Watch Facebook Event Announcements Live Online

will be announcing something big today and I made some predictions on what they could be announcing yesterday. If you are eager to find out what they are going to announce, you can catch the announcement through a live webcasting on Facebook.


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will be making some big announcements today and it could either be deeper integration with Skype, Facebook Phone or Facebook Email. He could just skip all these and announce something new altogether.

Interested to see what they are going to announced? Well, you can catch up all the live action from the event at the Facebook Live Stream at 10:30AM Pacific Time (1:30 PM Eastern) today at or catch it live in the video embedded below.

Watch IE9 Beta "Beauty Of The Web" Webcast Online

It is a big day for Microsoft today, at-least on the browser front with the introduction of the IE9 beta. IE9 Beta is definitely a huge change from IE8 and brings back Microsoft back into the browser competition.

Internet Explorer 9 Beta

If you want to catch up on the IE9 Beta, "Beauty Of the Web" presentation, you can follow all the action live at the official Microsoft feed.

To watch the IE9 beta conference, head over to this link, the conference should start in about 20 minutes or so. Have fun, and unlike the Apple event, this event can be watched on any browser Winking smile. By the way the IE9 downloads is already available at

Watch Google Streaming Search Press Conference Online

Google today is holding a press conference at the Museum of Modern Arts (MoMA) in San Francisco. The conference is about new a faster search experience that will be unleashed by them.

Google Logo

Google had also unveiled an animated interactive yesterday known as Google Balls/Google Dots which was pretty mysterious as unlike other Google Doodle’s this one did not have a link or did not celebrate any particular event. This has led many people to suggest that it was a part of Google’s conference to be held today.

Google usually broadcasts all their conference live on . You can watch the Google search press conference today on YouTube. According to Search Engine Land, there may be several new introductions to Google Search which include 30 results per page among other things.

It would be interesting to see if Google does add the Search as you type feature which was spotted earlier by a user and AJAX results so that it becomes a better experience to search.

If you are looking to watch the Google Search Press Conference online, you can visit Google’s official channel on YouTube at

Apple September Special Event Flash Video Streaming

Apple Event is now live underway, however, Apple is blocking the streams for Windows users even if they have Safari and QuickTime installed on their PC. There are of course alternatives for Windows and Linux users to watch the Apple Event.

However, the best alternative that would work on virtually any PC (Mac, Windows or Linux) is using Flash streaming. There are couple of options available to watch the Apple September Special Event through a flash video, here is an embedded video courtesy the Gizmodo live stream.


So if you have a Windows or Linux PC, this is the best way you can watch the Apple September event live Winking smile/

How To Watch Apple September Event in Windows/Linux

Apple will be live broadcasting their September Event about music, iTV and iPod Touch for the first time. However, the conference can only be viewed by users who have a Mac, , or .

Apple September Music Event

Though Apple has suggested that the protocol they are using is an industry standard, only a few companies have implemented it, so you have a very small chance of being able to watch it on , , on or Linux.

If you have a Windows or Linux based PC you will not be able to watch the videos, however, there are a few workarounds for them.

If you are a Windows user, you can download Safari for Windows from here and load this streaming video sample in it to see if you are able to watch it. If you are, then you are all set and can watch the live streaming of the Apple September 1 event on your PC.

If you are not able to do it then Mac Rumors suggests using VLC Player. To use VLC to watch the Apple event you will have to insert the stream URL as a playlist into VLC. For that Go to "View -> Playlist" and click on the "+" button and select "Advanced Open" from the options.

Once you do that, select the Network tab and add the Apple Event stream URL into the available textbox and click on "Enqueue" button. This will enable you to view the Apple September Event live on Windows or Linux. We will try and find more solutions to watch this Apple September Event in Windows and Linux and post it here.

Update: Apple is explicitly blocking the live broadcasting on even if you have both Safari and QuickTime installed. You could use the Firefox user agent switcher, however, you will still require QuickTime. Alternatively you could also use the embedded video below to watch the event live.


Apple September 1 Event Keynote Live Streaming Video/Audio

Apple will be holding an Apple Event on September 1 about music where they might possibly unveil the next generation of and iTV in addition to several other announcements. The Apple Music event is scheduled for 10AM PT/1PM ET at the Yerba Buena Center for Arts Theatre in San Francisco.


Unlike other Apple events, Apple will be broadcasting today’s event live to millions of users across the world. The event will be available live at 10PM at Users can visit to view the live broadcast and keynotes online.

The event could be about the iTV device which is the next generation Apple TV, new features in iTunes and even the new iPod Touch 4G. It is rumored that the iPod Touch 4G may have a 5MP camera and support FaceTime.

Apple suggests that the event can only be viewed using Safari on a Mac, , iPod Touch or . There is no mention of being able to view the live broadcast on or any other browsers including , , Internet Explorer or .   However, you can also follow updates on several other live blogs, learn how to follow Apple September 1 Event live updates.

Apple Live Streaming iPod/iTV September Event, Leaves Out Windows

Apple is breaking their norm of not broadcasting their events live across the world. This time around Apple’s September 1 event, where there might be an introduction of the new iTV and 4G, will be broadcast live at To know where to catch up on live feeds and updates visit this link.

Apple September Music Event

No more hunting for live feeds and updates, just head over to and you will be able to view the live streaming video of the Apple September Music event.

According to the press release, Apple will be broadcasting its September 1 event online using Apple’s industry-leading HTTP Live Streaming, which is based on open standards. Sarcastically, Apple suggests that the event can only be viewed using Safari on a Mac, , iPod Touch or . There is no mention of being able to view the live broadcast on or any other browsers including , , Internet Explorer or .

Nevertheless, you will definitely be able to watch the live broadcast on Windows too, at-least if you use Safari. The Apple September 1 music event will be broadcast live at at 10AM PDT/1PM EST.

Watch Venus Williams, Federer US Open Tennis Match Live Online

The US Open Tennis 2010 Grand Slam just kicked out today, and some of the crowd favorites are playing today. US Open Tennis 2010 will be pretty interesting to watch, considering that Rafael Nadal will be able to complete his career Grand Slam if he wins this event.


Though Nadal is not in action today, Venus Williams and Roger Federer will play out today on the opening day. If you are not near a TV, you can still watch the match being broadcast live courtesy of To watch the match live online, head over to and click on the link to Watch US Open Live. This should show you options to watch the ongoing matches live online.

If you are not able to watch the matches online here, you can try and read our earlier post to find more resources to watch US Open Tennis 2010 Online.

Watch Miss Universe 2010 Live Online

A very highly watched and anticipated beauty contest, Miss Universe 2010 will be held today where 83 contestants will battle it out to win the most prestigious crown in the universe. This year Miss Universe 2010 Pageant is being hell in Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas.

Miss Universe 2010

The Miss Universe pageant has usually been one of the highly competed beauty contest and the winners are usually decided by judges taking into consideration both beauty and brains. This year NBC is broadcasting the Miss Universe 2010 pageant and you can watch the telecast online.

The official NBC site has videos of the pageant online which can be watched by visiting the official NBC Miss Universe 2010 site here. Users can also find streams of Miss Universe 2010 online at In addition to that you might also find live streams on Miss Universe 2010 on user streaming sites like and Just load the websites in your browser and use the search box to search for Miss Universe 2010.

We will try and upload the post with more options to watch the Miss Universe 2010 Online live. Have fun. Do you have any predictions on who will win the Miss Universe 2010 pageant this year?

Watch Champions League T20 2010 Online – CL T20 2010 Online

T20 cricket has taken of in a big way in India and across the world. The which was one of the biggest T20 tournaments this year saw Chennai Super Kings beating Mumbai Indians to lift the trophy.

Airtel Champions League T20 2010 Online

However, Chennai Super Kings along with Mumbai Indians and Royal Challengers Bangalore now has to take part in the Champions League T20 2010 where champions from several countries will compete against each other for a prize money.

The Airtel Champions League T20 consists of 10 teams. Apart from the 3 IPL T20 teams the CL T20 2010 also has Warriors, Victorian Bushrangers, Wayamba Elevens, Central Stags, Highveld Lions, South Australian Redbacks and Guyana.

Airtel Champions League T20 will be played in South Africa starting on 10 September at the Wanderers in Johannesburg, with the final being played at the same venue on 26th September.

Are you gearing to watch the Champions League T20 matches? Well, if you don’t have a TV, no problem, you can watch all the Champions League T20 2010 matches live online using high quality streaming links.

If you do not have access to a TV you can watch all the CL T20 2010 Matches live online using high quality stream links. You can watch all cricket matches live online at or also catch up on live cricket matches streaming at User channels for the live cricket matches are also available at sites like and, you can search either of these sites to find live cricket streams uploaded by users.