Microsoft Ventures

Microsoft Ventures in India has announced the launch of JumpStart, a hotline to provide startups and entrepreneurs with a resource to ask business and technical questions.

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Windows 8.1 Update: Mouse Users Now Welcome to Use Windows 8.1

Many of the changes made in Windows 8.1 Update are directly for simplifying mouse users’ lives in Windows 8.1.

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//build 2014: One Windows Vision Coming Together For Microsoft

At //build/, Microsoft made key announcements to get closer to realizing their vision of “One Windows”, hoping to increase developer interest in Windows.

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A lot has been written about how confusing and complex Windows 8 could be. This article tries to simplify Windows 8, Windows RT and Windows Phone 8.

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Xbox One

Can Microsoft appeal to non-gamers and not alienate the gamers to make Xbox One the go-to device for the living room?

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SkyDrive Timeline View

SkyDrive has several updates, including a new timeline view of photos you have all across your SkyDrive.

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Microsoft has confirmed that Windows Blue will be a free update, which users will be able to download as Windows 8.1 from the Windows 8 Store.

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The much-anticipated Xbox v.Next is going to be revealed at Microsoft campus on May 21. #XboxReveal event will be streamed live.

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Set up 2-step verification for Microsoft account

Microsoft has finally enabled 2-step verification for their Microsoft account across all properties.

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Microsoft has updated their Android app for – it is beautiful and a must-have!

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After a very long wait, Calendar is finally Metro-ized.

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SkyDrive app on iOS is finally updated, paving the way for Office on iPad maybe?

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Find out what’s new in the Windows Blue build leaked on torrent websites.

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Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 11.57.27 PM

Microsoft has recently kicked off an incentive program for developers, offering cash for apps. But, as a result, quantity is being largely favored over quality.

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