Giveaway: 10 MetroTwit Plus Licenses

Last week, the MetroTwit guys released MetroTwit 1.0, a massive update to their Twitter client with a novel-worthy changelog to boot. Introducing features such as multi-account support, list management functionality, and filtering — on top of multiple bug fixes and more minute features/refinements. We also had the opportunity to interview MetroTwit developer David Golden, which should make for some interesting reading.

Nevertheless, we have 10 MetroTwit Plus codes to give away! People of all ages, everywhere are eligible to enter in the contest. To enter, simply leave a comment on this post stating why you’d like to have a copy of MetroTwit Plus, and 10 commenters will be chosen at random. You have until 12PM EDT on Friday, April 6th to enter.

Good luck!

Update: We have our winners:

  1. Malcom
  2. myimmortalize
  3. sumit goswami
  4. Josué Márquez
  5. Asriel Rusdyawan
  6. Paf Borg
  7. Kalpik Nigam
  8. Nitin
  9. Sharad
  10. Jake Andreøli

Developer Interview: David Golden Of MetroTwit Fame

As today was a big day for MetroTwit — during which they dropped the major 1.0 release of the Twitter client — I had a nice chat with David Golden, the project’s lead developer and a friend of mine. If you aren’t already, you should follow him on Twitter @GoldenTao; he can be occasionally awesome.

Tell us about yourself. 

A Delphi developer for Business Fitness by day, I work diligently through the night on various projects, mainly MetroTwit.

How did you get into the world of technology and, more specifically, software development?

I’ve been a bit of a geek since my first PC a 286, right from DOS Batch files to Basic to eventually Visual Basic and Delphi 3 at high school.

What programming languages are you proficient in? 

Delphi (Pascal with extensions for the purists) and C#. I’ve also been recently brushing up my HTML5/JS skills.

What other projects do you work on beyond MetroTwit and your day job?

I have a few other start-ups I’m working on in my spare time, but most aren’t quite ready to be shown off just yet.

During downtime, what games do you like to play? I know you like Minecraft, for one.

Mostly Minecraft, I’m sure the other MetroTwit devs would say I’m fairly addicted to Minecraft, but I also play a lot of casual games (Minesweeper being something I play quite a bit of) and when time permits StarCraft 2 and Battlefield 3.

Moving on to MetroTwit. For those unacquainted with the client, can you briefly touch on its beginnings?

2 years ago, Long Zheng came up with a photoshop of what he thought a Metro styled Twitter client would look like.  That day I started screwing around with the UI in WPF (as I’d been wanting to learn WPF) and it took off from there.

What languages/technologies are used to develop MetroTwit?

MetroTwit is a WPF C# application for the .NET Framework 4.0 with some Win32 and Windows Forms extensions.

How has working on MetroTwit bettered your knowledge of certain programming languages? Has it been a worthwhile learning experience?

It’s been a great learning experience, I really only had a basic understand of C# as I was mostly a Visual Basic coder, but I now prefer C# and would struggle to go back to VB. I also learned how to work with WPF through this project.

What are the challenges of developing with Twitter’s APIs?

All 3rd party API’s have their issues of stability, changes and general bugs.  Twitter has definitely had its fair share of all of those but usually problems are fixed quickly and they don’t affect our app too much.

So, MetroTwit has been around for what, two years now? How is it doing in terms of growth?

Today is the 2nd birthday, and it’s been growing pretty quickly, we’ve been really happy with the growth but could always use everyone and their friends checking it out.

I know that many technology enthusiasts use and love MetroTwit. But, do you feel that it has already begun to cross the chasm to a more mainstream, less techie audience?

We’ve done a lot of work to try and help the non-technical people use Twitter and MetroTwit, especially with our new Wizard for new users in 1.0.

Is there a Windows 8 Metro app in the pipeline?

We’re already working on our Windows 8 version of MetroTwit but we don’t have anything to announce just yet on that front.

Any plans to bring MetroTwit to other platforms beyond Windows, more specifically Android and iOS?

At the moment we are super focused on Windows, but you never know what the future might hold.

In 1.0, a fair amount of substantial features have been added. What other big features are in the works for future releases?

We really wanted to have the Nest available in 1.0 but it didn’t quite make the cut, it’ll be out shortly, we’re also working on better keyboard shortcuts as it’s a fairly highly requested feature.

Thanks for taking the time to participate in this interview. Any final thoughts?

Thanks for the interview and thanks to our 400+ beta testers that have been helping us make MetroTwit better almost every night.

MetroTwit 1.0 Arrives With A Smorgasbord Of New Improvements

MetroTwit 1.0 is finally here. After spending a fair amount of time as a MetroTwit Loop — MetroTwit’s almost nightly beta channel — it has finally been released as a proper, non-beta version by the Pixel Tucker guys. This is quite a major update; on top of various usability improvements and bug fixes, major features that have been requested for some time have finally been implemented, such as multi-account support, filtering, and the ability to add users to lists.

Why has March 27th been designated as the big day for the 1.0 release? Lead developer David Golden recently tweeted that today is the second birthday of the Twitter client. “@GoldenTao: Today is the 2nd Birthday of MetroTwit. It was March 27 2010 when I first went File, New SilverLight Project, then quickly changed to WPF.”

Head on over here to grab the latest version of Windows’ sexiest Twitter client, and stay tuned for an interview with MetroTwit team member David Golden.

Here’s the complete release changelog, which probably should have been released on Kindle, iBooks, and Audible:

  • Added multiple account support
  • Added support for filtering
  • Added new out-of-box-experience for first time users
  • Added ability to preview larger user avatars
  • Added undo tweet functionality
  • Added Twitter events support for user follows, list membership and tweet favorites
  • Added support for adding users to lists
  • Added user full name to username autocomplete
  • Added CTRL+F shortcut to quickly activate search
  • Added remove column confirmation
  • Added faux border for when DWM shadows are not available
  • Added “compact sidebar” functionality
  • Added button to indicate custom column sizing
  • Added CTRL+TAB shortcut to switch between accounts
  • Added left/right arrow shortcut to navigate columns
  • Added add to filter shortcut by right clicking on hashtags and usernames
  • Added double-click column heading shortcut to scroll to top and mark tweets as read
  • Added “duplicate tweet “error message
  • Added ability to mention user from profile options
  • Added inline errors to application and columns
  • Added error prompt about Windows 8 compatibility
  • Added sidebar artwork
  • Changed media preview to NoEmbed (work in progress, stylings incomplete)
  • Changed code signing certificate to Comodo (Will prompt install)
  • Changed “What’s happening” text to include account name
  • Changed settings default to not show “name of Twitter application”
  • Changed empty tweet columns to show “No tweets” message
  • Changed restart button in update screen to be at top of screen (will show on next update)
  • Changed unread marker to be smaller in scrollbar and scrollbar thumb to be larger
  • Changed default URL shortening to native
  • Changed retweeted by tooltip to include username text
  • Updated visual style of buttons in light theme
  • Removed favorite button from tweet on hover
  • Removed “public” column due to Twitter announcing it would discontinue it
  • Fixed direct message permalink not going to useful URL
  • Fixed direct messages displaying weirdly if text included &
  • Fixed potential crash with notifications
  • Fixed international characters when typing hashtags
  • Fixed typing illegal characters in username search
  • Fixed possible crash when user cache was updated while new tweet was received
  • Fixed usernames, hashtags and URLs appearing broken in user profile bios
  • Fixed favorite columns to support infinite scroll
  • Fixed username/hashtag parsing to conform to latest Twitter guidelines
  • Fixed empty search results for random corrupt results from Twitter
  • Fixed changing reply tweet to direct message does not send
  • Fixed large progress bars under Windows 8 Aero Lite
  • Fixed dark theme autocomplete black text under Windows 8 Aero Lite
  • Fixed “favourite tweet” in context menu (for our bureaucratic American buddies)
  • Fixed hashtags and usernames not displaying properly in some search column tweets
  • Fixed blank search columns do not get refreshed
  • Fixed rare cache issue causing 100% CPU load at startup
  • Fixed retweets not showing usernames/full name as per display setting
  • Fixed potential crash caused by AddInProcess
  • Fixed crash when horizontal scrolling with Logitech or Apple mouse drivers
  • Changed MetroTwit server API calls to HTTPS for enhanced privacy
  • Fixed changing themes sometimes wouldn’t show dialog
  • Fixed adding image to tweet ensure URL has prepend space
  • Fixed notification crash if set to monitor which has been disconnected
  • Fixed closing window when maximized overriding the restored window size
  • Fixed minimize and restore resizing bug
  • Fixed MetroTwit not displaying on same-resolution secondary displays if no longer connected
  • Fixed window maximizing issue with multi-monitors
  • Fixed streaming error text
  • Tweaked calendar blackout to use cursor instead of cross
  • Fixed links not opening in browser for notifications of search columns
  • Removed popup column animation to improve performance
  • Fixed twitlonger showing up when character count was less than 140 using native shortening
  • Fixed direct messages not showing both username/full name
  • Fixed rare Aero Snap issues