New Alternate History Intellectual Game From the Founder of Quasicrystal Math Expedition

As one of the most awaited astronomical phenomena of this year slowly edges closer to us, a new kind of alternate history game is being prepared by Rohit Gupta, an Indian math geek who is spearheading a crowdsourced path to solving the Riemann Hypothesis. Gupta is well known in these parts and he has been at the helm of quite a few mathematical and geeky expeditions known collectively as Kali & the Kaleidoscope.


As part of a continuation of the ZetaTrek – the open quest to solving the Riemann Hypothesis – Gupta is inviting new people to join the next phase of the quest that begins by uncovering the secrets of an ancient cuneiform tablet (no, not the electronic kind built by ancient aliens) that contains a series of mysterious numbers. While most of the numbers conform to a specific form there are a few that break this pattern.

The game begins on the 9th of June and ends on the 9th of October, 2012:-

When you join the game, you become part of a diverse but small group who are artists, geologists, physicists, poets or computer programmers. After we launched the expedition in October last year, we have already assembled an exclusive group of adventurers from 8 countries.

Joining ZetaTrek involves a one time registration fee of Rs. 4,900 that comes with the promise of opening your mind far beyond any known psychedelic drug without the undue side effects.