MontaVista acquired by Cavium Netowrks for 50 Million Dollars

Acquisition of Open Source software based companies seems to be the current trend.

Sun started it with the acquisition of MySQL AB.

Oracle continued it with Sun’s acquisition.

Intel followed suit, only this time to buy one of the top Embedded Linux companies, WindRiver. Actually, it has been done before. WindRiver acquired FSM Lab’s RTLinux, the hard real-time OS, that was giving WindRiver’s VxWorks a run for their money.

Today, Cavium Networks has announced that it has signed a “definitive agreement” to acquire MontaVista for $50 million, comprising $16 million in cash and the remaining $34 million in Cavium Networks common stock.

MontaVista , a Santa Clara, California based company was the leading developer of embedded Linux software and tools in the automotive, mobile phones   and communications equipments space. MontaVista was a regular contributor to open source software especially in the kernel and PowerPC ports. Arguably, one of the most valuable contributions made by MontaVista’s Robert Love is the real-time kernel preemption patch , rendering the vanilla kernel with soft real-time capabilities.

Cavium Networks makes media, network and security processors based on the ARM and MIPS architectures. It too is a Silicon Valley based company. Interestingly enough, Cavium Networks, which is a publicly owned company was founded a couple of years after MontaVista.

Cavium Networks’ cloning of Intel’s move validates the relationship between processor companies and their attraction towards embedded Linux software companies. Another similarity in these deals is that both WindRiver Systems as well MontaVista will continue as separate operating unit retaining it’s brand name.

Syed Ali, President and CEO of Cavium Networks says “This acquisition will complement Cavium’s market leading processor portfolio with world-class software expertise and will enable us to deliver highly compelling and differentiated solutions to the market”.

Rusty Harris, President and CEO of MontaVista has the following explanation to offer “By becoming part of Cavium Networks, MontaVista can confidently continue to offer industry leading commercial grade embedded Linux, support and services to our customers and partners“.

The move for acquisition seems to be good news for all parties involved since the CEOs of both ARM as well as MIPS Technologies also seemed to be positive about the deal.

Any bets on what AMD might go shopping for ?

Create a Job Board in Minutes With jobberBase: An Open Source Job Board Software

It’s recession, right? But who cares. We all need jobs, work to do, money to earn & bread to eat. The internet just makes the task a little more easier.


jobberBase is a free and open source server software that gets you a job board site up in minutes. It’s based on Php and MySql and licensed under a MIT license which in non geek speak means that you can use the application for commercial purposes.

The default design of the software is very slick and easy on the eyes. A navigational bar on the top makes browsing easy. Coming to the features, jobberBase is no dud. Users can post jobs without an account, there’s a powerful search facility, there are RSS feeds and also javascript widgets to embed on other sites. Setting up a job ad is a piece of cake. Only the most basic details are required. Give it a title, mention whether it’s full time, part time or a freelance gig, enter the location and then give it a detailed description.


If you job is interesting enough, applying to it won’t be a difficult task either. All the applicant will need is name, email and a nicely written message or he/she could simply upload a resume file. Once again, no registration necessary on the applicant’s part.

jobberBase is already used on a wealth of sites. I liked how this job site from Singapore has modified the layout and brought out a very refreshing design. And then there’s also this job board for 7-figure jobs, check it out.

If you’d want to set up your own job site on your server, look no further than jobberBase.

Use PostgreSQL for WordPress Instead Of MySQL

MySQL is the preferred database for , however not everyone likes MySQL and there is no easy alternative to make WordPress use another database.

If you want to use PostgreSQL with WordPress there is a that will allow you to do it without making any changes to the internal WordPress codebase.

PostgreSQL for WordPress (PG4WP) gives you the possibility to install and use WordPress with a PostgreSQL database as a backend. It works by replacing calls to MySQL specific functions with generic calls that maps them to another database functions.

When needed, the original SQL queries are rewritten on the fly so that MySQL specific queries work fine with the backend database.

Support for other database can also be added if the appropriate drivers are written for them.

We tested this out on a local installation and were able to use PostgreSQL with WordPress without any issues.

The only problem we see with the plugin is that you need to perform a fresh install for this to work, however it might work on older installations if you are able to import the MySQL database to PostgreSQL.

Download PostgreSQL for WordPress (PG4WP)

Backup MySQL Database Automatically & Manually

We are pretty paranoid about having daily of our MySQL database for this site, and in the past have written a easy tutorial to create backups of MySQL database in under a minute.

However not everyone is command prompt savvy, or you may want to create backups in a different way. has come out with a list of 10 ways to automatically your MySQL database, to get some peace of mind, that if something crashes you have a backup to restore from.

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