Marissa Mayer To Earn $1 Million Annually with Potential Stock Options of Up To $60 Million

CEO of Yahoo – Marissa Mayer

After being appointed as new CEO of Yahoo, Marissa Mayer is a happy lady. She is not only going to enjoy leading one of the premier media giants in the world today but her bank balance will be in round numbers. Yahoo has announced that Mayer will be earning $1 million annually which works out at $83,333.33 a month. While it seems a mouthwatering salary, it just reflects one side of the spectrum.

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Should Mayer be able to lead the company for five years, this package would spike drastically and could make her a fortune of $60 million. It will all depend on whether Mayer meets the set targets or not. During 2012, Mayer could participate in an incentive plan that see her monthly earnings rise by at least 200%. In case Mayer meets all targets set for 2012, she would witness her monthly earnings rise by a maximum of 400%. This could increment her earnings by $2 million to $4million more per annum.

Mayer will also be entitled to stock options worth $12 million subjected to the approval of the compensation committee. Through 2014, there will be $14 million in restricted stock units which includes $4 million in 2012, $7 million in 2013, and $3 million in 2014. This plan is to compensate Mayer for what she gave up at Google. In addition to this, there will be a $30 million retention equity award in restricted stock units (RSUs) and stock options through 2017.

All of this should be a great motivation for Mayer to step foot into her new position. However, given that Yahoo has been struggling and has observed 5 CEOs in five years, Mayer’s role will be continuously challenged.

Just for the note, Mayer’s first pay date will be July 25, 2012.

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Yahoo CEO, Marissa Mayer Self Proclaims As Pregnant

Marissa Mayer Self Proclaims Pregnant

Yahoo is a hot topic since yesterday. Marissa Mayer was announced CEO, a piece of news which spread like wildfire and gave birth to plenty of debate regarding the decision. Amidst all this, Mayer did not take long to steal the headlines. She has announced that she is pregnant and will give birth to a boy in three months time. After speaking with CNN Fortune, Mayer provides a date on which the delivery is due – October 7, 2012.

Marissa has been married to Zachary Bogue for 7 years who has a judicial background. Bogue is not much of a law practitioner. Instead, he has invested in something called “big data startups” with his latest investment being in an investment fund called Data Collective. Regarding the fetus, Mayer states “he is super active and moves around a lot”.

Engineer by profession, being the 20th person to be hired by Google in 1999 and only 37 years old, Marissa has had a fantastic career. She was responsible for overseeing Google Maps, Google Earth and Zagat. Fortune CNN further states that Yahoo was wary of Mayer’s pregnancy prior to her appointment. It was back in June that a meeting was held between Mayer and Michael Wolf, a member of the Yahoo board. Yahoo did not show any concern about her pregnancy and her capacity to perform her duties.

Happy days for Yahoo as they appoint a genius mind such as Mayer. Even happier days for Mayer after being appointed as CEO at Yahoo and going public with her pregnancy to ensure she remains in the spotlight. Certainly a meaningful enrichment to Mayer’s and Bogue’s personal lives.