Government of India Will Set Up Rs. 800 Cr National Cyber Coordination Centre to Snoop On the General Populace

It seems that the Indian Government (probably specifically the vile, ignorant, devious, scheming leech of a person called Kapil Sibal) does not want the population of the country to enjoy the democratic right of free speech in any and all media. It is common knowledge that the censor board exists for cinema and the media companies themselves block non-sensationalist-yet-truthful stories, notwithstanding the ignorant religious zealots that declare war on every slight to their religion. However, the Government of India is taking things a little too far this time.

emblem-of-india reports that a national spying agency called the National Cyber Coordination Centre (NCCC) will be set up to implement ‘internet security’ by scanning tweets, Facebook updates and other units of social media. This entire arduous exercise comes at the cost of a whopping Rs. 800 crore (~$163 million). This news comes on the heels of the fact that under the pretense of e-Governance, the Indian Government wants to track mobile phone users in real time.

Funnily enough, the Government wishes to track the millions and millions of citizens of the country and what they do and will go to any lengths to make sure this happens. However, when asked to track its own polity and politicians and their malicious work the Government refuses stating that it does not have the necessary resources.

Then again, we all know how efficient the Indian Government is and just how fast this will be implemented. Stay tuned for more updates in 6 years’ time.