OS X Lion: A User’s Review

It was certainly a long time in coming. It was hyped to no end by Apple, who heralded it as a rethinking of the operating system. It takes the way we think about interacting with our machines and turns it inside out.Many have called it the death of the traditional computer. Most people just call it OS X Lion.

Lion was first announced to the world at WWDC in 2011. With it came the announcement of iCloud, Apple’s new cloud storage initiative, and iOS 5. While those two things won’t be available to the public until this fall, Lion launched on July 20. I upgraded that very day, and have spent the week exploring the newest version of Mac OS X.

With a piece of software this big, its hard to decide where to start a review. While the major pieces of the OS haven’t changed that much, Lion does introduce a number of new features. I am going to try and keep this review to something user friendly, avoiding most of the technical upgrades and changes. I will try to hit all of the features I think are real game changers.

The features I will be covering are:

  • The User Interface
  • Full Screen Apps
  • Multi-Touch Gestures
  • Launchpad
  • Mission Control
  • Auto-Save and Versions
  • Resume
  • Others, including Air Drop and Mail
  • (The Lack of) Rosetta
To read the review, simply click on the numbers 1-8 at the bottom of this post.

Apple Acquires “AirDrop” Trademark

AirDrop Logo

According to Patently Apple, Apple has acquired the “AirDrop” trademark from  Urban Airship, Inc.  Urban Airship, Inc is the company behind the popular “Airdrop Service” for Android developers.

On June 17, 2011, the US Patent & Trademark Office published documentation relating to the legal transfer of the “Airdrop” trademark from  Urban Airship to Apple. Urban Airship was only granted their certificate of registration last month which put a little pressure on Apple to acquire it, pronto.

There’s no word on a financial transaction disclosure, but Patently Apple also reports that  Apple filed for the “AirDrop” trademark in China and another one in Canada. These trademarks are related to the  Photo Stream feature of the new iCloud service which automatically uploads and syncs up to a thousand most recent photos across all iOS devices.

“AirDrop”  is a new feature in Lion that lets the user easily share files with other nearby users. Even though this feature isn’t available yet, Dropbox accomplishes the same task but isn’t as simple to use. OS X Lion is expected to be available sometime in July.