also come with Nokia Maps, Music and Store pre-loaded, which will remain an exclusive to Nokia’s Windows Phone powered handsets.

The Nokia Lumia 800 is powered by a 1450mAh battery, and Nokia quotes a battery life of up to 335 hours on standby.  The handset will cost around 420 Euros before taxes and shipping. The handset will be available in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the U.K in November, and will launch later this year in India, Russia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan.

Nokia To Skip US With Windows Phone Initially, A Smart Move

The rumor making rounds is that Nokia won’t be gunning for the US market with their initial Windows Phone launch. My first reaction was that this is crazy and stupid for a company that’s betting itself on the platform only to miss out on the highly anticipated holiday season in US.

Apple, Google, HTC and Samsung have already shown promising products. Apple’s iPhone 4S is selling a lot, Google’s Android ICS and Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus are interesting, feature packed devices. HTC along with Samsung have unveiled their Windows Phone lineup. A lot was being said about Nokia after the burning memo; CEO Stephen Elop has talked about Nokia’s failure to capture the US market and promised to fix this. Unfortunately according to an Ad Age report, those plans don’t go into motion till 2012. The report cites Nokia is focusing on Europe for now and I believe, after some thinking, that it’s a good move.

An analyst is quoted in the Ad Age report stating that Nokia needs to improve their presence in Europe and this might be good start. As of now Europe does not have a lot of exciting second generation Windows Phone devices. HTC is the only company that has announced the HTC TITAN and HTC Radar for some European countries. The first generation Windows Phone range in Europe was disappointing. Some handsets were available in some countries and there weren’t a lot of handsets to choose from in the first place.

With Nokia concentrating on Europe and Samsung focusing  (see what I did there?) on the US market, Microsoft can make its presence felt in both markets simultaneously. The US market is tricky because of subsidies and carrier contracts, Nokia has always had a problem with those and it would be a good idea to think their strategies through after piloting the devices in Europe. If Nokia (and I  believe  that is their plan) is able to succeed as the popular Windows Phone OEM in Europe AND sell a considerable number of these devices, they can get some of their lost reputation back to venture into the US. Given their current situation and carriers already investing in HTC & Samsung, it would be difficult for Nokia to make a mark for themselves.

Nokia is expected to have phones targeting the mid and expensive markets with the Sabre and 800, respectively. The strategy can work in countries like India and even Europe. Price points matter. Even Apple sells the previous generation iPhones at a cheaper price.

My initial reaction was that of disappointment but for Nokia, on second thought, it might be a good strategy.

Nokia 5530 v40 Firmware Update Rolling Out Now

Hot on the heels of the firmware update for the Nokia 5800, the Finnish giant has also released a firmware update for its smaller sibling, the 5530.

The new firmware (v40) brings a new swipe to unlock lock screen, along with a new version of the browser. The new version of the browser is same as the one found in Symbian Anna powered phones, which brings with it some major performance improvements.

Other notable improvements include louder music playback volume, and overall speed and stability improvements. The overall free RAM after a fresh bootup has also increased considerably.

Nokia 5530 owners can update their handset either via OTA (Over-The-Air) or by using Nokia Software Updater/Ovi Suite. Since the 5530 features UDP (User Data  Preservation), users don’t need to make a backup of their data before proceeding with the firmware update.

Since Nokia is rolling out the firmware update in stages, users need to be patient before the update is available in their region of the world.

Kudos to Nokia for still releasing firmware updates for nearly 2 year old handsets, which improve their performance and add new features.

Nokia 5530 owners can find more information about the firmware update here.

Nokia 5800 v60 Firmware Update Rolling Out Now

Nokia has started rolling out a new firmware update for their first ever S60v5 powered handset, the Nokia 5800. Considering the handset was launched more than two years ago, its commendable of Nokia to keep on releasing firmware updates for the phone.

The new firmware update (v60) is a pretty major one, and brings a host of new and some much-needed changes. First and foremost, the browser has been updated to the same version as the one found in Symbian Anna based phones. The new browser is much more fast and stable compared to the previous version, which frankly was totally unusable. The overall performance of the system and stability has also improved. The lock screen has also been updated, and users now need to Swipe the screen to unlock the phone.

Nokia 5800 owners who have already installed the firmware update reported a faster Gallery app as well. The firmware update also includes Nokia Maps (v3.06 Build 637), along with Qt 4.07(3). The Nokia Store bundled in this firmware carries the version number 1.16.  Other notable changes in the new firmware include more free RAM, and increased volume while playing back music. The update does remove emoticons support from the messaging app though.

The new firmware update is already available for download via OTA, and weighs in at 7.2MB. Alternatively, users can also use Nokia Software Updater or Nokia Suite to update the phone’s firmware. If the firmware update is not already available in your region, please be patient as Nokia is gradually rolling out the update.



Nokia 800 Renders Revealed

If you were under the impression that the MeeGo-powered N9 was staying out of North America to reduce confusion as to Nokia’s future with Windows Phone 7, this might be a bit confusing.

Rumors, pictures and even videos of the Nokia ‘SeaRay’ were circulated less than 24 hours after the N9 was announced. Nokia was adamant and strong in their stance of sticking with Windows Phone 7. It seems many media outlets are too simple to understand that Nokia is a global company. Nevertheless, the N9 will not ship to North America through carriers. Nokia wants to provide a clear and concise offering to customers. Windows Phone 7 is new, it’s fresh and it’s different…except that last bit.

PocketNow has published press shots of a Nokia WP7 phone. The Nokia 800, likely to be unveiled at Nokia World in a few weeks, looks exactly like the aforementioned N9. See the trio of devices above? That is a render of the N9 in Cyan, Black and Blue. What is immediately below? Why that’s the 800…in Cyan and Black. Confused yet?

You’ll notice almost no difference unless you look at the render of the Blue 800. Keep staring, it will come to you eventually.

The inclusion of a camera shutter button is the only immediate thing that separates the N9 from the 800, unless you count the software that actually makes this thing useful. The 800 runs Windows Phone 7 Mango, while the N9 runs MeeGo-Harmattan. Very different software, polar opposites. Very similar hardware, almost the exact same thing. To think, the only reason Nokia has decided to let the N9 fall by the wayside was to not confuse customers? The numbers clearly make sense. N9 – MeeGo = N800 + Mango.

The only thing worse that could happen, is finding out there is some truth to an N9 clone running Android Gingerbread. Actually, scrap that, iOS5 on an N9 would really seal the deal.

Nokia N8, E7 and other Symbian^3 Devices Get A Firmware Update

Nokia has started rolling out a new firmware update for its current range of Symbian^3 handsets. Symbian^3 owners should not get too excited because it’s not the Belle update they are hoping for.


The new firmware update (v25) does not bring any noticeable changes, except for the bump in the firmware version. Some users did report that the web browser seemed to open faster, and was much smoother in general use as well. This might as well be a placebo effect though.

The new v25 firmware update is being rolled out for all Symbian^3 powered handsets including the N8, E7, C7, and the C6-01. Users can either update the firmware via OTA (Over-The-Air) by keying in *#0000# or by simply using Nokia Software Updater/Nokia Suite.

Sadly, the firmware does not fix any of the serious issues with Symbian^3 including the Mail-for-exchange and Wi-Fi stability bug on the E7. In all possibility, this firmware update prepares the Symbian^3 handset for the upcoming Symbian Belle update.

Nokia has already started shipping Symbian Belle handsets and its current crop of Symbian^3 handsets are stated to get the Belle update sometime in Q4. Nokia will also announce its next-gen handsets at its upcoming Nokia World 2011 beginning from October 27th.

Via AlllAboutSymbian

Nokia 603 Announced; Packs a 1GHz Processor, NFC and CBD Display

Nokia has just announced a new addition to its Belle powered handsets, the Nokia 603. The 603 is a pretty sleek and compact handset, and is powered by a 1GHz processor.


At the front of the phone is a 3.5-inch ClearBlack AMOLED display with nHD (640×360) resolution, protected by a Gorilla glass. The phone has a Pentaband radio, along with Bluetooth 3.0, NFC, microSD card slot, 3.5mm audio jack, Wi-Fi b/g/n and HSDPA (Up to 14.4Mbps). The usual array of sensors are also present.

At the back of the 603 is a 5MP camera, which is also capable of recording videos in 720p HD resolution. As stated earlier, the Nokia 603 will run on Symbian Belle, and will come pre-loaded with a bunch of apps including Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Shazam, Microsoft Office Communicator, Quick Office and much more.

The Nokia 603 will be available in two colors, white and black, but will come with six-swappable rear covers. The handset will ship sometime in Q4 of this year, and is expected to cost somewhere around €200 before taxes and subsidies.

Nokia C2-05 and X2-05 S40 Based Phones Announced

Nokia has today announced two new S40 based phones, the C2-05 and the X2-05. While the C2-05 has a slider form factor, the X2-05 has a candy-bar form factor.


The C2-05 has a 2-inch screen with QVGA (320×240) resolution, along with a dual-band GSM antenna. At the back of the handset is a VGA camera with digital zooming capabilities. Nokia quotes the battery life of the C2-05 at around 20 days on standby, and/or 4 hours of talk time.

The X2-05 has a bigger 2.2-inch screen with QVGA resolution. Being a music-oriented phone, the handset has a very loud loudspeaker, rated at 106phons. Like the C2-05, the X2 also has a VGA camera at its back. Nokia rates the X2-05 battery life at around 25 days on standby, and or four hours of talk time.

Both the handsets feature an MP3/MP4 player, FM radio, Bluetooth, microSD card slot and a built-in voice recorder. The phones will also come with Nokia Browser and access to the Nokia Store, along with dedicated Facebook and Twitter clients. In China, the handsets will come pre-loaded with a special app for access to the social network QQ.

The C2-05 will be available in a variety of colors including pink, peacock blue and dynamic grey, while the X2-05 will be available in Black, White, Silver, and Bright Red. The handsets will be available sometime in Q4 of this year, with the former costing 50 Euros and the latter being priced at 46 Euros, before taxes and subsidies.

Easy Shopping with eBay India on Mobile

eBay India has been working on extending their reach to mobile internet users in India. After launching a mobile website at m.ebay.in, eBay has been releasing apps for all major mobile platforms in the Indian market.

  • With the recent announcement of eBay.in’s Android app, which is releasing in the next week, it is covering grounds on one of the popular smartphone platforms. (UPDATE: The Android app is live here)
  • An iPhone/iOS app is already available and can be downloaded from iTunes here.
  • There is also an app for Nokia phones, specially customized for C2-02 and C2-03. The app is coming soon and would be made available in Nokia Ovi Suite and will be pre-loaded  in those phones.
  • For non-smartphone users, ebay.in already has a mobile website which works on any mobile browser: m.ebay.in.

The other two smartphone platforms –  BlackBerry and Windows Phone – have been left out as of now. While Windows Phone does not have enough penetration in India to (may be) justify development costs (Although, there is a nice Windows Phone app from eBay US in the Marketplace already), it is surprising that eBay has left BlackBerry users out in the cold.

Interestingly, eBay also serves mobile users who do not have Internet on their mobile devices. The eBay SMS Pricecheck’ feature allows you to find the best deals via SMS. All you need to do is to SMS EBAY’ <keyword> to 9223892238. Note that this facility has been affected by the latest TRAI guidelines, and you would need to enable partial DND to use the service.

Nokia 700 Launched In India For Rs.18,099

Along with the Nokia 701, the company also launched the new Nokia 700 smartphone at an event in India. This handset was announced last month in Hongkong. It is the company’s second device, which runs on the latest Symbian Belle Operating System. Nokia 700 is the greenest phone from Nokia, since the device is made up of bio-plastics, recycled plastics and recycled metals.

There is great synergy between Ra.One and Symbian Belle as they both represent technology of the next level. I am delighted that Ra.One will be the first movie in the country to be marketed through NFC. There are many path breaking initiatives that Nokia has undertaken with Ra.One that will allow the consumers to experience the world of Ra.One through Just Tap’ with NFC feature on the Symbian Belle smartphones,” said Shahrukh Khan, actor and Brand Ambassador, Nokia India.

nokia 700 srk

Nokia 700 features a 3.2-inch AMOLED CBD (ClearBlack Display), sporting a resolution of 360 × 640 pixels, 1 GHz processor, Symbian Belle OS, Wi-Fi 801.11 b/g/n, 3G Connectivity, 5 megapixel camera with an LED flash, HD (720p) video recording capabilities, NFC (Near Field Communication) and much more.

Other features include a 3.5 mm headset jack, Stereo FM Radio with RDS, 256 MB RAM, 2 GB internal memory, microSD card slot, 32 GB expandable memory, GPS with A-GPS, Bluetooth 3.0 with A2DP, microUSB, eCompass, up to 465 hrs of stand-by time, up to 7 hrs 10 min talk-time, up to 47 hours music playback time and a 1080 mAh battery.

Nokia 700 comes with a price tag of Rs.18,099 (approx. $370) in India. This handset is available in 5 vibrant colors – Cool Grey, Silver/White, Coral Red, Peacock Blue and Purple. You can get this device at your nearest retailer or Nokia Priority stores in India.

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Nokia 701 Launched In India For Rs.18,999

Nokia recently announced the new Nokia 701  smartphone  at an event in Mumbai, India. It is the company’s first handset, which runs on the latest Symbian Belle Operating System. Last week, we already posted that Nokia 701 is unofficially available for purchase at online retailers such as Indiaplaza. Now, the  company  has officially released the device for its loyal customers in India.

The Indian smartphone market is growing at an exponential rate. Consumers today are looking for differentiators that go beyond multi-tasking and processor speed. With our latest range of smartphones on Symbian Belle, we are introducing a path-breaking technology in the form of Just Tap’ with NFC,” said D Shivakumar, managing director, Nokia India.

nokia 701 srk

Nokia 701 features a 3.5-inch IPS-LCD display with 360 x 640 pixels resolution, 1 GHz processor, Symbian Belle OS, 8 megapixel camera with dual-LED flash, HD (720p) video recording capabilities, VGA front-facing camera for video calls, Bluetooth 3.0 with EDR, microUSB  and more.

Other features include a 3.5mm headset jack, stereo FM radio with RDS, GPS with A-GPS, 3G connectivity, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n,  512 MB RAM, 1 GB ROM, 8 GB internal memory, microSD card slot, 32 GB expandable memory, up to 71 hrs music playback time,  up to 504 hrs stand-by time, up to 6hrs 45min talk-time and a 1300 mAh battery.

Nokia 701 comes with a price-tag of Rs.18,999 (approx.$390) in India. This handset is available in different 2 colors Silver Light and Steel Dark. You can get this device at your nearest retailer or any Nokia Priority stores in India.

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Nokia Slashing 3,500 Jobs by 2012

Rough waters are still ahead for Nokia. After recently cutting 4,000 jobs and off-shoring software development, and undergoing a massive internal re-tooling for Windows Phone 7, Nokia has announced they will continue with planned personnel reduction and will be losing a total of 3,500 jobs by the end of 2012.

Many Nokia employees have been shuffled around, from country to country and department to department. MeeGo and Symbian developers have been let go from R&D facilities. Nokia has said the entire Cluj factory in Western Romania will be losing 1,200 employees when the planned shut down begins in the tail of 2011. Back in 2008, the factory was hiring up to 100 people a week, now one in fell swoop, they will be looking for a livelihood elsewhere.

One of the many services that Nokia touts and actually does well, is mapping. In an attempt to ‘consolidate workforce’, Nokia will also be reducing Location and Commerce positions to the number of 1,200 persons — which is the department that feeds into their map service and location-aware social projects.

As with the previous long laundry list of layoffs, Nokia has promised to provide support to affected employees in any way they can. With Nokia’s Windows Phone 7 device coming off the line soon, hopefully the Finnish giant can kick into high gear in order to stop losing the employees that make the company so unique.

Source: BusinessInsider

Nokia N9 Now Available; Prices Starting From EUR 480

The much-hyped and the first and possibly the last MeeGo running handset from Nokia, the N9, is now shipping to retail stores in some regions of the world. It was around a couple of weeks ago, that the Finnish giant started taking pre-orders for the N9.


The N9 sports a 3.9-inch AMOLED display, with FWVGA (480×854) resolution. The handset is powered by a dated 1GHz processor from OMAP, along with a PowerVR SGX530 GPU. There is also 1GB of RAM, along with 16-64GB of on-board memory.

While the hardware of the N9 is nothing to talk about, it’s the OS the phone is running on, which is creating all the hype. Early previews and hands-on of the MeeGo OS suggests that the OS is very polished, and should have arrived much earlier. In fact, many people think that Nokia should not abandon MeeGo for WP7.

Nokia also confirmed in a blog post that they will be supporting N9 via software updates, and apps. The company has setup a dedicated programme so that both, quality and quantity, of apps are available for the N9.

The N9 also comes pre-installed with many popular apps including Angry Birds, Wi-Fi hotspot, and integrated support for all the various IMs and services including GTalk, Skype, Picasa and Flickr.

The estimated retail price for the 16GB model is EUR 480, with the top-end 64GB model costing EUR 560, which is quite steep. Hopefully, the price of the N9 will fall to reasonable levels after a month or so of its launch.

Nokia Previews The New ex-OVI Store Client

Today, Nokia has announced a new version of its Ovi Store Client via its Beta Labs blog. The new client is currently under beta testing, and can be downloaded from the Beta Labs website.


The new OVI Store client is based on QT, which means it’s much faster and smoother compared to the current OVI store client. Frankly, the current OVI store client, which is based on Web Runtime, is nothing but a piece of junk. It’s slow, buggy and literally unusable.

The new key features brought about by this client include Easier Navigation, Improved product details view, and an overall quicker and smoother navigation. I tried the new client on an Anna powered N8, and found the overall performance to be vastly improved compared to its predecessor. The new client did remind me of the old Android Market, though.

The new QT based client only supports the latest bunch of Symbian^3 handsets from the Finnish giant, including the C6-01, C7, E7, N8 and the X7.

Interested Nokia Symbian^3 users can download the new QT based Ovi Store client from here.

Nokia 701 Already Available In India For Rs.16,999

Last month Nokia announced the new Nokia 701 smartphone. It is the first handset to feature the new Symbian Belle Operating System. This handset looks quite similar to the popular Nokia C7 smartphone. It comes with a 3.5-inch IPS-LCD display, 1 GHz processor, 8 GB internal memory and more. Nokia 701 is scheduled to release on September 28 in India, but if you can’t wait for next couple of days, then you can go ahead and buy this device online. Indiaplaza, a popular online retailer in India is already selling this device, even before it has been officially launched in India.

nokia 701

Nokia 701 features a 3.5-inch IPS-LCD display, sporting a resolution of 360 x 640 pixels, 1 GHz processor, Symbian Belle OS, 3G connectivity, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, 8 megapixel camera with dual-LED flash, HD (720p) video recording capabilities, VGA front-facing camera for video calls, and more

Other features include a 3.5mm headset jack, stereo FM radio with RDS, GPS with A-GPS, Bluetooth 3.0 with EDR, microUSB, 512 MB RAM, 1 GB ROM, 8 GB internal memory, microSD card slot, 32 GB expandable memory, up to 504 hrs stand-by time, up to 6hrs 45min talk-time, up to 71 hrs music playback time and a 1300 mAh battery.

This handset is available in 2 colors – Silver Light and Steel Dark. Nokia 701 is expected to come with a price tag of Rs.18,999, but you can get this device for just Rs.16,999 (approx. $440). Indiaplaza will ship the device within 2 business days. You will also get a 1 year Nokia Warranty, along with the purchase of this device. To get this device, head over to this page at Indiaplaza