Nokia Pushes Through Maemo 1.2 for N900 – Confirms That It Won’t Be Getting MeeGo

Nokia-N900-Meego Nokia N900 has long been a dream device for power users, simply because of its mod-ability. Modders have managed to do everything from running Android to porting OS X. And now, it appears that the N900’s flexibility will come in handy once again.

Nokia has confirmed that it won’t be officially supporting Meego on the N900. Meego is a Linux based operating system, which hopes to combine the best of Nokia’s Maemo and Intel’s Moblin. Of course, this isn’t a horribly bad news. You can already install an early build of Meego on the N900 and unofficial Meego builds will definitely continue to flourish in the future.

On a more cheerful note, Nokia has begun pushing through Maemo 1.2 for the N900. Engadget is reporting that the firmware update is already available in the UK and will be available elsewhere soon. The new firmware adds Facebook IM chat, video-calling and portrait mode browsing, while improving upon e-mail support and Ovi Maps.

Changing Camera Sound in N900

Changing the camera’s sound in N900 is quite easy. All system sounds are stored in usr/share/sound. Just follow the following simple steps to do so:

  • Root your N900 if you have not already. Just download rootsh from application manager.
  • Connect to N900 using any FTP client (like Filezilla or WinSCP) over WiFi.
  • Go to usr/share/sound
  • Replace camera_snd_title_1 by any new sound file (the format doesn’t matter). It’s the camera’s shutter sound
  • Replace camera_snd_title_2. It’s the video recording sound
  • Replace camera_snd_title_3. It’s the camera’s focus sound
  • Disconnect and restart your phone

That’s it. This will change your phone’s camera sounds to the new sound files. If you want a silent camera, just rename or delete the files instead of adding new ones.

Mozilla Firefox Mobile Add-on Challenge

Mozilla has announced a mobile add-on challenge running for a month. Your challenge is to develop an add-on by Monday, the 12th of April. The add-on should be compatible with the latest version of Firefox and should be compliant with the mobile UI style guide. Some possible themes on which add-ons can be developed are:

  • Using device APIs like using functionalities of the camera.
  • Social and sharing tools like tools for photo sharing and twitter clients.
  • Saving files as PDF and other possible options.

This is just a rough idea. Innovative developers will aim beyond this like the CUDA Jetpack winner. Add-ons are supported by both Firefox for Mobile on Windows Mobile and Maemo. This gives developers a wide platform for testing and deployment. According to the contest announcement, the prizes and incentives enjoyed by the winners will be:

A new Nokia N900 Firefox mobile official launch t-shirt Firefox mobile phone cover Promotion of your add-on!

Development resources and contest details are available at this page. The challenge is an attempt to involve more developers into the development of Firefox add-ons for Fennec. The idea of winning ten Nikia N900s is intriguing in itself.

Rooting N900


Rooting N900 is much more simpler than any other phone available today. You just need rootsh to enable root access.

Here’s how to get rootsh:

  • Go to Application manager>>Application catalogs>>New
  • Write extras-testing for catalog name
  • Give web address as
  • Enter fremantle as the distribution
  • Enter free non-free for components

A simpler way would be to open this page on your N900 and click here. This link will automatically configure the repository for extras catalog.

Now simply download rootsh from Application Manager.

Once you are done with rootsh, open a terminal.

You can now either try sudo gainroot or rootsh. sudo gainroot gives us root access without enabling R&D mode while rootsh is much more effective if you want to run single commands.

If you are having problem with the sudo command, try downloading sudser from the extras catalog.

Warning : Root Access enables users to change the  file-system  and gives full access to all system files. DON’T play with it if you don’t know what you are doing.

Nokia N900 Dual Boots Android and Maemo

Sometime back we had told you how to run Debian on Nokia N900, however, it looks like this news takes the cake and eats it too. Brandon, a mobile technology enthusiast was able to dual-boot N900 with both and .

However, porting Android to is more proof-of-concept at this stage and has a few bugs to be ironed out. Nevertheless, it goes to show what Nokia’s latest device is capable of and how Android can be used on any system, and it does not matter whether the manufacturer officially supports it or not.

Watch the video below to see the Android and Maemo Dual-boot on Nokia N900, courtesy Brandon’s Posterous.

Run All Deb Files on Maemo – Take the RedPill

Maemo is based completely on Debian…so why can’t we do away with all the complex restrictions around it? Well, guys at Maemo-Freak have come up with an excellent way – Take the RedPill.

If you have a N900, you’re probably a geek. Even if you are not, there’s a high probability that you’ve seen The Matrix. Remember Neo? He was offered a Red Pill for the truth. This RedPill is just it.

RedPill mode disables many safety features from your phone so that the App manager becomes a bit more. You can install any deb package and all the system updates. Though this should be done with great care because those safety locks are there for a reason – you could easily brick your phone.

Here’s how to activate RedPill:

  • Open App manager
  • Click on Tools -> Application catalogue
  • Go to New
  • Write matrix (seriously!!) into the web address field
  • Click outside the Application manager
  • Click Red in the dialog-box to enable RedPill mode, or Blue to keep your phone in the safe BluePill mode.

Warning: The RedPill mode, if not used correctly, is quite capable of bricking your phone. Use it ONLY if you know what you’re doing. If you are new to maemo or debian, DON’T use it.

Note: This mode doesn’t stay forever. As soon as you’ll close the App manager, it’ll close automatically.

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Dell Small Business has a great deal on , where you can purchase an unlocked Nokia N900 for $470 with added sales tax if applicable.


The original price of Nokia N900 is $599.99, however if you apply the coupon code 4$11W9VRS8BT0N you will get a #130 discount on the phone. Though this is a bit higher than earlier N900 deals, it is the lowest available price right now.

Nokia N900 recently received a OTA update along with access to the OVI store, so users will now be able to add more apps to the phone. Overall the phone is pretty decent, so if you have been waiting for a deal, this is the right time to get it.

Buy Nokia N900 for $470

Nokia N900 Gets Firmware Update. OVI Store Open for N900

Nokia is banking on the N900 to bring back some lost glory in the touch screen enabled Smartphone market. The device is pretty decent and runs on . However, success of a mobile phone is no longer dependent on just a good handset, more often than not the apps for the phone also plays a big part in its success.


The has over 100 thousand apps, has more than 20,000 apps, likewise Nokia too has a app store, called as the OVI store, which hosts paid and free apps for Nokia phones.

Nokia released a OTA (Over-the-air) firmware update v1.2009.44-1 for the N900 yesterday. However, in addition to that they have also opened up the OVI store for Nokia N900. Users will have to perform the OTA upgrade to be able to access the OVI store.

You can install apps, games and download audio and video content from the OVI store. The Nokia blog has a video of the OVI store being accessed on a Nokia N900.

Do you have a Nokia N900? Are you able to access the OVI store through the official app? Do let us know through your comments.