Send Files Directly From Microsoft Office Using YouSendIt

So you have created a document that you want to send across to your friends or colleagues, but why waste time opening up your email program, attaching the file and then sending the email to the recipients you want to?

YouSendIt a service that allows you to send large files as email attachments, albeit they don’t exactly attach a file but just include a link to the uploaded file stored on their servers, making it easier for anyone to download the files without being limited to the mail server limit of 20MB attachment size.

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Xobni Launches Integration With Yahoo Mail, Facebook, Skype and Hoover

Xobni one of our favorite add-ins and one of the top 12 free and most useful Microsoft Outlook add-ins we recommend have launched a new version which integrates Yahoo! Mail search, Facebook profile look up, Hoover company profiles and instant Skype chats and calls.


These features definitely makes Xobni one of the best add-ins for Microsoft Outlook and will make communication a lot more easier with your contacts. The latest version Xobni 1.6.3 is available for public download, old users will be automatically updated over the next few weeks, but if you are looking to upgrade immediately, you can visit this URL.

Download Xobni 1.6.3 to get all the latest features.

Taglocity, Tagging For Microsoft Outlook

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Tags are here to rule the world and it has been widely used by various softwares and services. Taglocity is a service that allows users to tag your content from within Microsoft Outlook.  
If you are using Outlook for multiple accounts then you may know how messy it gets when you recieve lots of mails in the day, tagging your mails allows you to organize them better and make it more search friendly, as you easily specify the tags your looking for rather than searching independent mails.

As most of you may already have seen the buzz about tags and how they are helpful in sorting and searching data easily, oraganize informaiton nicely, and communicate more clearly to others what the information is about.

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12 Must Have Useful and Free Microsoft Outlook Add-Ins

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most famous desktop email clients which allows you to read emails, schedule appointments, take notes, manage your contacts all from the confines of your desktop.

Outlook in itself is quite sufficient for most users but there are quite a few tools which make using Outlook a much better experience. In this post we will look at the top 12 add-ins for Microsoft Outlook which will make it more useful in your day to day life.



If you have been using Outlook for quite some time you may be stuck with tons and tons of emails which may be difficult to find when you want. Xobni (our favorite add-in) is a Outlook plug-in that helps you organize you emails and quickens your search for email and attachments.

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Free Outlook Email, Contacts and Calendar Duplicate Remover

I have been a heavy user of Outlook for quite some time but that said synchronizing pop accounts have often been disastrous and I usually mess up ending with duplicate emails and contacts in Outlook.

Quite recently when I bought a new laptop I copied over the PST files from my old laptop to the new one and setup new pop accounts and as usual it left me with a lot of duplicate emails.

In earlier days it was easy to remove duplicates manually since I did not have many emails, but now I really felt the need for a good tool to remove the duplicate emails and contacts since I had around 10000 emails archived and finding and removing emails would be a nightmare for me.

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Access Your Facebook and Twitter Account From Outlook

Many may argue that web applications are the best and others may say that desktop applications rock. The smartest thing to do is use a fusion of both web and desktop services. Facebook and Twitter are some of the best applications created for the web.

Facebook helps you to network with others and also provides you with some great functionality to easily enhance your experience on the other hand Twitter allows you to easily let others know what you are doing at any time.

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Disable Auto Complete Email Address While Composing Mails

Many users use Outlook and other desktop clients to send and receive corporate or personal emails which is a really convenient way of sending and receiving emails. Most of the desktop clients provide you with a feature to auto complete the email address as you type it in the To, CC or BCC fields. This is a very good feature but can easily turn out to be the most dangerous one too.

Recently in my company there was a internal mail which was supposed to be sent to the top and middle management. The person who sent this mail had company clients email address in his contacts and one of the names was similar to that of my colleague. The person in question used the auto complete feature to type in the email address.

By mistake instead of typing my colleagues email he typed in the client’s email, this email went to the client fortunately the email was about a weekly meeting to be held that Friday. It could have been much more worse if the email in question would have contained critical information.

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