AT&T Will Enable MMS on iPhone This Friday

MMS or Multimedia messages is a way of sending multimedia content as a short message on mobile phones.

iPhone users had all the goodies but many of them sorely missed the MMS feature a personalized way to share multimedia content with close ones.


Maybe AT&T and Apple always thought that email was the best way to share content, MMS has always been a crowd favorite to make sharing both instant and personal.

According to a official update on the official AT&T account MMS will be available starting Friday, 25th September 2009.

MMS Update: We know you’ve been eager for this service so we wanted to offer a quick update on the launch plans for MMS on Friday, Sept. 25. Late morning, Pacific Time, on Friday, the new carrier settings update enabling MMS should be live and ready to download through iTunes. We’ll provide the steps and all of the details you need right here at that time.

The big question now is that whether AT&T will be able to sustain the additional load on their traffic? Will they start charging iPhone users more for MMS? We will have more details on these things once they officially release this to users.

By the way did you miss the MMS feature on the iPhone? Will you use it to send multimedia content? Do let us know about it.

The new update to enable MMS feature will be available through iTunes, so make sure to run the update to be able to start sending MMS.

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