Samsung Galaxy S II Mugen 3200mAh Battery Review

A few months ago, I had reviewed the Mugen Battery for the Samsung Galaxy S and the HTC Desire Z. I was thoroughly impressed by the batteries, and have been recommending them ever since to my friends. When the Samsung Galaxy S II was launched in India, it was all but natural for me to go and get the latest and the best Android smartphone around.

The Galaxy S II really does not have any serious drawbacks, and is SLIM, SEXY and FAST! I had no major issues with the battery life of the Galaxy S II, but I was eagerly waiting for the folks behind Mugen to release the extended batteries for the SGS2. It was just a matter of time before Mugen released two new extended batteries for the Galaxy S II, with a capacity of 1700mAh and 3200mAh respectively. I was pretty disappointed with the 1700mAh battery since it only offered a 50mAh boost in the capacity compared to the stock battery. The performance difference between the stock and the Mugen 1700mAh battery was going to be barely noticeable.


It was pretty much logical that the 3200mAh battery was going to offer stellar performance since it offered nearly double the capacity of the stock battery. The only real drawback of this extended battery is that it requires an extended backcover, and adds noticeable thickness to the phone. My main purpose of this review was to find out whether the extra bulge added by the extended battery is manageable or not. When I reviewed the Mugen extended battery for the HTC Desire Z, the extra thickness and weight added to an already thick and heavy phone, making things tough. It was quite a task to manage such a thick and heavy Desire Z.

So after using the Mugen 3200mAh battery for the Samsung Galaxy S II for nearly 3 to 4 weeks, here are my thoughts about it.


I have absolutely no doubt in my mind about the performance of the Mugen 3200mAh battery. The battery may add noticeable thickness to the phone, but its well worth a trade-off. After switching to the Mugen battery, I started playing more games, watching more videos and listening to music on my Samsung Galaxy S II, without the fear of the phone’s battery lasting me only a day. In fact, even after a day of extremely heavy usage, the phone still has enough battery left to last me at least another 12 hours of light usage.

On stock battery
On Mugen 3200mAh battery

Yes, I am using a leaked Android 2.3.4 firmware along with a custom kernel on my SGS2, which definitely has brought about a noticeable improvement in battery life. Make no mistake about the performance of the Mugen 3200mAh battery for the Galaxy S II. It will in no way disappoint you.

Thickness vs. Performance

While the Mugen 3200mAh battery does improve the battery life, it also adds noticeable thickness to the phone. Thankfully, the Samsung Galaxy S II is one of the slimmest (8.49mm) Android handsets around, and even after installing the 3200mAh, it remains fairly portable. This is, unlike other thick handsets, like the HTC Thunderbolt, where using an extended battery makes the already thick phone, a brick!



Now, the main question which most Mugen buyers ask themselves before buying their battery Is the improvement in battery life worth a trade-off for a thick phone? According to me, yes it is! The improvement in battery life thanks to the Mugen battery is tremendous, and is just too good to miss. For me, the extra bulk added by the battery is manageable, and I don’t have any issues in using the Mugen battery on a day-to-day basis. The bulk does make the beautiful SGS2 look ugly though.

Until there is some significant advancement in the world of battery technology, Mugen extended batteries are your and your phones’ best friend!

Interested readers can buy Mugen batteries for their handset from here.

Mugen Batteries Review For The Samsung Galaxy S And HTC Desire Z

Poor Battery life is one of the major issues with most of the Android phones out there. Previously, I wrote about an app called Juice Defender which helps in increasing the battery life of Android phones. However, tweaks and apps alone cannot make up for low capacity batteries in Android phones, especially from HTC.

Under heavy usage most of the Android phones will hardly last a day. Due to this, many hardcore Android handset owners buy a third party higher battery for their handset. These third party batteries come in two flavors one without an extended back cover and another one with a back cover, which usually adds a couple of inches thickness to the phone.

Mugen Battery is one popular third party high capacity battery manufacturer. The company has high capacity batteries available for nearly all Android, WP7 and Symbian handsets.

Recently, I got trial units of Mugen battery for the Samsung Galaxy S and the HTC Desire Z.

For the Samsung Galaxy S, Mugen offers two batteries one with a 1650mAh capacity, and another one with a whopping 3200mAh capacity and an extended back cover. Similarly, for the Desire Z, Mugen offers an 1800mAh battery along with a 3600mAh battery and an extended back door.


First up, the review of both the Mugen batteries available for the Samsung Galaxy S.

The 1650mAh battery from Mugen only has a slightly higher capacity from the OEM Galaxy S battery. I tried the battery with several different ROMs including CM7 and the stock ROM, and managed to squeeze out couple of hours worth of extra battery life compared to the stock/OEM battery. With the stock 1500mAh battery from Samsung, I get around 11 hours of battery life on 3G without Juice Defender.



The second 3200mAh battery from Mugen for the Galaxy S is the real show-stopper though. The extended back cover with the 3200mAh battery does make the Galaxy S noticeably thick, and heavy. However, the build quality and texture of the Mugen back cover is also better than the stock back cover from Samsung. It also helps in improving the grip on the SGS.

With this battery, I managed to get more than 2 days of continuous usage or heavy usage. With more than 4 hours of voice calls, a couple of hours of Tank Hero and Tilt Arena, and an hour of browsing on 3G, the battery lasted me 2 days 10 hours before dying.

The 1650mAh battery is a great buy for anyone who is looking for a spare or a replacement battery for his Galaxy S, without increasing the bulk of the phone.The 3200mAh battery is an easy recommendation to any Galaxy S owner who travels frequently, and is rarely around a power source.

Now, here is the review of the Mugen batteries for the HTC Desire Z.

The 1800mAh battery for the Desire Z from Mugen is a pretty big improvement over the stock 1300mAh battery, capacity wise. With the stock battery, the Desire Z lasts me around 14 hours on 3G with some heavy gaming and tweeting with 1 Gmail, Facebook and Twitter account syncing in the background. With the 1800mAh battery from Mugen, I was able to squeeze around 21 hours of battery life on more or less the same usage as stated before.


An increase in battery life by a whopping 7 hours, without replacing the battery cover is a huge improvement. I wonder if Mugen can fit in an 1800mAh battery, why does HTC ship a measly 1300mAh battery with the Desire Z.

The 3600mAh battery along with the extended back cover, when installed gives the Desire Z a very weird look. Unlike, the Galaxy S, the extended back cover on the Desire Z only covers a part of the handset. This is not a fault of the Mugen though. The Desire Z was never made with an extra-thick battery door in mind. The Mugen battery door is made up of plastic, unlike the original metal back plate found on the Z.


Now, like its lesser capacity sibling, this 3600mAh battery packs some serious punch. The Desire Z lasted a staggering 3 days and 5 hours, with still 10% of charge left. I used the phone for around 6+ hours of music via earphones, nearly an hour of Internet browsing on a mix of 3G and Wi-Fi, lots of tweeting with 1 Gmail, Facebook and Twitter account syncing in the background.

Readers should keep in mind that battery life will vary depending on their usage, but even then they can easily squeeze out more than 40+ hours of battery life from the 3600mAh battery.

I can easily recommend both the Mugen batteries 1800mAh and 3600mAh for the Desire Z. The former costs $44.95, while the latter costs a whopping $96.95.

At the end of this review, I can easily say that Mugen Battery is the best third party battery available for your precious phone. Not only do they increase the battery life substantially, they are also available in different sizes according to a users need.