HTC Bundling A Secondary Mini Phone With The Butterfly In China

With the dimensions of smartphones increasing with every passing day, it is becoming tough to use them single handedly or fit them in your pocket. So, instead of reducing the dimensions of their handsets, HTC has come up with a bizarre idea of bundling a second ‘mini’ phone. The company has started bundling the HTC Mini with its current high-end flagship, the HTC Butterfly that sports a 5-inch 1080p resolution screen.

The HTC Mini is a candybar phone with NFC and Bluetooth, and acts as a secondary phone to the Butterfly. The Mini connects to the Butterfly via NFC and then displays all the notifications, messages and other relevant information over Bluetooth. The Mini is also capable of making voice calls, and can act as a remote to the Butterfly when the latter is connected to a TV. Another bizarre feature of the Mini is its phone locator feature that will automatically sound an alarm on your Butterfly, in case you ever misplace it.

So yes, you now need a phone for your phone. Maybe, HTC should try to innovate and release a bezel-less phone, instead of coming up with such bizarre ideas.

Via – Unwired View