Firefox 3.7 Pre Alpha: Looks vs. Speed

Another Firefox 3.7 Pre Alpha has released and it has a new set of nifty features which are intriguing but some missing improvements which were expected to be there by now.

The two issues I am discussing here are looks and speed.


Regarding looks, the latest pre-alpha developers preview has improved in terms of looks and features a new Aero support for Windows Vista and Windows 7. Moreover, it is not just the title bar which has the Aero look. The navigation and the bookmarks bar also have the glass look. Lee Mathews from DownloadSquad has written on this but has not found a about:config key to disable this yet. The glass effect works best with the default installation without any theme or persona. Read more at DOWNLOADSQUAD.

In matters of speed, OMG!Ubuntu has done a simple JavaScript benchmark. The results show that Firefox is still significantly slower than Google Chrome and Opera 10.5. Chrome still stands as the fastest browser with respect to JavaScript rendering beating Opera 10.5 closely.

It is time Firefox focuses on the important aspect, which is faster rendering of webpages. Eyecandy on Firefox has come a long way already and any further progress in this matter can wait.

The latest test build is available for download.

Download Firefox 3.7 Pre-Alpha 2

Firefox 3.7 Alpha 2 will be officially released in the next few days, however, the release schedule does not have the actual date of the release, but you can download Firefox 3.7 Pre Alpha 2 "Minefield" right now from their FTP Repository.

Firefox 3.7 Minefield Pre-Alpha 2

Firefox 3.7 Alpha 2 will come with the 1.9.3 Gecko engine, and also includes new icons and other features which makes Firefox a bit faster than the earlier versions. The Pre-Alpha does have a stable version of separate processes for Plugins which works better than my earlier tests.

Firefox 3.7 Acid3 Test Rating

However, Firefox 3.7 did fail the Acid3 test and was given a rating of 96/100 as compared to current version of and , which both received 100/100 in the Acid3 tests. Even Firefox 3.6 had a Acid3 rating of 96/100.

If you are a brave-heart and want to test the Pre-Alpha2 of Firefox 3.7, head over to the nightly build repository and download the appropriate version. FF 3.7 Pre-Alpha2 is available for downloads for Mac, Windows and Linux.

Download Firefox 3.7 "Minefield" Pre-Aplha2