First Photo Of Facebook Phone [Geeky Fun]

If you have been reading tech news today, you might have come across the news that was speculated to be building a Facebook phone but later denied it. Trust the Internet to make fun out of news like these and come up with some really tacky things, remember the  announcement?

So, if you are up for some fun, here is the first photo of the Facebook Phone created by Sean Percival, all the Pun intended Winking smile.



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iPhone 4 Launch In 17 Countries This Friday

After a problematic launch and shortage of devices along with the Antenna issues and promise of free bumpers and full refunds for iPhone 4 users, Apple is finally going to launch the in 17 more countries this Friday.


According to a Press Release from Apple, 4 will launch in 17 countries this Friday, July 30. Customers from Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Singapore, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland can purchase the iPhone 4 through Apple’s retail and online stores and Apple Authorized resellers.

The pricing for the iPhone in these countries have not yet been announced, however, the US 16 GB iPhone 4 sells for $199 and 32GB model sells for $299. Users can expect the price to be slightly higher than this. Except for UK and Canada most of the countries will only be able to purchase a locked iPhone 4 with a contract.

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Nokia C6 Coming To India In September

Nokia C6, which is one of the most awaited phones in India will finally be launched in India in September. Nokia C6 has a 3.2 inch HD touchscreen with slide-out QWERTY keyboard, 5 megapixel camera, Wi-Fi, Built-in GPS and OVI Maps.

Nokia C6

Nokia C6 is a QWERTY based slider phone which has caught the imagination of people in India due to its fantastic features and low price. Nokia C6 also provides users with an option to use widgets on the home screen, so you can add a and widget and view all your social networking updates at a glance.

The C6 comes in two different colors – white and black and also has integration with instant messengers from Yahoo, Google Talk, MSN Messenger and others through OVI Chat. The phone also has a secondary camera for video calling and can be used to record videos too. A 2GB MicroSD card is included with the phone, however, you can also update the memory up to 16GB.

Nokia C6 is expected to be launched in India in the first week of September and will be sold for a price between Rs. 13,000 and Rs. 15,000.

(Source: PWI)

Purchase Nokia C6 Unlocked Phones From Amazon for ~$250: White Unlocked Nokia C6 | Black Unlocked Nokia C6

Motorola Launches 5 Cheap Phones in India

Motorola which has been seeing declining sales in the Indian markets due to several other cheap mobile phone makers, has introduced 5 new cheap entry level handsets in India. The low cost handsets will be launched under the MOTOYUVA brand.

All the new Motorola handsets are priced between Rs. 1,490 and Rs. 2,890 and offer basic functionalities like color display, FM radio, USB port and memory slot. Motorola has unveiled the WX181, WX260, WX265, WX290 and WX295 phones in India.

MOTO WX181 Details


The MOTO W181 is the most basic of these devices and does not have a memory slot. The phone supports GSM 900/1800 and also has a Mini USB connection. In addition to that the phone also has a built-in FM Radio player. The display is 1.5 inches, 128×128 pixels and supports 65K colors. It also has support for midi ringtones, screensavers and . MOTO WX181 is the cheapest phone and will sell for Rs. 1,490.

MOTO WX260 Details


Unlike the MOTO W181, MOTO WX260 has a memory slot expansion through a MicroSD card and can store up to 800 address entries on the phone. The phone also has a FM radio player.  MOTO WX260 also has a 1.8 inch, 128×160 pixels display with 65K TFT. Data can be expanded up to 2GB using a MicroSD card.

MOTO WX260 supports midi and MP3 ringtones and also supports wallpapers. The phone is again a GSM 900/1800 and also supports GPRS Class 10 and Mini USB connectivity.

MOTO WX265 Details


MOTO WX265 is a "Flip phone" and is a bit advanced than the first two phones. It also has support MicroSD cards up to 2GB and also has Bluetooth connectivity. The phone also has FM Radio, GPRS Class 10 support and Mini USB connectivity. MOTO WX265 also comes with preloaded Games and support MP3 ringtones. The display of the MOTO WX265 is 65K TFT with a 1.8 inch, 128×160 pixels screen.

MOTO WX290 Details


MOTO WX290 is a advanced phone in the 5 phones released and has a VGA camera, along with support for Bluetooth connectivity, GPRS Class 10 support and USB Connectivity. MOTO WX290 also has support for a MicroSD card which can be expanded to 2GB. The display is same as the MOTO @X265 and it also has a built-in FM Radio and MP3 ringtones.

MOTO WX295 Details


MOTO WX295 is the most advanced phone of the lot and is a "Flip phone" with a VGA camera. Just like the other phones WX295 also has a MicroSD card support up to 2GB and Bluetooth connectivity. WX295 also has FM radio support and has games preloaded with the device. There are two displays on the phone and the internal is 1.8 inch, 128×160 pixels whereas the external display is 96×16 pixels.

Considering that Nokia is the king in the Indian market and people have lots of cheap options available along with several cheap Dual SIM phones in India, this strategy of targeting  lower end consumers by Motorola may help them gain more market share.

LG Cookie Zip Launched in India For Rs 8,299

LG has launched a new set of their Cookie phone line-up in India with Cookie Zip also known as LG 510. LG had earlier also launched Cookie Fresh and Cookie Plus in India. LG Cookie Zip will retail for Rs. 8,299.

LG Cookie Zip

LG Cookie Zip is a CDMA phone and has a 3 inch touchscreen display. Cookie Zip also has a 2MP camera with 2X digital zoom which cal also record videos. LG Cookie Zip boasts of fast download speeds and Live television using the EVDO platform.

Cookie Zip also includes usual smartphone features Bluetooth, MP3 player, FM radio, video messages, video streaming and more. Like with many other phones being launched in the Indian market, Cookie Zip comes integrated with social networking apps for , , MySpace and which is one of the biggest social networking site in India.

Cookie Zip comes with an internal memory of 72MB which can be expanded to 4GB with the help of a MicroSD card. LG also promises that Cookie Zip has a talk time of 5 hours and a standby time of over 150 hours. The phone will be available in retail markets soon and will be priced Rs. 8,299.

3 Adds Xperia X10 Mini Pro and HTC Wildfire Phones

The 3 Network in UK has added the Xperia X10 Mini Pro and HTC Wildfire phones to its catalog of available phones. HTC Wildfire runs on whereas Xperia Mini Pro runs on a customized version of 1.6.


Xperia X10 Mini Pro will be available in two colors: black and white starting 9 July, 2010. The HTC Wildfire has already started selling since July 2 and is available in the Metal Mocha color. Both Xperia X10 Mini and HTC Wildfire are available for £30 a month on 3’s One plan with 2,000 any network minutes, 5,000 3 network minutes, 5,000 texts, 1GB of data and a six month free subscription to Spotify Premium.

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Xperia X10 Mini Pro has some impressive specifications and is one of the smallest Android based phones. HTC Wildfire on the other hand is a smaller version of Desire and is expected to get an update in the next few months. 3 is also offering both Xperia X10 Mini Pro and HTC Wildfire on pay as you go, where you have to pay £199 for the HTC Wildfire and £249 for the Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro.

Samsung Intercept Runs Android 2.1, $100 on Sprint Starting July 11

Sprint and Samsung have officially announced the availability of Samsung Intercept, a phone which runs on and has a full QWERTY keyboard, large touch-screen display and a premium social networking experience.

Samsung Intercept

Samsung Intercept has a 3.2 inch display, 3.2 MP camera which supports video and a full slide-out QWERTY keyboard. Samsung Intercept also packs in several social networking apps and includes one touch picture posting to top social sites like and .

Samsung Intercept operates on the Sprint 3G network and also supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The phone also has a integrated GPS navigation and accelerometer. The phone comes with a MicroSD card which can be expanded up to 32 GB. Sprint Wireless is the official carrier for Samsung Intercept and will start selling the device from July 11, 2010 at a retail price of $99.99 (excluding taxes). More info and details about pricing and data plans can be found in the official Sprint press release here.

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5 Billion Active Mobiles By 2010 End

There is no doubt that smartphones has exploded into the market making its way into the pockets of users and replacing several desktop and laptops in the process. Mobiles which were a replacement for landline phones have quickly grown from being a device you make a phone call from to becoming a device you can almost do pretty much everything with, at-least in a basic way.


Image Credit: Flare Network

However, the mobile growth has not yet peaked and it will continue to grow in the coming years. According to a recent study by ABI Research, the total number of active mobile connections is expected to grow to 5 billion by 2010 end.

Most of the growth is expected to be registered in Africa and Asia-Pacific regions. India, which has one of the largest mobile population had already crossed 529 million users sometime back and now has more than 600 million mobile subscribers. At the same time the Africa telecom industry has also been growing at an healthy pace.

In addition to this, developing nations like India and Africa also have several choices with low-end handsets being launched there every day. This in turn makes it easier for people to get their hands on a mobile phone. The 5 billion mobile mark will definitely be a huge milestone, considering that 5 billion people may not even have access to broadband internet.

This number might grow significantly in future when more internet tablets are launched. Though internet devices may not be mobile phones, they are pretty close to the features you can find in one. However, the smartphone growth may not be as dramatic in developing nations due to the cost.

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Oscar Electronics Launches 10 Dual SIM Phones in India

It looks like India is getting a lot of attention these days with lot of global and local mobile manufacturers introducing mobile phones and smartphones into the market.

Oscar Mobile Phones

Oscar Electronics is one such new entrant into the Indian telecom industry, and they have unveiled 10 new Dual SIM phones in the Indian market. Most of the Oscar phones will be low-end and will be priced between Rs. 1,700 and Rs. 4,500.

Most of the Oscar mobile phones will have multimedia options which include FM Radio, MP3 and video playback along with a decent camera to take pictures. Oscar will be launching mobile phones named N1, N2, J1, J2, J3, J4, K2, K3 and Z1.

Oscar phones will also be social networking capable which is what many users want these days and some of the phones will also sport a QWERTY keyboard. Oscar phones will be available in Northern India and the rest of the country for a price between Rs. 1,700 and Rs. 4,500.


Intex Launches Dual SIM QWERTY Phone IN 6633 for Rs. 4500

Intex mobiles has launched another Dual SIM phone with a QWERTY keypad called Intex IN 6633 for Rs. 4500. The phone supports two GSM SIM cards at a time.

Intex IN 6633

Intex IN 6633 has a 2.3 inch TFT display which supports up to 256K colors. It weighs just 100gms and has a QWERTY keypad. The phone also comes with FM Radio, FM Recording, Audio Player, Sound Recorder, Video player and Video Recorder.

IN 6633 sports a 2MP VGA camera and can also act like a webcam. The phone supports the GSM 900/1800 bands and also has Bluetooth support. The factory model of IN 6633 comes with 78MB internal memory which can be expanded to 8GB using a Micro SD card.

In addition to that the phone also supports Auto call recording and auto call rejecting and supports 10 PUSH email accounts. Intex IN 6633 will be available at retail outlets and will cost Rs. 4500.