Microsoft Unveils Office 2010 & Public Beta Details [Including Adware Starter Edition]

Microsoft will be released to general public and retail markets shortly. If you are gearing up to buy Office 2010, a recent post on TechNet has details of things you should know about Office 2010.

Here are some highlights on how Office 2010 will be sold through OEMs and direct sales along with information about their Office 2010 adware versionand the public beta for trying out Office 2010.

Office 2010 Product Key Card


Many OEM PCs and laptops usually preload a home edition of Office software. You can try out and use Microsoft office for a period of 60 days, after which it will work with reduced functionality and disable editing features. If you are satisfied with the performance, you can go ahead and buy a retail copy of the software.

However, starting with Office 2010, Microsoft is introducing a new way of selling Office software in the form of Product Key cards. The Product Key Card is a single license card that can be used to unlock pre-loaded Office 2010 versions.

The Office 2010 Product key card can be used to unlock, Microsoft Office Office Home & Student 2010, Office Home & Business 2010, or Office Professional 2010.

Ad-Supported Office Starter 2010 Edition

Microsoft is completely doing away with Microsoft Works, which usually gets preloaded on new laptops and PCs. Microsoft Works allowed users to view and open Office documents on their PC.

However, once Office 2010 is launched, all new laptops and PCs will be preloaded with Microsoft Office Starter 2010 Edition. However, this edition will be act like a adware software. Along with reduced functionality, you will also see advertisements popping up every now and then.

Office Starter 2010 will include Office Word Starter 2010 and Office Excel Starter 2010, with the basic functionality for creating, viewing and editing documents.

Click-To-Run Downloads and Upgrades

Microsoft is doing away with the usual process of downloading and installing Office software and updates, with the introduction of a new feature called Click-To-Run.

Click-to-Run makes it easier than ever for customers to try or buy Office digitally by significantly reducing the time and effort required to download Office 2010 over the Internet. Click-to-Run automatically downloads and installs any software patches when connected to the Internet, helping people maintain and keep their Office software up-to-date. Click-to-Run uses virtualization technology so it allows customers to maintain multiple versions of Office. This enables them to try Office 2010 side-by-side with the existing version of Office.

Click-To-Run basically allows users to digitally try out Office 2010 on existing PC by automatically downloading and installing software patches. In addition to that, it also allows users to run multiple versions of Office on the same PC.

Previously, when you wanted to try out a new version of Office, your old version had to be removed prior to installation.

Office 2010 Versions

Office 2010 will available in only three versions:

  1. Office Home and Student 2010
  2. Office Home and Business 2010
  3. Office Professional 2010

Office 2010 Public Beta

Microsoft Office 2010 will be available as a public beta later this year. During the beta period, Microsoft will invite users to try out and experience Office 2010.

We will keep you updated whenever they announce the beta, so that you can try Office 2010 yourself.

Have you used the technical preview of Office 2010? Did you like it? Do let us know about your thoughts on Office 2010.

Create Office Documents Online with Office Web Apps

Microsoft is all set to launch a new product which will be known as Office web apps.This web based version of Microsoft office will let users create and edit documents from their browser just like Google docs.The application will be web based and you won’t need Microsoft office anymore to create office documents.

If you want to preview the web based version of Microsoft office now, follow the simple steps described below:

1. Go to Skydrive and sign in with your windows live account.

2. Click the My Documentsfolder and upload a sample Word (.doc) file from your computer.


3.As soon as your upload is complete you will be presented with a link to join the preview program to create, edit, view and share Office documents online.


That’s it.Now you can test and preview the new office web apps. Only PowerPoint and excel documents can be created and edited as of now.

The interface is cool, quite the same as it is in Microsoft office 2007. Basic formatting functions has been included like bold, italics and underline.You can duplicate a slide and insert link as well as smart art objects in the PowerPoint slides created with the Office web app.Below is a screenshot of the PowerPoint and excel web app as seen in the browser.



Add Tabs To Microsoft Office Word, Excel & PowerPoint

Quite a few years ago when there was only IE6 I really did not have any clue what the power of having a tabbed interface could do, I did use Netscape a bit back then which had tabbed interface, but, then we were all used to using IE6 and opening new windows for each link, piling up 20-25 open instances at a time was a norm.

Then came in and revolutionized how we look at tabs (it borrowed mostly from Netscape), coming back to the future we are now all so used to working with tabbed interfaces that opening multiple windows becomes a real pain.


But still there are some applications like Microsoft Office which do not support tabs, well at least till now. Office Tabs is a excellent that brings the tabbed interface to Office applications.

Once you install the application you can choose from various options provided for individual applications like Excel, Word and PowerPoint, you can also control the look and fee of the tab and customize for the application.

This should also work with Microsoft however it seems to be a bit buggy when I tested it out. However this definitely adds a much better way to work with documents, spreadsheets and presentations, hope Microsoft will officially add support for tabs in near future.

Download Office Tabs (Chinese language view English translation)

[via Download Squad]

How To Remove Background From An Image In Microsoft Word 2010?

Microsoft Word 2010 has lots of new features as compared to its previous version. One of the best feature is to remove background from any image of your choice. Removing background from images will make your documents look very attractive.

Follow These Steps To Remove Background From Any Images in Microsoft Word 2010

1) Click on Insert tab and then select “Picture

Word 2010 Insert Picture Images

2) Once you have inserted the image, click on format tab and select “Background Removal

Word 2010 Background Removal Tool

3) Now select the area from which you want to remove the background

Marking Points Background Removal Word 2010

4) You can do advanced editing by marking the points in the image rather than selecting the area using the rectangle area selection tool.

Include Points Background Removal Word 2010

5) After you have selected the area, click on “Close Background Removal

Close Background Removal In Word 2010

Now the background from your image will removed. Check out the difference below, before and after using this tool.


Before Background Removal


After Background Removal

Microsoft Office Available For Only $29 In China

Microsoft softwares are one of the most pirated softwares to hit the market, and there is no doubt that they price factor plays a huge role in that.

To tackle the piracy issue Microsoft has been lowering the prices of their software in various countries, however one country at-least is getting the better end of the deal.

If you are in China you can buy a copy of Microsoft Office for only $29, now that is a deal not many would want to miss and also almost close to being free.

This price is to tackle the more than 95% pirated copies of Office used throughout China, and yes the pricing strategy does work. Microsoft has been able to increase sales by 800% since they lowered the price last September.

So if piracy winning the war, or are all Microsoft products just overpriced? What are your thoughts about this, do let us know.

[via The Windows Club]

How To Download Office 2010 Technical Preview?

is out and many users have already got their copies and we have already done a Office 2010 screenshot tour, if you have not yet received one you can still get yourself a copy of Office 2010.

To download a copy of Office 2010, you will need register for the technical preview, so head to the Technical Preview Registration page, though the page says it may take one to two months, the approval is pretty quick.

So include yourself in the waitlist and wait for a approval email to get accepted to download Office 2010 Technical Preview.

Office 2010 Professional Screenshot Tour

We finally got our hands on the technical preview of , here is a screenshot tour of Office 2010 Professional. The screenshots have been taken from the official technical preview that is available through Microsoft.

We will be doing a full-fledged review once we have used the software for a few more days, in the meantime take a look at what Office 2010 is made up of.

Outlook 2010 Screenshots

Outlook 2010 Splash Screen

Outlook 2010 Threaded View

Outlook 2010 Account Information

Outlook 2010 Compose Email

Microsoft Word 2010 Screenshots

Microsoft Word 2010 Splash Screen

Microsoft Word 2010 New Document

Microsoft Word 2010 Document Information

About Microsoft Word 2010

Microsoft Word 2010 Undo Redo Options

Microsoft Word 2010 Image Background Remover

Microsoft Excel 2010 Screenshots

Microsoft Excel 2010 Splash Screen

Microsoft Excel 2010 New Spreadsheet

Microsoft Excel 2010 Spreadsheet Information

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Screenshots

Microsoft Powerpoint 2010 Splash Screen

Microsoft Powerpoint 2010 New Presentation

Microsoft Powerpoint 2010 Insert Video

Microsoft Powerpoint 2010 Presentation Properties

Microsoft OneNote 2010 Screenshots

Microsoft OneNote 2010 Splash Screen

Microsoft OneNote 2010 Home Screen

Microsoft OneNote 2010 Creating New Note

Microsoft OneNote 2010 Notebook Information

That is it for now, hope you get a pretty good picture of what Office 2010 is offering, we will be doing a extensive review of Office 2010 which will cover new features and more in next 2-3 days.

What’s New In Office 2010?

Microsoft today announced several new things at the Convergence 2009, one of the announcements included the offering of and the new office on the web, which will allow you to share and collaborate documents online.

Though we have not yet gotten our hands on the technical preview, there are already several articles written about the best features in the latest version of Microsoft Office.

MS Office on the Web: What it Is and What it Isn’t? Webmonkey takes users on a tour exploring the latest feature in MS Office on the web.

10 Things You Will Love About Office 2010 Sarah Perez walks users through 10 reasons why you will love Office 2010.

Microsoft Office 2010: The 5 Most Intriguing Features Mashable has put up a list of 5 of the most intriguing features in Office 2010.

The Complete Guide To Microsoft’s Office 2010 TechCrunch has come up with a complete guide for using Microsoft Office 2010.

Office 2010 revealed in great detail via Microsoft videos I Started Something has put up a list of videos detailing the new features in individual products in Office 2010.

These articles will give you a pretty good headstart on knowing more about Office 2010, we look forward to doing a full review as soon as we get a legal version of it.

Office 2010 Technical Preview Waitlist Registration Now Open

Quite sometime back we had told you how you can register for the technical preview of which will be made available to users in next few days (July 13th according to rumored dates).

According to a TechNet blog post Microsoft has once again opened it’s doors for users to register themselves to participate in the Technical Preview testing.

office 2010 technical preview registration

Office 2010 Technical preview will be available to only a limited amount of users, so if you did not get a chance to register last time around, go ahead and do it now.

We are pretty sure that the registrations will be filled up as hot cakes, so go ahead and register for Office 2010 Technical preview.

Office 2010 The Movie Promo Video

Microsoft is just days away from releasing the technical preview of Office 2010, if you haven’t seen it yet we did have a Office 2010 features screenshot tour earlier.

With the upcoming release nearing, Microsoft has gone out and created a promotional video for .

The video is funny, futuristic and can be termed as a Hollywood potboiler, trust Microsoft to go funny with their promotional videos.

You can watch the Office 2010 promotional video below.