Intex Sense Budget Phone Launched In India For Rs.3690

Intex is one of the leading companies in IT hardware, consumer electronics and mobile phones. This company is popularly known for manufacturing entry-level feature phones in India. Intex recently launched the new Intex Sense budget phone. The stylish Intex Sense comes with a 3.2 inch touchscreen display as well as a 3 megapixel camera.

The Intex Application Store – WStore available in the phone is preloaded with 41 international and popular games including the Doodle Jump, Angry Birds, Gears of War, Guns & Glory, Need for Speed and Gogo Box.

Commenting on the launch, Sanjay Kumar, GM, Mobile Business, Intex Technologies (India) Ltd. said,

“We are a consumer oriented company and with every launch, we aim to address the changing needs of our customers. People in today’s time are looking for a phone that offers not only great features but also one that is dependable. When paired with numerous features and exciting applications such as weather forecasts, vocabulary, movie and books, INTEX SENSE offers a unique experience that is simply unmatched in the market at this price point.”

intex sense

The Intex Sense features a 3.2 inch touchscreen display, 3 megapixel rear camera with dual LED flash, 1.3 megapixel front facing-camera, 79 MB internal memory, microSD card slot, 4 GB microSD card bundled, 4.5 hours of talktime and 380 hours of stand-by time. This handset comes pre-loaded with some of the famous books, ranging from classic to fiction and from thriller to general science, etc. Additionally, the user can save upto 500 books in secondary storage of the phone.

The Intex Sense comes with a price-tag of just Rs.3690 (approx. $75). This handset will be available in black and white colors. You can easily get this device at 70 Intex Squares (exclusive retail stores) and several retailers across the country.

Microsoft’s Secret Dual-Screen Phone Concept

For those who’ve been following  Microsoft  closely might recollect the translucent dual screen phone shown in the  awe-inspiring  Office Labs Vision 2019 video. Last year I came across a patent application where Microsoft described the concept . In another application I found months before the details on the phone shown in the Office Labs video showed a dual screen translucent remote that showed buttons based on which side was facing upwards.

These two patents bring me to a new application on dual screen phones. While I’m not optimistic that we will be seeing this particular hardware anytime soon, especially from Microsoft, it shows how a translucent dual screen phone with one side being able to change buttons dynamically can take us into the future. This application shows  possibilities  similar to the one presented by the one shown by Office Labs.

Here are some images from the patent application:

Having springs and hinges in a phone isn’t the best hardware design. Too many moving parts, screens and keyboards go loose & the phones are heavy.


Exclusive: Xperia Duo Picture Leaked?

has been working on a lot of new phones lately. Just couple of months back, they launched the Xperia Play and Xperia Arc. Now there have been rumors that a new phone is under works named the Xperia Duo.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Duo Leaked

The Xperia Duo has been rumored since January when the first set of pictures were leaked. Earlier, this month another round of images for the Xperia Duo was leaked.

An anonymous tipster send us a new picture of what might be the Xperia Duo, you can take a look at the image above.  The phone looks similar to other Sony Ericsson models and could actually be the Xperia Duo. What do you think? Is this the actual Xperia Duo pictures?

Thanks Sven.

Apple Selling Unlocked GSM iPhone 4 for $649

For the past few years since Apple launched the , they have been reluctant to sell the phone without carriers. Apple started out by selling the phone with AT&T and gradually added Verizon as a carrier last year.

iPhone 4

One of the biggest problem with this was that people were restricted to only these two carriers and could not switch to others without jailbreaking their iPhone and then unlocking the iPhone. However, that might be a thing of the past since Apple today introduced unlocked in their store.

The Unlocked iPhone 4 can be purchased without any contract and can be used on any compatible GSM network. The 16GB unlocked iPhone 4 will set you back by $649, whereas the 32GB Unlocked iPhone 4 will cost you $749. Apple is selling both the black and white iPhone 4 for the same price.

With the introduction of unlocked iPhone’s Apple has opened up a new market which was earlier unavailable to them. Users of networks such as Sprint and US Cellular can now just buy the iPhone 4 and use it with their own networks without having to go through the pain of unlocking the device.

It definitely appears like a very smart and strategic move by Apple who have been buoyed by the growth of rival platform . This move will see Apple’s iOS share growing in markets that were earlier unavailable to them.

You can buy an unlocked iPhone 4 from the Apple store here.

Speeding Ticket? Give Us All Your Cell Phone Data

The Michigan State Police have been testing a high-tech device that can be used to extract information from cell phones. The CelleBrite UFED is able to copy most of the data on over 2500 different mobile devices, often in less than 2 minutes. A sales brochure says this device offers the following:

cellebright-ufedThe UFED system extracts vital information from 95% of all cellular phones on the market today, including smartphones and PDA devices (Palm OS, Microsoft, Blackberry, Symbian, iPhone, and Google Android). Simple to use even in the field with no PC required, the UFED can easily store hundreds of phonebooks and content items onto an SD card or USB flash drive.

For nearly three years, the ACLU of Michigan (American Civil Liberties Union), has repeatedly asked what the State Police were doing with the UFED. So far, their FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests have been delayed or ignored by Michigan officials.

An ACLU spokesman says:

policemanThrough these many requests for information we have tried to establish whether these devices are being used legally. It’s telling that Michigan State Police would rather play this stalling game than respect the public’s right to know.

The ACLU fears that the next time you get stopped for speeding in Michigan, you’ll be handing over your cell phone, and your entire mobile history, to the nice officers.

Check out this video of the Cellebrite in action on CSI NY. Deleted cellphone data isn’t really deleted?


Nokia T7-00 Images and Specs Leaked; Looks Like Mini Nokia N8

Last month, Nokia managed to oust a new phone they are working on called Nokia T7-00. The phone was supposedly going to run Symbian^3 and had a resolution like the .

Nokia T7 Body

Today a Chinese website (via GSM Arena) managed to get their hands on some Nokia T7-00 pictures and specifications. Sadly, the phone is short of my expectations and looks like a stripped down version of the Nokia N8.

Nokia T7 will most like have a 8 Megapixel camera with a display size of 360 x 640 pixels. The phone will support Bluetooth, WLAN, GSM, WCDMA and HSPDA among other networks. The T7 will also have a 700Mhz ARM11 processor which will also support 3D graphics through and OpenGL 2.0. Nokia T7 will also have a HDMI out for videos.

The Nokia T7 might also be rebranded as a NSeries phone instead of TSeries as the pictures suggest. However, if this news is correct then I will be sorely disappointed because I was expecting a lot more from this device.

Also, I don’t understand why Nokia is still stuck with processors under 1Ghz since more of the smartphones that come out today sport that as a minimum. Looking at the pictures though suggests that the phone is not going to be sold as an high-end device, but why create a competitor for the Nokia C7/Nokia Astound? Wasn’t it similar to the Nokia N8 already that you are introducing a similar phone with a different name?

I am not sure who makes decisions at Nokia, but this truly baffles me. Check out some more pictures of the Nokia T7 below.

Nokia T7 Back

Nokia T7 HDMI

Nokia T7 Apps

Mobile Phone Penetration Across The World [Infographic]

At this point of time I have 4 mobile phones on me, my colleague has two and my boss has about 5 (he changes them regularly). Now that is not an amazing stat in itself, however, as you can see we have a huge mobile penetration amongst ourselves.

Now, that in African regions there is only one phone used by around 2.4 users or 4 phones for every 10 persons. In Europe the penetration is 0.8 people per mobile or 13 phones every 10 people. In Italy almost all users have 2 phones whereas in US there is 1 mobile for every 1.1 person.

These stats come from the latest data made available from the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) which breaks down and tracks the number of people for every SIM card subscription across different continents.

The folks at Nokia Conversations created an infographic that shows mobile phone distributions across several continents from this data. You can see the infographic below.

Mobile Phone Penetration Infographic

So how many phones do you own? Do let me know through your comments.

Sony Xperia Arc Hands-on Pictures and Videos

After the Sony Xperia Play (see hands-on video and pictures of Xperia Play), I also had a chance to play with the new Xperia Arc phone, and just like the Play, the Arc is lightweight and feels like a feather in your hand.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc

The Xperia Arc specs are pretty good and has a 8MP HD Camera, 4.2 inches screen and is really thin at 8.7mm. I liked the Xperia Arc as the display is brilliant and is based on the Bravia. Xperia Arc comes with 2.3 .

Sony Xperia Arc will be available in Canada on Rogers starting April 15th, however, there is   no release date yet for the US version as they are still negotiating with carriers. Catch up on our hands-on video and pictures of Xperia Arc after the break.

Sony Xperia Play Hands-on Pictures and Video

Sony Xperia Play, the PlayStation phone from Sony will be out shortly. It brings together a phone and a gaming device and clubs them into a single device.

I had a chance to play around with the Xperia Play at CTIA 2011 and it was definitely worth all the hype. The gaming is smooth and the controls are very similar to a controller for a game console.

I was able to play a few games including Asphalt 6, Sims 3 and Madden NFL and the experience was really good. The Xperia Play will come out with 5 full games pre-loaded for free and have about 50 game titles for sale at launch.

If you are looking to get a complete gaming experience on a phone, the Xperia Play is the phone to buy. Take a look at some pictures and a hands-on video of Xperia Play after the break.

Are You Too Stupid to Cross a Street While on the Phone?

no-cell-phoneAccording to Carl Kruger, a state senator from Brooklyn, New York, you are too stupid to cross a street while talking on a cell phone. Therefore, Carl wants to save New York pedestrians by passing a law making it illegal to use an electronic device while crossing a street on foot. Some are calling it the iPod Bill.

deer-crossing-signA recent report released by the Governors Highway Safety Association, blames a 0.4% increase in pedestrian fatalities on electronic distractions, such as mobile phones and iPods, even though the causes haven’t been proven. Maybe there are actually more people on foot because of the 8.2% New York unemployment rates? Maybe people are walking more to avoid the higher gas prices?

Like many bright politicians, Senator Kruger keeps an eye out for any potential problems that might kill any future voters. He was quoted by the New York Times as saying “We’re taught from knee-high to look in both directions, wait, listen and then cross. You can perform none of those functions if you are engaged in some kind of wired activity.

kruger-ny-state-senatorDid we elect officials like Kruger to protect us from common every day activities, instead of doing things like balancing the state budget? It’s possible that the Senator believes that the $100 fines collected from violators of this new law might offset the current $64.8 billion dollar New York state debt.

policemanThese fines might provide the money needed to hire more police. The additional police could patrol the crosswalks so that they can collect even more fees. The average New York municipal policeman’s salary is about $60, 000. The cop would only have to bust about 600 people a year to break even. That sounds reasonable, right?

If this law is passed and deemed successful, maybe we’ll start seeing even better laws. Should senators chew gum while walking?