Symbian Donna (Nokia Belle FP2) Shows Of Its Changes In A Leaked Video

Even though Nokia has already ditched “the burning” Symbian OS as a viable mobile platform for its handsets, the company has promised to roll-out Symbian updates until 2014. Nokia’s recently released camera-monster and probably the last Belle powered handset from the company, the Pure View 808 runs on the latest version of Symbian Nokia Belle FP1.While the Finnish company has not announced anything about the next version of Symbian, it looks like it’s silently working on Belle FP2 a.k.a Symbian Donna.

A video has surfaced on YouTube that shows a pre-release version of Nokia Belle FP2 in action on RDA (Remote Device Access). The video clearly shows all the new changes that Belle FP2 will bring with it including a new swipe-to-unlock system, new transition effects, new camera UI, new widgets, an enhanced keyboard with a predicition system, a much better gallery and web-browser and many other UI enhancements.

Below is the near 5-minute video in question -:

The video also shows a new music player and navigation bar, which should please quite a few Symbian users. Symbian Donna in all probability is going to be the last major update to the “burning platform” and should keep the software engineers are Nokia busy, until Windows Phone 8 powered handsets from the company hit the shelves later this year.

Nokia Details Belle FP1 Update; Will Bump The Processor Speed To 1.3GHz on Nokia 700 & 701

At MWC, Nokia announced the highly anticipated successor to the N8, the Nokia 808 Pure View. This camera-cum-phone sports a whopping 41MP camera, thanks to a new technology from the Finnish giant – Pure View.

Apart from the camera, most point which most readers must have missed in the 808 Pure View spec sheet is that it runs on Nokia Belle FP1. Yes, FP1 (Feature Pack 1), which means the 808 will launch with a new version of Symbian on-board. Nokia detailed the changes included in the Belle FP1 update, which mainly aims at simply polishing the OS instead of adding new features or bringing about something radically different.

First and foremost, the FP1 update will add Dolby Headphone and Dolby Digital Plus to transform the music playback capabilities of your Nokia handset. Other than this, the update will also include 20 new and improved widgets, along with a faster browser with HTML5 support. The notification bar and the multi-tasking bar have also been improved, while all the inbuilt apps like Nokia Maps have been update to the latest version.

While the Nokia 808 Pure View will ship with Belle FP1 out of the box, only three other Symbian^3 handsets from Nokia will get the Belle FP1 update including the 603, 700 and 701. The Belle FP1 update will also bump up the processor speed on the Nokia 700 and 701 to 1.3GHz from 1GHz. Nokia did not mention as to when it will be rolling out the Belle FP1 update to existing Symbian handsets, but I don’t think its going to come anytime before the 808 Pure View is available to the general public.