Nexus One Gets An Official Upgrade To Android 2.2 (Froyo)

Just a couple of days ago at the Google I/O, Android 2.2 a.k.a. Froyo was officially released. According to reports, within the span of just two days, Google’s Nexus One got the official upgrade to Android 2.2. Yes, this is very quick indeed. Nexus One is Google’s phone, that is why it got the advantage of the quick upgrade to Froyo. android 2.2 on nexus one

The news of the upgrade was reported on TechCrunch, when an official there recieved the update on his Nexus One. Until now only few people have reported about the Android 2.2 update on their Nexus One.

So, all the Nexus One users check for the update because maybe Android 2.2 is just knocking at your door.

Note: We still cannot confirm this because only few people have reported about the Android 2.2 update.


Image Source TechCrunch

Most HTC Phones Launched in 2010 To The Get Android 2.2 Update

HTC one of the most popular Android phone manufacturers has confirmed that most of their phones launched in 2010 will get the Android 2.2 update. An insider from HTC told Pocket-Lint that most phones launched this year will get an upgrade to [Android] 2.2The bad news is that the update will come only in the second half of this year. By that time, the next version of Android Gingerbread will be hitting the market. The first HTC handset to get the Froyotreatment will be the HTC-made-Google-branded Nexus One. The Nexus One is expected to get the Android 2.2 treatment in the next few weeks.

HTC Logo

The HTC insider told Pocket-Lint-:

“As we get closer to readiness, we’ll reveal a full list, but for now have started with the most popular models like Desire [in the UK] and Droid Incredible [in the US] as well as some of the hotly anticipated new phones.”

Most HTC Hero owners are still waiting for the Android 2.1 update. The insider from HTC did not comment anything about the HTC phones launched in 2009.

Android 2.2 Froyo Ported To Nexus One and Droid Eris

Behold everyone who has been waiting for the to arrive at their mobile steps, you have some bad news as Engadget reports that the ROM has already been ported to work with and Droid Eris.

Nexus One Android 2.2

An Italian site named has posted a tutorial to port 2.2 Froyo to a Nexus One device (translated link). On the other hand, our friendly neighborhood developer forum folks at XDA have posted a port to HTC Droid Eris for Froyo.

Motorola Eris Android 2.2 Froyo

We expect a host of ports to be available for most of the other Android devices on market soon, including the not yet released HTC EVO 4G whose system files were leaked earlier today. Though Eris is not in the picture yet Nexus One and Motorola Droid are set to receive Android 2.2 Froyo updates in near future along with several other Android based devices manufactured by HTC.

Nexus One and Motorola Droid to Get Android 2.2 Froyo

2.2 Froyo was released earlier today and a Android 2.2 SDK was also available for downloads. However, before the apps can even be created, users will get to taste the Android 2.2 OS.

Android 2.2 Froyo

Nexus One users will be able to upgrade to later today (see update). The update will be available Over-The-Air (OTA). Android 2.2 will also be made available for Motorola Droid customers in near future.

Google will also release an Android 2.2 update for devices such as HTC Incredible, EVO 4G, HTC Desire and Motorola Milestone in the coming few weeks.


Update: Even though the source confirmed that Nexus One will receive an Android 2.2 OTA update today, there are varying reports which say that the update will be made available in June, we will update the post when more confirmed details becomes available.

Update 2: The Official Google IO account on Twitter has confirmed that the Froyo update for Nexus One will be available soon. The update says “Froyo on Nexus One soon! (next few weeks)”. You can read the update here.

Nexus One Coming To Sprint Mobile Soon

Looks like the is going to be available on most of the US networks pretty soon. T-mobile already has Sprint plans, with the Verizon CDMA version coming soon. In addition to that Google also added support for new providers including AT&T and Rogers Canada in the unlocked versions.

Nexus One Sprint

Now, Sprint just did a press release saying that the Nexus One from Google will be available on the Sprint network shortly. The press release says:

Nexus One, the first wireless phone sold through Google(TM)’s web store, is planned for Sprint’s 3G Mobile Broadband Network. Sprint (NYSE:S) will announce pricing and an exact availability date soon. Nexus One will benefit from Sprint’s 3G network with twice the coverage of AT&T and 10 times the coverage of T-Mobile, both based on square miles.

However, the pricing and availability date has not been made available yet, but the Nexus One will most likely come to Sprint with a 2 year contract like T-mobile and Verizon Wireless and may be sold for under $200.

However, it is still disappointing that Google is hell bent on keeping the phone sales and online only affair, even though that has eventually turned into poor sales for the Nexus One. We will keep you updated on the release date and pricing plans for the Nexus One on Sprint.

Nexus One Supports AT&T And Rogers Wireless On Unlocked Version

Even before the could make it’s debut on the Verizon Wireless network, they have already released new unlocked versions of the Nexus One which are compatible with 3G AT&T (U.S) and Rogers Wireless (Canada).

Nexus One AT&T and Rogers Wireless Support

This does not mean that the Nexus One will be officially sold through AT&T or Rogers, instead it means that the unlocked version of Nexus One now supports the 3G network for both these providers. This means that the Nexus One now supports Supports three 3G/UMTS bands (850/1900/2100 MHz) and four GSM radio frequencies (850/900/1800/1900 MHz) in addition to the 3G/UMTS bands (900/AWS/2100 MHz) and four GSM radio frequencies (850/900/1800/1900 MHz).

Users will not be able to buy the phone in retail stores yet and will have to visit, to make a purchase. Nexus One has had really bad sales figures and unless Google starts selling the phone in retail stores, it will continue to lag behind other devices.

Do you prefer to buy a phone at a retail store, or do you prefer to purchase it online?

Droid Sells More Units Than The Original iPhone : Nexus One Is Still A Flop

Nexus One hasn’t exactly set the mobile market on fire since its launch. In spite of tremendous pre-launch hype and fairly positive reviews, the sales figures for the Google phone have been abysmal. Now, Flurry has released a new set of data which really drives home how appalling Nexus One’s sales figures are.


The original iPhone took 74 days to sell one million units. In the same period, Google has managed to sell only 0.135 million handsets. Somewhat surprisingly, Motorola managed to sell the most units within 74 days of its launch. However, to be fair, Motorola had several advantages including increased receptivity to smart phone, a larger subscriber base and holiday season launch.

On the other hand, Google’s sales figures have undoubtedly taken a beaten due to the unconventional distribution model. The poor sales figures illustrates that most users are not used to purchasing mobile phones online. Although, Google is officially claiming to be “pleased” with the sales figures, it will be interesting to see if they manage to make the online distribution model viable.

HTC Shipping Nexus One To Verizon Wireless and Vodafone

According to some unsubstantiated reports from a Chinese Daily newspaper, Economic Daily News, it is being reported that HTC has begun delivery of the CDMA version of to Verizon Wireless.

The report also says that HTC has will also begin delivery of the Nexus One to another Google partner Vodafone.

However, the phones may not sell in the Verizon Wireless or Vodafone brick and mortar stores and will have to be purchased online at

Nexus One on Verizon Wireless and Vodafone

Right now the Google Phone sales page shows that the Nexus One will be available on Verizon Wireless and Vodafone in Spring 2010. There are rumors that the actual sale date will be March 23rd, this was also floated around to us by a VZ friend who said that Verizon will start selling the Nexus One in late March, however, the date is not yet confirmed.

The CDMA version of Nexus One reportedly does not have GSM support, so it will not work outside the country you are buying it in.

Nexus One to Have Sense UI on Verizon Wireless

will go on sale on the Verizon Wireless network in the next few days. However, the HTC Nexus One that will be sold on Verizon will have the Sense user interface (UI).

The Sense UI was spotted by Central in a leaked page from Verizon’s site, which has the specifications for the HTC Nexus One for Verizon.

Verizon Wireless Nexus One

I do have some internal news that the Nexus One is coming to Verizon by end of March, but we cannot confirm it at this point. However, the phone will not be sold in Verizon stores and will only be available online.

I do not really understand what Google has against brick and mortar stores, however, their "online only" problem has gotten forecasters to cut down the sales forecast of Nexus One from 3.5 million to 1 million in 2010.

Don’t forget to watch out this space for more details on the Google HTC Nexus One released date on Verizon Wireless.

Nexus One Sales Forecast Cut Down To 1 Million

Google launched the with much fanfare, and it was projected as a serious competitor to the . However, the hype has not translated into sales yet.


Now Goldman Sachs has reduced the sales estimates of the Nexus One from 3.5 million units to 1 million units in 2010. This is definitely bad news for Google who were trying to make a splash in the US market with the Nexus One.

We previously estimated that Google might sell 3.5 mn Nexus One units in 2010. Initial data-points were disappointing, possibly due to limited marketing and customer service challenges. Flurry estimated (based on mobile traffic) that Google sold 20,000 in the first week, and 80,000 in the first month, both annualizing to 1.0 mn. We forecast that Google sells 1.0 mn Nexus One units in FY2010, benefiting from US carriers other than T-Mobile, and non-US carriers such as Vodafone, promoting the device too, but suffering from limited marketing activity. We assume that Google rolls out a second Nexus handset, markets it more aggressively, and makes it available offline, and therefore forecast that Google sells 2 mn handsets per year in 2011 and future years.

Google does have plans to launch a lighter version of Nexus One in India soon, however, don’t expect that to jack up sales.

Nexus One

The biggest problem with Nexus One has been that it is an online only device. Google is yet to put the device in retail stores, even those of their partners like T-mobile. Thankfully, the Nexus One may arrive on the Verizon Wireless network later this month or early next month, and that may increase the sales a bit.

However, unless Google puts the device in stores, they will not see a significant growth in the market. It is time that Google learnt that brick and mortar stores do very well when selling mobile phones, than the online sales.

People who want to buy the phone, want to experience the devices before they make a decision to purchase it, promoting it online helps but it does not convert into sales.