Insert Flickr Images In Word Documents

There are several times when you insert images into word documents to make a point or add more meaning to the document, however finding good images could be quite a pain, you can find and use several images from Flickr, but then you have to search for them, download them and then insert it into your word document.

Flickr4Word is a handy Microsoft Word add-in that will allow you to insert images into Microsoft Word documents.

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Send Files Directly From Microsoft Office Using YouSendIt

So you have created a document that you want to send across to your friends or colleagues, but why waste time opening up your email program, attaching the file and then sending the email to the recipients you want to?

YouSendIt a service that allows you to send large files as email attachments, albeit they don’t exactly attach a file but just include a link to the uploaded file stored on their servers, making it easier for anyone to download the files without being limited to the mail server limit of 20MB attachment size.

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DAISY makes Word Files Talk

Well its not a joke but a Word add-in called DAISY (Digital Accessible Information SYstem) will allow you to listen to your word files. The add-in adds a additional option to your save menu to allow you to save as the file as “DAISY XML”.

The add-in was created through an open source project with Microsoft, Sonata Software Ltd. and the Digital Accessible Information System (DAISY) Consortium and can be downloaded on SourceForge.

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