Microsoft Flight (With Paid DLCs) Hits Steam

At the end of February — buried under all of the Windows 8 and Mobile World Congress news — Microsoft released free PC flight simulator Microsoft Flight. And now, Neowin reports that it has hit the popular Steam digital game marketplace with all of its paid DLC content.

You can grab the game for no charge, of course, but the three DLC packs — the first being a P-51 Mustang for $7.99, the second being a Maule M-7-260C for $14.99, and the third a new Hawaiian-based campaign for $19.99 — do cost money. While Microsoft Flight is free-to-play, you will have to pay for planes and other stuff that keeps the game fresh and fun. If you want to purchase it all, then there’s also a Steam bundle for $29.99 which includes all three packs.

So, diehard Flight Simulator fans, is this worth checking out? Definitely, but don’t get ready to shelve your current copy of Flight Simulator X just yet. While it’s a fun, free-to-play game, it doesn’t come anywhere close to the realistic experience offered by the FS titles. Also, on top of the lacking realism, it has more of an arcade-y feel to the entire game to appeal to the casual masses (over those who prefer more hard core flight simulators.)

But still, it’s good fun.