Apple App Store To Serve Up 10 Billion Downloads Soon

If you’re one for trumpeting numbers, you ought to know that according to the flip-clock counter that Apple has put up, presumably indicating the number of downloads and not an interval clock, the App Store is soon to hit the 10 billion mark. That’s 10 billion downloads, no word on it being unique downloads, re-purchases or previously downloaded material or if there’s any other number fudging going on, but it is what it is. To commemorate such a glorious event, Apple is giving users the chance to win a $10,000 USD iTunes gift card. Download the ten billionth app for your chance to win. Of course, if you don’t own an Apple device capable of accessing the App Store, you can simply fill out an entry form for your chance to win – no downloads or purchases necessary and you can actually submit it a maximum of 25 times per day.

Good luck to any readers who enter!

Don’t Understand Rap? The Internet Can Help


If you have trouble understanding Rap lyrics and can’t easily catch the references to culture, people and events in the songs, the website might be the forum you need. The website works in a way similar to that of UrbanDictionary, where people submit explanations to a reference that they understand. The explanations can then be revised and voted on by other people. Users can also add complete song lyrics; explanations to which can be added side-by-side.

The website explains its initiative as follows: With a greater understanding of lyrics, the genre as a whole can grow and be appreciated and accepted by people all over the world who like the music they hear but are confused or curious because they just don’t understand rap.

On a side note, my favorite rap lyrics happen to be from Tech N9ne‘s Sickology 101[YouTube Link, Explicit lyrics]

If you want your verses to cost higher
Then your similes gotta be hot as a live wire
You need some better metaphors
For example,
This song is a war zone and you listeners in the cross fire

Tata DOCOMO Launch Michael Jackson’s "Michael" With Sony Music

If you are a Tata DOCOMO user and a Michael Jackson fan, here is some good news for you. DOCOMO is launching the latest album by late Michael Jackson "Michael" in partnership with Sony Music, exclusively for DOCOMO users.

Tata DOCOMO Logo

TATA DOCOMO and Sony Music together in partnership have launched the much anticipated album MICHAEL’, not the last, but the posthumous release of the priceless songs recorded by the legendry King of Pop Michael Jackson. The album carries a total of 10 tracks including the Hold My Handduet with Akon, this song is one of the greatest piece of works created by Michael Jackson and is surely going to be a chartbuster.

Subscribers can access Michael’s Call Me Tunes, My Song, Full Songs, Videos, Wallpapers & Ringtones. The subscribers can call and enjoy the entire bouquet of services on 55500 at a nominal charge of 2p/sec, they can also set the Call me Tunes directly by sending SMS MJ to 55500 (toll-free).

Tata DOCOMO is also running a contest for its subscribers in Chennai where in a few lucky customers who download the maximum number of songs from the album will be given passes to attend the listening Party on 14th December ’10 in Chennai.

So go ahead and enjoy the songs from your favorite artist right away.

Win Free Tickets To GRAMMY Awards 2011 for Sharing Your Music Gifting Memories

The nominations for the 53rd Grammy Awards to be held in February 2011 was announced this week. Many of the award nominations were well deserved and it definitely sparked a lot of interest.

Give the Gift of Music

If you are a fan of the Grammy Awards and love music, here is your chance to win a couple of tickets to the 53rd Grammy Awards 2011 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. NARM and RIAA are holding a contest where music fans have to enter their favorite music gifting memory on their sites Share Your Memories page (

Users can enter the contest before midnight PST time on Friday, December 17, 2010 to qualify for the contest. Winning entries of the contest will be notified on Monday, December 21, 2010. There are four prizes up for grabs, which include:

  • Grand prize: A pair of tickets for the Sunday, February 13 GRAMMY Awards telecast in Los Angeles, California at the Staples Center presented by The Recording Academy (NARAS)
  • 1st prize: $350 J&R Music & Computer World gift card
  • 2nd prize: $100 J&R Music & Computer World gift card
  • 3rd prize: Holiday music gift basket

You can visit the contest URL or for more details.

LimeWire Alternatives Lands PCMag In RIAA Soup

The notorious RIAA is at it again, sending unwarranted notices to people just for the sake of it. It’s newest victim is none other than a popular technology website.

RIAA Sucks

According to, a recent article about Limewire Alternatives got them on the RIAA radar who sent them a letter saying that they were encouraging music piracy through that post.

Now writing articles about alternatives to a software is not illegal in any sense, it does not really say that you should go ahead an download software and then pirate music. Along with this, there are several sites which write about software including us with a disclaimer that people should be vary enough of legal laws in their country before using it.

RIAA has also accused PCMag of encouraging the new LimeWire Pirated edition which was being hunted down by both LimeWire and RIAA. PCMag has obviously shunned a request from the agencies to remove the post and have replied back to them saying that they will not stop covering things like this in future.

In 2008 RIAA had spent over $16 million to recover $0.391 million and I assume they will continue to recover much lesser thanks to such obnoxious claims.

So, how does this RIAA and PCMag case affect other website owners and publishers? Will website owners now have to adhere to governance by these agencies on what should be written and what should not be? I would be very interested to see where this heads as it will be an important step towards knowing whether or not freedom of speech or writing is neglected just because someone has a problem with things you write.

Apple Sells 2 Million Beatles Songs, 450K Albums In a Week

Apple recently had an exciting announcement to make which turned out to be the addition of the Beatles catalog to the iTunes store. Though many users were disappointed with the announcement; as they were expecting something else; Apple is the one running happily to the bank.

Beatles iTunes Catalog

All Things D reports that within a week of the introduction of the Beatles catalog in the iTunes store, Apple has sold over 2 million Beatles songs and 450,000 Beatles albums. That is some ravishing success for Apple and Beatles alike who have been missing on all the dough for so long.

The top selling Beatles album is "Abbey Road" and the Top single song is "Here Comes the Sun". Apple is late to the Beatles party, but it will definitely make more money in the long run. Are you a Beatles fan? Did you purchase a Beatles song or album from the iTunes store? Do let me know through your comments.

Beatles Catalog Now Available In iTunes Store

As we had told you yesterday, the entire Beatles catalog is now available in the iTunes Store. Apple today announced a deal with EMI that the Beatles are now available for the first time in the iTunes store.

Beatles iTunes Catalog

Starting today, 13 remastered Beatles album will be available in the iTunes store. The Beatles catalog is available for downloads as full albums as well as individual songs. Fans can also get a special digital "Beatles Box Set" featuring the "Live at the Washington Coliseum, 1964" concert film, a worldwide iTunes exclusive which captures the Beatles’ very first US concert.

However, the songs and albums are a bit pricier that the rest of the catalog with individual songs selling at $1.29 a piece and albums selling at $12.99 each. Users can also buy a special "Beatles Box Set" for $149 which contains all 13 remastered studio albums and mini documentaries.

So go ahead and download the Beatles catalog from the iTunes store right away at

Apple’s Exciting iTunes Announcement: Beatles Catalog iTunes Store?

Apple posted a mysterious message on their site today about an impending "exciting announcement" to come tomorrow. The speculations on what they will announce has ranged from "iTunes in the cloud" to possibly making download updates easier. However, WSJ has some scoop that the announcement tomorrow will be about Apple including the Beatles collection in the iTunes store.

Apple iTunes Beatles

Apple and Beatles along with their record label EMI Group has had several feuds in the past, which is why music from Beatles has not been available in the world’s largest music store as of yet.

The agreement would represent a watershed in a fraught, decades-long relationship between two of the biggest icons in their respective fields.

However, according to WSJ, Apple has finalized a deal with Beatles and the EMI Group to bring their songs to the iTunes store. WSJ has always been able to predict correctly as to what Apple will be announcing. However, don’t keep your fingers crossed on this unless you hear it from Steve Jobs himself.

Interactive "John Lennon" Google Doodle Celebrates His Birthday With Imagine

Google and their have been getting interesting every time they celebrate an event or a big personality’s birthday.

Google John Lennon Doodle

If you are a John Lennon or Beatles fan, you might be surprised at the new interactive to celebrate the music legend’s birthday. The doodle is another one of Google’s interactive doodle, which performs some sort of action rather than taking you to a regular Google search page.

In case of the John Lennon Doodle, Google has a play button which will then start a video playing the famous John Lennon song "Imagine". The good thing about this interactive doodle though is that clicking on the sound keys completely stop the video as opposed to the various problems people had faced with other interactive Google Doodle’s.

The Doodle is currently available in countries only in certain countries and will be available in tomorrow. You might want to check to have a look at the Doodle.

Create And Host Your Own Mixtapes With Opentape

About two years ago, Muxtape, a service that would allow anyone to search for, and create playlists and share songs with friends was shut down after running into legal troubles with the music industry and RIAA. It came up later, but nothing like before. The most unique feature of Muxtape was it’s clear, clutter free design and usability. But then it shut down…and well, so did the mixtapes.

Enter OpenTape. A Muxtape style application, that you can host on your own server and create as many mixtapes with it as you like. 

Setting it up is pretty easy actually. You download the open source package, extract it and then upload it to your server. Then upload a few tracks and voila! Your mixtape is ready. A totally personal, muxtape styled experience at your disposal. You can now share the link of the Opentape powered mixtape with all your friends.

Opentape works with most major browsers and requires Apache and Php at its backend to work .