Google’s Andy Rubin Fire’s Back at Apple: Defines Open

Yesterday, in a short but fiery presentation Apple’s CEO took potshots at iPhone’s biggest competitor – Google Android. As Chinmoy wrote earlier today, Jobs challenged “everything Android – from the openness, to the fragmentation, and the tablet experience”.

Steve Jobs also gave his (rather comical) definition of open. The Apple chief, who claimed that the first thing that popped into his mind when he thought about the word “open” was Windows, admonished Android for failing to offer a consistent experience to all Android users.

As you can imagine, Google isn’t pleased with what Jobs had to say. Andy Rubin, the man in charge of the Android platform, has shot back at Apple through Twitter. Rubin used his long dormant Twitter account to share his definition of open.

the definition of open: “mkdir android ; cd android ; repo init -u git:// ; repo sync ; make”


While Rubin didn’t explicitly mention Apple, it doesn’t take a brainiac to figure out who he is targeting with his first tweet. This controversy is particularly strange because “open” isn’t such a hard word to define. I have a pretty well-defined opinion regarding exactly what being “open” is all out. It essentially refers to freedom. It might be freedom to choose, freedom to redistribute or simply freedom to modify. Apple’s repeated attempts to redefine “open” is frankly distasteful. Rubin’s definition might be geeky, but his ideas are definitely closer to the conventional wisdom. But then, nothing about Jobs is conventional.

Android 4.0 Will Be Called ‘Ice Cream’

You are probably aware that each release of Android uses a dessert as its codename. For example, the current Android release (2.2) goes by the codename FroYo (Frozen Yogurt), while the next release (3.0) will be called Gingerbread. We also know that Android 3.5 will be codenamed Honeycomb. Now, Forbes is reporting that Android 4.0 will bear the codename “Ice Cream”.


This particular bit of information comes by the way of ARM President Tudor Brown. When pressed for comment, a Google spokesperson informed Forbes, The next platform release names are Gingerbread and Honeycomb. Additional timing and details have not been released yet.

So, what do you think about the codename “Ice Cream”? In my honest opinion, it is a tad mundane, and is possibly the worst after Cupcake. But then, I guess there aren’t too many simple and catchy dessert names that begin with an ‘i’.

Watch Windows Phone 7 Launch, Keynotes & Event Online

Microsoft will be unveiling the Windows Phone 7 tomorrow at their New York office. October has been a big month for Microsoft in the past with them launching the popular two years back, so will this date bring them luck with Windows Phone 7 too?

Windows Phone 7

Microsoft is set to launch at-least 3-4 new phones on the AT&T network with Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and AT&T Mobility CEO and President Ralph de la Vega set to address keynotes.

The event will kick off at 9:30AM EDT/6:30AM PST (Check your local timing here) with several new Windows Phone 7 devices being unveiled along with Microsoft showcasing new software for the Windows Phone 7.

The Windows Phone 7 launch will be webcast live at Microsoft’s website. If you are interested in catching up on the event, you can do so by visiting

We’ll keep you’ll up with the news from the launch event, so make sure to subscribe to our mobile RSS feeds to keep yourself updated.

Dev Team Is Not Pleased About GeoHot’s Comeback

Oh my God, there is a big big problem in the jailbreaking community and it is not about Apple’s closed system. It is more about what is happening with GeoHot’s announcement that he is going to come back into the jailbreaking scene with his latest offering Limera1n.

GeoHot and Dev Team Problems

Limera1n which is a lifetime jailbreak for all Apple devices from GeoHot exploits a bootrom exploit which the Dev team has been working on, but GeoHot’s announcement to release this to pubic is definitely not going down well with the Dev team.

For a prolog, GeoHot’s decision to quit the jailbreaking scene had similar reactions, from the public though. You might want to read up the comments on this post to learn about it.

So if this going to create a long term issue within the jailbreaking community who help users jailbreak iPhone, jailbreak iPod Touch and jailbreak iPad? Well, the next few days will make things more clearer.

Full Version of Angry Birds for Android Coming Next Week


The wait is almost over! The full version of Angry Birds – arguably the most addictive mobile game on the planet, will be launching in the Android Market next week. Angry Birds has gone on to become a phenomenon with the iOS version (iPhone, iPad, iPod etc.) amassing in excess of 6.5 million sales. Heck, it might even be adapted into a movie.

The beta version for Android was released last month and garnered a favorable review from us. According to a tweet by Revo Mobile, the developer of Angry Birds, the final version will feature full multi-tasking support. This will enable the game to save its state when interrupted in-between a level.

The demo of Angry Birds has only a handful of levels and left most Android users craving for more. I know that I will be purchasing the final version when it comes out. Will you?

Opera Monetizes the World’s Most Popular Mobile Web Browser with Open Mobile Ad Exchange

Regular readers of Techie Buzz might remember that, earlier this year, Opera Software had acquired mobile advertising network AdMarvel. At that time, I dubbed the move as “surprising” and commented, “Although it is hard to guess exactly what Opera is planning to do with AdMarvel, it is fairly safe to assume that AdMarvel will play a role in helping Opera better monetize their mobile offerings”. Now, we know exactly how Opera Software is planning to monetize its mobile offerings.


Opera has just launched Open Mobile Ad Exchange, which serves “cloud-based advertising on feature phones and smartphones”. We have spent the last ten years building a mobile browser that delivers a great user experience,said Lars Boilesen, CEO, Opera Software, Today marks a new chapter in our company, helping publishers, developers and mobile operators drive their mobile revenues by reaching out to and engaging a savvy global audience. Whether you want to monetize a free site or application or raise the visibility of your existing content, the Open Mobile Ad Exchange gives you a single point of access and control.

Open Mobile Ad Exchange requires publishers to insert a JavaScript code into their websites. This script automatically serves targeted ads when the webpage is viewed in Opera Mini and other mobile browsers. Unlike some of the other mobile advertisement networks, it doesn’t insert ads into the app itself. Instead, the advertisements are served as regular website ads. This is an interesting way to approach monetization. It is definitely better for the users, since any advertisement that is embedded into the application itself will probably end up taking half of the screen real-estate on low resolution handsets. However, the big challenge for Opera will be to encourage publishers to participate in its advertising platform. Although Opera has a sizeable reach with more than 66.5 million users, Opera Mini still accounts for less than 1% of visitors on most websites.

Skype for Android Now Available For Download from the Market

Skype-Android-DownloadSkype has been hammered in the past for entering into an exclusive agreement with Verizon. The lack of an official Skype client on Android infuriated and frustrated many of its dedicated users. In response to the criticism, Skype had promised to deliver a “direct to consumer app to the Android marketplace”. Now, after a long wait, they have finally delivered.

Skype for Android is now available worldwide (excluding China and Japan) through the Market. The app supports free Skype-to-Skype calls, cheap Skype-to-phone calls, free instant messaging, group conferences and more. While the app is capable of working over both WiFi and 3G, in the US, calls are supported only over WiFi.

Skype-Android-Download-QR-CodeHead over to or use the attached QR code to download the app. Although the app should run on all devices with Android 2.1 (or newer), it has been officially tested only on HTC and Motorola devices. The official blog post acknowledges some problems with the Samsung Galaxy S, and has promised to fix them soon.

Aircel Launches Mobile HealthCare Services

With everything that we use in our day – to – day lives, going online – why should health care stay back? Aircel has launched a first of it’s kind tele-healthcare delivery service for mobile phones in association with the Apollo Hospitals Group. Aimed at addressing the healthcare needs of the masses through tele-medicine, this service provides online interactive healthcare in real-time basis by utilising modern technology and telecommunications.

According to Aircel’s Chief Operating Officer, this new service will allow patients to consult physicians and specialists over video for immediate health care. These services will gradually go pan-India and even people living in remote areas, villages and small towns will be most benefited from it. This sounds nice, but the question is in rural areas people are reluctant to spend money for even basic health, so will they go for this all new mobile health care service?

The Aircel Apollo Mobile HealthCare’ service will be available at Rs.45 per month. The service is slated to launch during this Diwali and will be available in Chennai and Tamil Nadu circles.

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RIM’s BlackBerry Woes Continue: India Rejects Proposed Decryption Solution

BlackBerryYou are probably aware that the Indian government has been gunning at Research in Motion – the manufacturer of the popular Blackberry series of handsets, due to concerns over the misuse of Blackberry’s encrypted messaging system by terrorists. Towards the end of August, RIM finally appeared to have succeeded in placating the government’s concerns by agreeing to set up a server in India. However, according to The Economic Times, RIM’s woes are far from being over.

The department of telecommunications (DoT) has rejected the solution proposed by Research in Motion on the grounds that it doesn’t allow security agencies to obtain email and chat communications in plain text (unencrypted/decrypted) form.

RIM has been under fire from several nations including Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Even the United Nation’s telecommunications agency urged it to share data with law enforcement agencies. RIM has been insisting that it doesn’t have a magical key to decrypt the data which is protected using end to end encryption. It will be interesting to see how RIM responds to this new development. If it doesn’t manage to come up with a satisfactory solution by the end of this month, then the one million BlackBerry subscribers in India might have to do without BlackBerry services like e-mail and chat.

Nokia N8 Begins Shipping

Nokia has announced that the N8 has begun shipping worldwide. Customers who pre-ordered the N8, either through Nokia’s online shop or through retail stores, will obviously get first preference. Broad availability is expected in a few weeks, with the exact date depending upon the country and operator.


Nokia N8 got off to a rough start, with a harsh review from Eldar Murtazin. However, Jo Harlow, Senior Vice President, Smartphones, Nokia revealed, The Nokia N8 has received the highest amount of consumer pre-orders in Nokia history and we are thrilled to start shipments of the N8, the first of Nokia’s new Symbian smartphone range”.

The N8 features the new Symbian^3 operating system and boasts of a 3.5″ display, and 12-megapixel camera with 720p HD video recording. Although the Symbian operating system might be a turnoff for many, the N8 is a full-featured device with unique features like USB On-The-Go that will entice power users and fans of the Symbian operating system.