Report: Apple Discontinuing the Magic Mouse

There are more signs everyday that Apple is putting all of its eggs into Lion, and the eventual iOS/OS X hybrid operating system. First came the integrated multi-touch gestures in Lion, then reports that Apple would combine iOS and OS X, and now the end of the Magic Mouse.

For the unacquainted, Apple currently has two types of mouse-like peripherals. The first is the Magic Trackpad, which is a trackpad device designed for use with Apple’s desktops. The second is the Magic Mouse, which is a mouse device. It’s special, however, because it integrates touch-based gestures into a traditional mouse-like structure.

Apple's Magic Mouse, which is being discontinued.

It seems that Apple is planning to ditch the older, more traditional Magic Mouse in favor of the Magic Trackpad, at least according to Cult of Mac. This makes sense when you consider the push towards trackpad based multi-touch gestures in Lion. It seems that Apple is looking to move away from the more traditional computer experience, opting for a more iOS-like user experience.

I can see why some users would be upset about this move by Apple. I know that many graphics and video people need a more precise pointing device than a trackpad really provides. Gamers also tend to prefer a more traditional mouse over something new, like a trackpad. As for myself, I like using both a trackpad and a mouse, each for different occasions.

Cult of Mac is citing a “previously reliable source” on this story. They claim that retail stores are seeing dwindling supplied of the Magic Mouse, and not seeing any replacements.If you want to grab a Magic Mouse before they disappear forever, they are available through Apple’s online store for $69.00.

The Magic Trackpad is also available for the same price.

Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse Details Surface

Microsoft still has not made the Arc Touch Mouse official, but a German online shopping site Winfuture erroneously posted details and pictures of the upcoming mouse. The Arc Touch mouse from Microsoft has a veryMicrosoft Arc Touch mouse unique design which makes it very comfortable to hold (at least it looks like so!). The mouse also features touch scrolling, along with a LED light for indicating the battery status of the device.

The Arc mouse has the ability to track on nearly any surface, and features a 2.4GHz nano transceiver. Rumors suggest that the mouse will cost $69.95. If this is correct, then the Arc Touch mouse is just a shade more costly than Apple’s Magic Mouse or the Magic Trackpad.

Notebooksbilliger suggest that the shipping period of the device is 5-10 business days. I guess Microsoft is going to officially announce this device within a week from now.

Via – Engadget

Apple Unveils New Cinema Display, Mac Pro(s) And iMac Line-up

Today, Apple unveiled a new 27-inch LED Cinema Display, New Mac Pros and also updated their iMac line-up. The new 27-inch LED Cinema Display from Apple features a resolution of 2560*1440, and also features an integratedApple Logo camera, microphone and speakers. The new display has a 16:9 aspect ratio, and has 60% more real screen estate than the previous generation 24-inch Cinema Display. The LED display uses an IPS (In Plane Switching) panel to offer outstanding contrast ratio and color reproduction.

The new Mac Pro line-up from Apple features the latest quad-core and 6-core Intel Xeon processors, and the latest generation of ATI video cards. Users can also install up to four 512GB SSDs on their Mac Pro. Users can also install either the ATI HD5770 or the HD5870 with 1 GB of memory on their Mac Pro. The new updated iMac line from Apple features the latest Core i3, i5 and i7 processors from Intel. Along with this, users can also upgrade the graphics card of the iMac to the ATI HD5750.

The new iMac also features a Magic Trackpad. The Magic Trackpad is made of smooth glass and aluminium and allows iMac users to enjoy multi-touch gestures which other Mac owners have been enjoying. The 27-inch LED Display from Apple costs $999, while the Mac Pros prices will be listed from 1st August onwards. The iMac line-up cost varies from $1,199 for the base model to $1,999 for the fully loaded one.