Big MotoACTV Update Rolling Out Now!

Remember the big MotoACTV update we talked about a few weeks ago? Well, the promised date from Motorola (7th March) came and went by without any news from the company. However, the company started rolling out the software update this last weekend for all MotoActv owners to enjoy.

If you had somehow missed the previous post, the new update for the Actv brings a lot of new features including 40 additional activities including Yoga, Pilates, Weight training and Martial Arts etc. Other usability changes include connecting the device to a Wi-Fi network without connecting it to a PC, the ability to wake up the device by simply shaking it, an improved battery life and much more. Most importantly, users will not need to connect the MotoACTV to a PC for any trivial task.

Below is a small video that Motorola uploaded demonstrating the 40 new activities the software update adds -:

MotoACTV owners can install the latest software update on their device by syncing the device to their computer. Users should then be automatically notified about the new software update. If not, well then keep trying!

MotoACTV To Get A Huge Update On March 7; Will Add 40 Additional Activities!

Last year, when Motorola announced the Droid RAZR, it also announced a sports tracking device for fitness freaks, the MotoACTV. When Motorola had originally announced the device, the ACTV was capable of tracking only outdoor sports activities, which required the use of a GPS.

However, Motorola has now announced in a blog post that it will soon be releasing a new software update for the MotoACTV that will add support for more than 40 new activities including yoga, Pilates, Dancing and Martial arts. The software update will also bring other enhancements like the ability to directly setup Wi-Fi on the device, host your own competitions and more. The update will also enable users to enable the display on the ACTV by just a flick. Hopefully, this software update from Motorola will make the ACTV appeal to a wider range of audience.

According to Motorola, this is just a ‘sneak peek’ of what the new software update is going to bring to the ACTV. The new update for the ACTV is scheduled to go live on March 7 around the world.


MOTOACTV Gets a Software Update

Motorola has started rolling out a new software update for the MOTOACTV, a device aimed at active people. The new software update (v4.55.xx) brings in quite a few changes, including an improved battery life, and some new features, which quite a few people would appreciate.

Below is the full change-log of the update -:

Longer Battery Life

MOTOACTV’s indoor/outdoor battery life is now better than ever before with up to 9 hours of
uninterrupted workout time outdoors.

Battery Status Bar

Now you can now see how long your battery will last via the handy Status Bar. Just monitor your
percentage and make the most of your workout time!

Workout Screen Lock

Ever activate your Workout Screen through accidental contact? Problem solved. Now you can lock it to
prevent unwanted display activation. Just Double Press the Power key to lock and unlock your workout

Enhanced Auto-Pause and Auto-Run

Now you can take a break from the action and pause your workout manually, even if Auto-Pause is
enabled. You can also choose between indoor/outdoor Auto-Run options.

Repeat a Planned Workout

You’re now free to repeat a planned workout even if it had been previously started.

Additional Enhancements Include:

  • WAHOO BLE HRM Strap support has been added.
  • Enhanced syncing planned interval workouts to
  • Workout metrics have been reordered for easier searching.
  • Improved WiFi syncing when multiple networks are configured.
  • Optimized list of workout metrics so you can search for your favorites easier.
  • Pressing the BACK key on any Home screen brings up the watch face.

MOTOACTV owners need to connect their device to their PC so that they can update it, since it does not support OTA updates.

While the MOTOACTV is a very good device for fitness freaks, I personally cannot justify spending 249.99$ on it. Using fitness apps like Endomondo or Runkeeper on my Android handset gives me the same functionality as MOTOACTV.


MotoACTV Ripped Open and Rooted

A couple of months ago, Motorola announced the MotoACTV, which is a basically a sports tracker. The ACTV is meant for active people, who regularly do some physical exercises and are interested in logging their work out and analyzing how much calories they burnt, their heart beat rate etc.

The ACTV runs on a customized version of Android 2.3 Gingerbread, and like every other Android gadget released released in the last year or so, has been rooted as well. In fact, the developer who rooted his ACTV even went ahead and ripped it open. Inside, he found an OMAP 3630 SoC running at 600MHz, along with 256MB of RAM and the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and FM Radio chips.

The developer also managed to install the Honeycomb 1.8 launcher on the ACTV, and was successfully able to get access to Android Market and other Google Apps like GMail and Google Maps. In fact, the developer even managed to get Angry Birds up and running on the ACTV. Interested MotoACTV users can find all the required instructions and file to root their gadget here.