iOS4 Jailbreak For iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G and iPod Touch Coming Soon

was released to public earlier today and we shared some screenshots and tips on how to use folders with iOS4 along with multitasking with iOS4.


Along with that, the dev team also announced the Ultrasn0w unlock for baseband between 04.26.08 thru 05.13.04, however, the redsn0w tool to jailbreak iPhone has not yet been updated.

This means that there is no way to jailbreak the as of now, and of course because of that you cannot unlock your iPhone too. However, the good news is that the iPhone dev team posted an update that jailbreaking tool for the iPhone was being updated and will be released shortly.

Remember that the redsn0w jailbreak did work on the iOS4 GM, so it should not be long before it will also work for the official iOS4 release.

So if you have not yet updated to iOS4, you better hold on till a jailbreak update is available, because if you do and rely on a carrier unlock, you will not be able to use your device.

Have fun, we will keep you updated when the iOS4 jailbreak is out for users to download.

Image Credit: LonePlaceBo

Unlock iOS4 iPhone With Ultrasn0w 0.9.3

Ultrasn0w has been updated to version 0.9.3 and will allow you to unlock your running iOS4 with baseband between 04.26.08 thru 05.13.04.

Ultrasn0w iPhone iOS4 Unlock

Ultrasn0w 0.9.3 is available in Cydia stores using the repo To add a repo go to the Cydia store and add it as a new repository. Read instructions to learn how to add a new repo to Cydia.

However, before you unlock your iPhone, you will have to jailbreak iPhone . The only tool that can jailbreak right now is the redsn0w tool, which is available for both Windows and Mac users.

The Cydia store will only be available after you have jailbroken your iPhone. If you are unable to jailbreak you iPhone yet, keep tuned in, we will post the latest details on jailbreaking your iPhone running iOS4 shortly.

HTC Desire ROM for Acer Liquid Now Available

The cooks at XDA have released a new HTC Desire ROM for the Acer Liquid phone. For , only Donut radio is supported as of now.

Android 2.2 Froyo

However, the ROM is too buggy right now and only supports few features including Touchscreen, buttons, GSM calls, 3D, 2D, sound. The ROM does not support mobile data connection and SD card.

With the bugs and limited support this ROM is only useful if you are looking to test things out, other than that just leave it aside.

More info and ROM download at XDA.

HTC Threatening ROM Cooks/Rooters With Legal Action?

Looks like HTC is turning to become another Apple. Following in their footsteps, HTC is threatening legal action against cooks/rooters who distribute ROMs.

Mobile Prison HTC

Distributing ROMs is nothing new and has been happening for quite sometime now, however, the problem does not lie with the users who distribute it, the problem lies with the device manufacturers themselves who delay releasing those ROMs to general public for months at times.

No doubt that HTC is coming up with a update in the next two weeks, but would users wait? It would be interesting to see how HTC goes after these users, since it is highly impossible that they would get hold of them, and yes of course, if you curb free speech you get underground.

Image Credit

(Mobile Crunch via XDA)

Root MyTouch Slide Using Easy Instructions

T-Mobile MyTouch Slide has already been rooted thanks to a forum member at AndroidSpin. You can Root the MyTouch Slide by following the clear instructions given by forum member Eugene.


Eugene provides users with a download using which you can root the MyTouch Slide and install apps and improve performance of the device and also allow for tethering of your Internet connection, these are just some of the benefits you can get by rooting your device.

Ready to root the MyTouch Slide? Head over to this post from Eugene where he lists out 16 easy steps to root the MyTouch Slide. Make sure to backup your device before you do anything lest something goes wrong.

How To Root HTC EVO 4G on Sprint

HTC EVO 4G was just released earlier today and barring for the 4G network itself the phone is pretty decent and has a pretty good specifications. However, thanks to the network and the OS you might not get to do things and may be restricted from install apps and more.


Rooting your device is one of the things that will liberate the phone and give you the privilege of installing anything and everything you want.

However, thanks to the famed developers at XDA you can now root your HTC EVO 4G and run any app on it. Though, the rooting process in itself is not easy, you will find the instructions to root the HTC EVO 4G pretty straightforward, and nothing bad should go wrong if you follow all of them to the core.

Interested to root your HTC EVO 4G? Head over to this XDA thread and follow the instructions given there. Oh and there might be a chance that you could get the build running on an HTC EVO 4G too.

Please note: Rooting your device might void your device or brick it. We do not take any responsibilities if anything bad happens with your phone.

Redsn0w 0.9.5b4 Jailbreaks iPhone 3G OS 4.0 Beta 4

Redsn0w the popular tool for jailbreaking iPhone has been updated to beta 4 to support the latest OS 4.0 beta 4. iPhone OS 4.0 beta 4 was released by Apple last week, and the developer team has already been able to jailbreak the iPhone OS 4.

The latest version of Redsn0w is targeted at developers of jailbroken apps who are trying to get their apps working on the iPhone OS 4.0 platform. If you are someone who is not a developer you should stay away from this app for now.

This is a beta release of redsn0w targeted at developers of jailbroken apps. It uses the same pwnage2 DFU-mode exploit that we’ve been using since the 2.x days. Nothing new is revealed to Apple, and it’s not applicable to the iPad. Don’t go near it if you use yellowsn0w, ultrasn0w, or blacksn0w.

Redsn0w 0.9.5b4 only supports iPhone 3G for now, users will also have to use MAC OS X for the jailbreaking. Please do not use this tool if you do not have the iPhone OS 4.0 beta1/beta4 installed on your device.

Download Redsn0w Beta 0.9.5b4


Root Android 2.2 Froyo on Nexus One With Quick Rooter

had been officially made available for the Nexus One along with an option where users could download and install the manual update on the . However, if you are not that tech savvy you can easily root 2.2 Froyo on the Nexus One using a tool called Quick Rooter.

According to an XDA forum member, Quick Rooter does not install a full ROM, however, it should be used to flash an existing installation.

Just a quickie to enable root access on the new FroYo OTA.. This is *not* a full ROM, but meant to be flashed over an existing stock installation. This is just something I threw together for myself until Google releases the source to AOSP and CM6 can get underway.

If you are eager to root your Nexus One and get Android 2.2 Froyo on your device, visit this page on the XDA forum to find the necessary downloads to flash your device.