Watch Megavideo, VideoBB, VideoZer Videos Without Time Restrictions Using Sheepser

In the past, we have told you about several services to overcome the 72 minutes time restriction on Megavideo. If you are still unable to bypass Megavideo time limits, a new service is here to help you out.

Watch Megavideo Videos Without Time Restrictions

Sheepser streaming service provides users with an unrestricted video players which allows you to watch videos instantly without limitations. The service currently supports videos from Megavideo, VideoBB, VideoZer and more among others. In order to view a video from these services without time limits and restrictions, you will have to copy the video URL and paste it into in

Once you do that, Sheepser will start playing the video on their site in their own player. You can watch unrestricted videos on the site, which means that all the time limits on watching videos will be removed.

Sheepser also provides backup servers in case one of them is not working while allowing users to embed the videos on websites. Services such as Sheepser can come in pretty handy when you want to watch longer videos on sites like Megavideo.

Sheepser also provides users with a handy bookmarklet which can be used to directly open videos in Sheepser without having to copy the link. Go ahead and give it a try, it works pretty well.

Another Way To Bypass Megavideo Time Limit 72 Minutes

We have written several articles in the past to bypass Megavideo time limit to get over the Megavideo 72 minute restriction. However, it looks like several of those software and tricks do not work any more.

Megavideo 72 minute restriction

I just came across another way to bypass the Megavideo time limit 72 minute restriction which I tested and found to work. The new fix is in the form of Mega Skipper ( which allows users to watch videos in Megavideo without any time restrictions.

The Mega Skipper trick currently works only in . In order to bypass Megavideo time limit restrictions you will have to first download a , which can be installed from here.

Once the extension is installed, you will see a new icon in the Chrome toolbar, this icon will change color whenever you watch a Megavideo video. To bypass the message, "You have watched 72 minutes of video today" just click on the extension icon to open the video in a new page.

If you do not have Google Chrome installed, you can easily bypass the 72 minute restrictions in Megavideo by going to and entering the video ID of the Megavideo video.

You can also use a site called to bypass this limit. It has a extension which can be used to bypass the megavideo limit when you are watching a video.

I tested this script out and it seemed to work for me without issues so you should be able to bypass the Megavideo time limit without any problems. Do let me know if you find any other solution to skip the Megavideo 72 minute time restrictions.

P.S. You might be bombarded with a few ads on the site, but eventually you are getting to watch the full video without having to go to those restrictions Smile.

Bypass Megavideo Time Limit

Update: February 16, 2011 – We have added another way to bypass the Megaupload limit at the bottom of the post.

Sometime back we told you about a trick to bypass the time limits imposed by Megavideo a popular site for watching videos. Megavideo imposes a limit of 72 minutes of continuous video watching till it pops up a alert saying that you need to wait for a certain time before you can watch the video.


This can be quite annoying when you want to watch longer videos continuously for free. The trick we told you previously helped many users to bypass those limits, however, we came across some new tricks to bypass the limit.


The first one includes getting a new video URL by visiting Mega Streaming and using it to watch the video instead of the regular Megavideo URL. The second one includes using a called IIIitmux.

You will need to generate the URL and use the add-on before you start watching the video. Have fun watching full videos at Megavideo without interruptions.  Bypass Megavideo time limits [via Life Hacker]

Update: You can now use a new site called to bypass the megavideo time limit or 72 minute restriction. The site also provides a Google Chrome extension which you can use to directly open the Megavideo videos in Mega Skipper.

Watch Videos On Megavideo For More Than 72 Minutes

Though there are several popular video sites where you can watch videos for free, many of these sites place restrictions on you watching videos, one such restriction in place is by the popular video sharing network Megavideo.

Megavideo restricts users from watching videos for more than 72 minutes, this in itself does not make sense since if the video is 80 minutes long, you will have to spend an hour before you can watch the final 8 minutes of the video.

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MegaVideo Downloader

Continuing on our earlier post where we told you how to download videos from Megavideo, here is another tool for users which will allow you to download Megavideo videos from the comfort of your desktop sidebar.


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How To Download Videos From Megavideo?

Megavideo is a pretty popular video sharing website and you can find tons of videos from users, however what if you want to watch those videos on your desktop?


If you are looking to download videos from Megavideo, there are few ways in which you can do that. Here are some simple steps in which you can download videos from Megavideo and enjoy it from your desktop.

The files can be downloaded in several formats, including FLV. If you are unsure how to open FLV files, read our guide on How to Open FLV Files.

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How To Download Videos From MegaVideo?

Update: You can download another software that will help you download Megavideo files to your desktop. Download Megavideo downloader. Don’t forget to Read a Step by Step guide for Downloading Videos From Megavideo.

In the past we have told you how you can download videos from YouTube and Google Videos, however there are several other popular video services and we will cover them too, to show you how to download videos from other popular video services.

The video service we will talk about today is MegaVideo, which is a very popular video service and hosts several videos found on the internet.

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