Nikon Expected to Announce Mirrorless Camera Solution Next Month

Thomas Sutton,who invented the single-lens reflex camera (SLR) in 1861, would never have imagined that the most significant part of his invention  – the reflex mirror,  would no longer be needed.

In the year 1861, Sutton was granted a British patent for the first internal mirror SLR photographic camera. Today, 150 years later, Nikon is busy developing a solution that would eliminate mirrors in camera. They have already registered several patents for the new mirrorless camera that it is expected to be launched sometime soon.

According to various sources, Nikon is expected to have planned a major announcement next month, and my guess is that they are planning to launch the mirriorless solution which will have a 2.6x crop factor with an image diameter of around 17mm

Nikon Mirrorless Camera

Nikon enthusiast Thom Hogan, reported on his site stating –

I’m pretty certain of the 1″ (~2.7x) sensor at this point, and since I can’t find anyone else making one that makes sense for the camera, I continue to wonder if this will be another Nikon designed sensor. That certainly would be an interesting development. As I noted last week, you don’t have to get very far forward from the D3100 sensor to get something that could be 10-12mp and highly credible at 2.7x.

I’ve now been told by three different sources it will launch before CES, probably in late September, and it’ll launch with three lenses (wide angle prime, kit zoom, telephoto zoom). The lenses are reportedly quite smallin nature, along the lines of fat C-mount lenses.

Nikon has not made any official announcements, though it is widely believed that they are working on the mirrorless camera solution, and some officials have made statements to that effect sometime back.