Motorola CHARM Caught In The Wild

The upcoming T-Mobile’s Motorola CHARM/Basil has shown up in a leaked picture. According to reports, the Motorola CHARM sports a 3″ capacitive touchscreen and a physical QWERTY keyboard. It is also reported to have the proprietary MOTOBLUR UI over Android 2.1 OS.Motorola Charm

According to the leaked information, the Motorola CHARM will be hitting the US market next month. There are also reports that the T-Mobile retail stores are getting package called “Motorola Basil Project”. The T-Mobile has a habit of calling their future phone launches as Project. Maybe, the Motorola CHARM has something to do with this Project of T-Mobile.

Motorola Basil Project

Unfortunately, there is no more information regarding the specification of Motorola Charm. But for the meantime, we can hope for some more leaks and maybe the official announcement. You can also see our previous coverage of Motorola CHARM/Basil.

Update 7th July,2010: ┬áMotorola has officially announced the Motorola Charm. The Charm has a 2.8″ capacitive touchscreen of QVGA resolution. It will be sporting the MOTOBLUR UI over Android OS 2.1. It will also have a BACKTRACK navigation pad at the back, just like in a laptop. The camera resolution is of 3MP. More detailed specification will be reported soon.

(Source) Image Source TMONEWS

Motorola Basil Specifications Document Leaked

Looks like after T-Mobile launched the Samsung Vibrant they are now planning to launch a new Motorola device named Motorola Basil.

Motorola Basil Specifications Document

According to the leaked specification document pictured above, the Motorola Basil is a QWERTY phone with a large display. From the looks of it the phone definitely looks to big and like a PDA from earlier times.

TMO News speculates that the Motorola Basil is the Motorola Charm for which documents were leaked earlier? What do you think about the phone?